FinovateSpring 2010 / Blippy

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How they describe themselves: Blippy is a social network where people share and discuss the things they buy. Blippy makes it easy to share purchases by allowing users to automatically sync their credit cards and e-commerce accounts with Blippy. Privacy controls ensure that users only share the purchases they want to share.

What they think makes them better: Blippy creates community and meaning around everyday purchases. The idea for Blippy came from the realization that every time we pay for something, there’s a potentially interesting conversation to be had. Blippy makes it easy to create conversation around a new movie you saw, songs you downloaded, restaurants you’re trying, ingredients you’re picking up for a great recipe, and other everyday purchases. With the API that we’re announcing at Finovate, we look forward to working with developers to uncover even more meaning from these purchases for the Blippy community.


Press, Bus. Dev. & Sales: Philip Kaplan,

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