FinovateSpring 2008 / SmartyPig

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How they describe themselves: SmartyPig is the most simple, smart and secure way to save for a specific goal, allowing you to invite family and friends to contribute to your account, giving you additional cash boosts of up to 5% from top retailers who sell exactly what you’re saving for AND an extremely competitive interest rate on the money you’re saving. SmartyPig is where a banking application meets social networking.

What they think makes them better: SmartyPig is the first-ever banking application that allows you to make your savings goal public. Other sensible savers can not only see what you are saving for by searching for you at, clicking on your SmartyPig widget on your social networking page or through shared SmartyPig friends, but when they find you, they can contribute to your goal, helping you reach it faster. SmartyPig has also partnered with some of the top retailers in the country who offer you cash incentives when you’ve reached your goal so that you get even more money for your money.


Business Development: Michael Ferrari, Co-Founder, 515-256-2086
Jon Gaskell, Co-Founder 515-256-2086

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