FinovateSpring 2010 / Jemstep

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How they describe themselves: Jemstep helps individual investors pinpoint the best investments according to their preferences, and describes why each investment is a good fit for them. Investors answer a few profile questions, and Jemstep’s unbiased, proprietary technology sifts through the myriad of investment choices to find their optimal investments. Whether investors are selecting their very first investment, or managing the asset allocation of an established portfolio, Jemstep enables them to make better financial decisions with confidence.

What they think makes them better: Jemstep’s patent-pending technology uses an
individual’s profile to score investments and present them in order of best fit for that individual. While traditional screeners and investment tools present laundry lists of potential investments, they offer little help to individuals in deciding which investments best suit their needs. Jemstep’s unique “Jemscore” helps users understand why certain investments are a better fit than others. Our powerful algorithms rank thousands of funds, stocks, and ETF’s across hundreds of metrics to derive the “Jemscore” for that user. Jemstep’s personalized results enable investors to quickly and easily identify the investments that are right for them.


Bus. Dev.: Kevin Cimring, COO,,
Simon Roy, EVP Corporate Development,
Sales: Michael Blumenthal, CEO,,
Simon Roy, EVP Corporate Development,
Press: Jennifer De Laura, Allison & Partners,

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