FinovateSpring 2010 / FTRANS

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How they describe themselves: Ftrans outsources accounts receivable processes for B2B SMB sellers to mature the processes around credit administration and A/R processing. This involves providing ‘best practices’ solutions for credit administration, risk reduction, collections, and payment processing. Through partnerships with banks and financial intermediaries, including a direct funding capability, FTRANS provides funding institutions with continuous visibility into the A/R as collateral and enables financial institutions to manage risk and more efficiently lend against outsourced A/R, a $1.2T market. This enables SMBs to increase cash availability – by receiving payments on invoices in 2-5 days, reduce DSO and bad debt, and offer buyers more, flexible credit.

What they think makes them better: Ftrans has created several, unique innovations in A/R and credit management for the SMB market which were previously only available to large businesses. This breakthrough technology solution is web enabled and provided in a SaaS environment enabling low technical and behavior change by customers in order to realize benefits. Our technology and processes are patent pending given us not only first mover advantage but a defensible position. In addition, the platform enables banks to increase depository relationships, increase lending, and more effectively manage loans within the underserved SMB market, which represents a $1.2T lending opportunity.


Bus. Dev. & Press: Jim Lester, VP of Marketing, 678-268-4039,
Sales: Kevin Kiernan, VP of Sales, 678-268-4032,

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