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How they describe themselves: TSYS is one of the world’s largest companies for outsourced
payment services, offering a broad range of issuer – and acquirer – processing technology that support consumer – finance, credit, debit, healthcare, loyalty and prepaid services for financial institutions and retail companies in the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific regions. TSYS moved more than 10B payment transactions in 2009, and paid and settled on average $4 B per day. Its clients are in over 85 countries and three territories.

TSYS was recently named as one of Fortune Magazine’s Most Admired Companies and was ranked No. 4 in the “consumer credit card and related services” category. TSYS offers payment related products that support the complete lifecycle of electronic and card-based payments for both the merchant and card-issuer sides of the economic model. Its products and services include marketing and account acquisition, fraud and risk protection, customer care, point-of-sale acceptance and customer loyalty and retention initiatives. Positioning itself as the action behind the transaction, TSYS touches billions of consumers every year by enabling them to seamlessly make payments.

What they think makes them better: Since the recession began, we’ve seen trillions of dollars in available credit disappear, millions of card accounts closed, housing values and 401k investments plummet and increased rates of unemployment. We’ve also seen consumers decrease overall spending, focus on paying down debt, and make a renewed effort to increase personal savings. However, these very same consumers need payment options that give them increased choices to manage their cash flow and funding needs. TSYS addressed these market-driven and consumer needs through innovation. TSYS strives to be responsive to market demands by offering flexible, innovative products to fit the unique needs of today’s consumer.

TSYS Hybrid is a patent-pending service which enables credit card issuers to give their customers the ability to determine what they want to “pay now” vs. “pay later” from multiple accounts linked to the credit line. The TSYS Hybrid functionality simplifies how consumers and small businesses manage their finances and also enables them to earn rewards on more transactions. Through an easy-to-use, intuitive Internet application, customers define their preferences and manage their transactions according to their unique preferences and payment types. This innovative payments tool is exclusively offered through TSYS.


Product: Sarah Hartman, Payment Solutions, +1-706-577-1636
Corporate Marketing and Bus. Dev.: Virginia Ann Holman, 706-649-4695,;
Kasey Gaymon, 706-644-4365,
Press: Cyle Mims, Media Relations, +1-706-644-3110,

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