FinovateSpring 2008 / BlingNation

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: BlingNation and its payment clearing network BlingLink provide innovative mPayment solutions to financial institutions and prepaid card providers. With BlingNation, financial institutions  and prepaid providers can offer their customers secure solutions for mPayments and P2P payments including real-time access to their accounts and the ability to make and receive payments in real time using public Id’s. BlingLink’s open architecture allows a wide range of devices and platforms to access the network, and its flexible nature enables prepaid providers and financial institutions to customize solutions.

What they think makes them better:

BlingNation gives users the ability to:

  • Know account balances in real-time, all the time
  • Gain immediate access to transferred funds in real-time on mobile devices, at POS, and at ATMs
  • Perform payments with bank issued card or mobile devices
  • Send money to anyone (p2p) easily and instantly using email addresses or mobile phone numbers
  • Access the conveneince of tap-and-go payments (where available)

BlingNation allows Financial Institutions and Prepaid Providers to:

  • Offer mPayments immediately via multiple mobile interfaces
  • Increase revenue through new products and bundling
  • Maintain higher deposits
  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Communicate in real-time
  • Access a Two way channel for marketing and alerts
  • Reduce fraud by decreasing customer reaction time to unauthorized transactions

BlingLink Features and Benefits:

  • Secure certified platform
  • PCI compliant
  • Front-end agnostic
  • Works with public IDs
  • Real-time transaction processing and settlement
  • Two-way communication channel between Prepaid Providers and end users
  • Enables secondary revenue stream through merchant offers
  • Two-way marketing offers & cross selling capabilities


Press: Chelsea Simons,, 650-529-4101×109
Bus. Dev. & Sales: Meyer Malka,, 650-529-4101

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