FinovateAsia 2013 / Mobino

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: We operate a mobile payment service that offers universal access while being totally independent from credit cards and telcos.

On the front-end, we offer an application for smartphones and a voice service for dumbphones. No special equipment is required from customers or from merchants. Integration in cash registers and vending machines is quick and easy.

For the back-end:

  • In OECD countries, we connect directly with bank accounts towards real-time transactions, thereby slashing costs and risks and improving the user experience
  • In unbanked or underbanked countries, we aim to build and operate a national e-cash infrastructure on behalf of the central bank, instead of fighting with local money transfer services

How they describe their product/innovation: We are introducing the international version of the Mobino application, available in 5 languages and 50 currencies.

Various scenarios will be outlined:

  • Peer-to-peer money transfer
  • Payment for goods and services in shops
  • POS and cash register integration
  • Quicker and safer e-commerce payments
  • Fluid payment flow for mobile commerce
  • Cheap and efficient international remittances
  • Registration and KYC process for unbanked
  • Cash-in and cash-out operations at agents

We are looking for distribution partners and investors in the Asia Pacific region in order to prepare service launch.

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