FinovateSpring 2010 / Segmint

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Segmint, a financial services technology company, has
developed a system enabling Financial Institutions (FIs) to build digital relationships with their customers. Segmint:

  • Anonymously analyzes the transaction stream of individual FI consumers and small businesses
  • Serves appropriate FI acquisition, cross-sell and retention offers, and collection messages, via a personalized mix of banners
  • Delivers banners on FI websites and across the Internet
  • Provides personalized reward offers, enabling FIs to enhance customer engagement and thank their customers
  • Shares revenue from reward offer providers with FIs, delivering substantial fee-based income, significantly exceeding the nominal Segmint subscription cost

What they think makes them better: Segmint allows Financial Institutions (FIs) and third party providers to build digital relationships in a relevant and timely way with FI customers by:

  • Targeting actual spending over time, not websites or pages viewed
  • Classifying each anonymous customer with a personalized mix of activities and interests from a pool of over 40,000 lifestyle attributes
  • Enabling fast and user-friendly online campaign creation and banner targeting
  • Delivering the correct offer to the correct customer at the correct time based on actual purchase behavior using both FI websites and across the Internet
  • Reporting purchase conversions within transaction streams


Bus. Dev. & Sales: John Relyea, (888) SEGMINT x204,,
Press: Beth Hallisy, Partner, Marcus Thomas LLC, 216-292-4700,

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