FinovateSpring 2010 / Wikinvest

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How they describe themselves: Wikinvest is a new kind of finance portal. We are a group
of retail investors who are dissatisfied with the investing information resources that were already available to us – sites like Yahoo! Finance. So we decided to build the site that we wanted to use. There are many things that make us unique, but at a high level, we want to deliver Insight and Understanding for our users – most of our competitors provide users with a lot of data, but their users have few tools to make sense of it all.

We reach around a million unique visitors every month on (Comscore, March `10), and we are the fastest growing of the top sites in Comscore’s “financial news and information” category.

We have a robust licensing business. Among others clients, we power all the stock charts for, all of the financial information on, much of the financial information on, and a complete suite of research tools for several brokerage clients.

What they think makes them better: Finance portals have been slow to innovate — the interface and functionality for the largest sites is virtually unchanged over the last 8 years. The large finance portals that Wikinvest competes with are first and foremost data aggregators — they pull in financial data from 3rd party sources (Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ, and others) and simply redisplay it to users. The model is data in, data out.

We offer our users Insight and Understanding instead of merely a wall of financial data. For example, our community-generated articles are the best place on the web to get a concise overview of what you should know if you’re considering an investment in a particular company, and our fundamentals data is accompanied by rich visualizations and analytics that compare a company to its peers — so you know whether each metric for that company is good or bad.


Bus. Dev., Sales & Press: Parker Conrad,

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