FinovateSpring 2008 / Jwaala

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How they describe themselves: Jwaala develops innovative software solutions to help financial institutions stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Founded in 2006, Jwaala’s first product is an industry-changing online banking application called MoneyTracker. As an extension to existing online banking applications, MoneyTracker allows financial institutions to quickly and painlessly offer powerful state-of-the-art web based banking applications. From personal financial management to home deposit, personal asset tracking, and customizable personal financial home pages with widgets, MoneyTracker is the future of online banking. See a demo now at

What they think makes them better: Jwaala’s MoneyTracker is in a league of its own. While much press has been written about new financial management websites like Wesabe, Mint, Buxfer, Geezeo, these websites are straight-to-consumer sites that disintermediate financial institutions. Often recommending alternate sources of financing, these sites are disruptive if not competitive to financial institutions. Jwaala’s MoneyTracker was developed for financial institutions so they can deliver the same services while retaining the “eyeballs” of their online customers. As a framework that overlays existing online banking applications, MoneyTracker allows any financial institution to rapidly deploy powerful new online tools easily and at a much lower cost.


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