FinovateSpring 2010 / Controlabill

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How they describe themselves: Controlabill is the only true set and forget payment service in the world. It uniquely addresses customers’ need for budgeting, discipline, organization and convenience.

Market research predicts Controlabill take up rates of up to 65% appealing to household, investor and small business segments. It leverages existing payment, billing and banking systems, minimizing cost, operational complexity and risk. Controlabill is an authority management service between customers, billers and banks, and it aggregates and manages “authorities” ensuring on-time payments. Controlabill is compatible with payment systems around the world, and has multiple paths to market through banks, billers and new media companies.

What they think makes them better: Controlabill changes how authorities are managed between customers, billers and banks. With Controlabill’s easy-to-use widget, customers capture and manage all their payment relationships with billers and banks in one place. Previously customers had to set up authorities with each biller individually – often still using paper and stamps. Controlabill improves usability of the direct payment system. Billers pull payments electronically on-time without customer involvement. Direct payment is the most cost efficient payment system for billers and banks. Without Controlabill, customers push payments, manually by checks and online bill payment services. Even with technology: onerous, manual, repetitive and time consuming.


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