FinovateAsia 2013 / Advanced Merchant Payments

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Advanced Merchant Payments (“AMP”) enables banks and other institutional lenders to profitably offer short-term, unsecured, loans to small businesses based upon electronic cash flow and other data points – in both developed and emerging markets.

AMP’s proprietary platform leverages concepts and principles from microfinance, payment processing, and ‘big data’ analytics – together with more traditional loan underwriting principles – to support loan portfolios across multiple countries, currencies, and banking systems.

In support of its solution, AMP itself currently serves as a licensed provider of short-term, unsecured loans to small businesses in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines – with expansion plans across Asia-Pacific and elsewhere.

How they describe their product/innovation: AMP’s small business lending solution offers an efficient and scalable managed solution by which banks can readily originate and manage a broad portfolio of small business loans. AMP solves the problem wherein banks find short-term, unsecured, lending to their small business account-holders costly and inefficient.

AMP’s platform utilizes existing communication methods (including commonly accepted file formats) to bridge the divide between the Retail Banking and Business Banking activities of a bank – without the costs and difficulties inherent in formal bank system integration. AMP can manage all or some stages of the loan process: from Qualification to Verification, Credit Scoring, Approval, Disbursement, Daily Repayment & Risk Monitoring, through to Completion.

Product Distribution Strategy
Through financial institutions


Bus. Dev.: Thomas J. DeLuca, Managing Director,,
(o) +852 2541 3180, (m) +852 6162 6572 &
James Lloyd, Director of Product Management,, (o) +852 2541 3180, (m) +852 5690 0619

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