FinovateSpring 2008 / FindABetterBank

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How they describe themselves: Facilitas helps banks and CUs acquire customers, improve on-boarding experiences and build better customer relationships. Clients can have their accounts included in our search engine and customize their account-specific pages in our search results.

BankSwitcher helps people switch their automated transactions. Clients can leverage BankSwitcher in promotions on our search engine, point new customers to a co-branded websites and embed customized versions of BankSwitcher into their websites. Our search results are based on users’ zip codes, feature preferences and answers to a few questions about how they bank. We use these data to help clients understand why they win and lose business.

What they think makes them better: Our search engine is the only bank comparison tool that helps people find a new “everyday” bank or CU. We enable users to compare branch locations, interest rates, 12 different features and over 20 types of fees for each account. Users’ search criteria and actions are aggregated to help bankers “tune-in” to their market(s).

BankSwitcher is the only tool that addresses the #1 reason people don’t switch banks – it’s time-consuming to switch direct deposits, automatic withdrawals and online bill pay. We identify items to switch from a users’ banking activity and match it to our proprietary database of switching instructions and forms. We provide a Switching Checklist so consumers can easily migrate these items to a new bank.


Bus. Dev., Press & Sales: Rob Rubin, CEO,, 212-738-9396

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