FinovateSpring 2008 / Aradiom

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Aradiom designs, develops and markets a broad range of secure mobile solutions based on a highly flexible and extensible platform, the Aradiom Mobile Framework™ (“AMF”). The AMF allows you to easily build rich mobile applications in just hours within a flexible interface design environment and deploy to all Java-enabled handsets, and have full control over already deployed clients by delivering, managing and updating the clients in seconds. The AMF is the genius behind our core products such as QuickCity™, QuickBank™, QuickFlight™ and QuickOperator™ which meet the unique needs for professional phone based solutions of government and enterprise clients.

What they think makes them better: The Aradiom Mobile Framework™ (“AMF”) allows enterprises to build rich mobile applications in just hours with Aradiom’s fully flexible interface design environment that runs seamlessly on multiple operating systems. The applications can be fully customized and branded for all Java-enabled phones, while keeping data traffic at the lowest level. The phone update management system includes a database that is frequently and automatically updated, minimizing maintenance for you and ensuring very broad handset support. The AMF is built on a client-server model which can deliver, manage and update the clients in seconds without requiring re-installation from users, while seamlessly integrating with the your existing back end systems. With the unique clientID system, enterprises also have full control over already deployed clients.


Business Development: Baris Gul, President, US Operations,, 512-576-9936
Press: Regina Jun, Marketing,, 212-404-6950
Sales: Rachael Babcock, VP of Sales & Marketing,, 212-404-6950

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