FinovateSpring 2008 / Confident Technologies

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How they describe themselves: ConfIdent Technologies is a privately funded online security innovation company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Principals Joel Norvell and Luke Sontag are majority shareholders and are active in the management of the company.

The management staff includes CTO Scott Blomquist, an 8-year Microsoft veteran who shipped four versions of the Windows operating system and served as lead developer for the Windows Live multimedia search team. The management team also includes Mitchell Savage over Business Development. Savage brings experience and knowledge from three prior startups and graduate studies in international business.

Technology: The company’s flagship technology, RecognitionAUTH™, is an innovative login system that eliminates passwords and is effective against prevalent forms of hacking. Without additional hardware, the system provides a method of giving the user a one-time access code at the last minute just in time for login.


Sales & Business Development: Travis R. Phipps, Business Process Manager,, 918-796-8558
Press: Mitchell Savage, EVP,, 918-796-8555

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