FinDEVr Live: ScriptRock Provides Systems Integrity in the Age of DevOps

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ScriptRock_FinDEVr2015_logoScriptRock is the brainchild of two longtime IT veterans who recognized a common problem inherent in IT and set out to build a solution. The result is a powerful configuration-integrity-monitoring platform in use by companies around the world. Thanks in part to the platform’s flexibility and scalability, ScriptRock has become integral to workflows in high finance, banking, healthcare, retail, and other industries.

Integrity in the age of devOps
The chips have fallen and devOps is here to stay, but many companies are still falling short in testing their infrastructure throughout the development cycle. Automation platforms like Chef and Puppet are great, but they’re not enough to guarantee systems integrity. See why continuous testing can mean the difference between profit and PR disaster.

Key takeaways:

  • Continuous delivery is great, but without proper testing, your project can quickly go off the rails.
  • How recent high-profile outages such as the NYSE, Apple’s App Store, and United Airlines could have been prevented.
  • Compliance monitoring doesn’t have to be a long, arduous, and expensive process.


Presenter: Alan Sharp-Paul, Co-CEO, Co-founder
LinkedIn | @asharppaul

Sharp-Paul is an experienced veteran of corporate IT, a relentless entrepreneur, and a self-described perfectionist with an emphasis on usability, elegance, and efficiency. As co-founder of ScriptRock, he seeks to solve many of the problems that, until now, have been inherent to IT, and specifically devOps.

FinDEVr Live: Kashoo Gives Tips for White Labeling Products

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KashooLogoWith more than 200,000 users in 180-plus countries, Kashoo is simple cloud accounting software for small businesses on the web and on the App Store (the most downloaded accounting iPad app), but it’s more than just that. Kashoo is peace of mind. It’s control. It’s your business’s financial health at your fingertips, whether you’re working from your home office or meeting with a customer. Kashoo lets you run your business on your terms. Get started at or download the app for iOS and Android.

White labeling: a CTO’s tales from the trenches
We’ve all been there: meeting rooms filled with suits, screens filled with PowerPoint slides, and images of graphs that go on for days. While the business side of white labeling is something that we’re all familiar with, I’m here to share my story as CTO at Kashoo Cloud Accounting, where we’ve successfully launched two major white-labeling partnerships with some of the leading companies in North America. If you’re thinking of white labeling your product or bringing a white labelled product into your business, join me for lessons learned, best practices, and other tips from the trenches!

Key takeaways:

  • What to expect from white-label partnerships—true stories!
  • Key questions to ask in white-label partnerships
  • Technical due diligence: what you need to know


Presenter: Chuck Clark, CTO
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Chuck Clark is the CTO for Kashoo Cloud Accounting, the SaaS company behind the most downloaded iPad accounting application in the iTunes App Store. While delivering outstanding customer experiences over the last 20 years for sites like Orbitz, American Airlines, and Cheaptickets, Chuck routinely found himself as a developer hanging out with the operations team. As a technologist with a belief in the principles behind agile software development, it was a logical leap to embrace the devOps philosophy.

Prior to Kashoo, Chuck led product development at Vancouver-based Pulse Energy and before that was the chief architect for Orbitz Worldwide, based in Chicago, Illinois. When he’s not in front of a keyboard, he can be found with his family, either on a bike or supporting his adopted home team, the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Jim Secord, CEO

FinDEVr Live: Forte Helps Developers Build the Next Generation of Payments-enabled Solutions

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Forte_FinDEVr2015_logoFounded in 1998 and headquartered in Allen, Texas, Forte Payment Systems is a leading provider of innovative electronic payment solutions. With more than 27,000 satisfied merchants and extensive experience in government, property management, and utility sectors, Forte helps organizations of all sizes manage and perfect their payment operations.

Forte offers a broad range of turnkey solutions for collecting and sending payments electronically, as well as comprehensive and modern APIs, which allow developers to build out additional capabilities. Committed to providing best-in-class support, Forte maintains a seasoned team of in-house support professionals that are only a phone call away.

Forte payment systems
We are showcasing our new platform that empowers developers with the resources to build the next generation of payments-enabled solutions. Spanning the widest spectrum of capabilities in the marketplace, Forte’s payment solutions provide the flexibility to power even the most unique business needs across any channel.

Key takeways:

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Reduce risk
  • Ease the implementation for all of your payment needs by partnering with Forte



Jeff Thorness, CEO

Thorness, founder and CEO of Forte Payment Systems, is a developer by trade. Bootstrapping the business, he crafted it as a technology company focused on providing payment solutions to merchants, developers, and integrated partners. The omnichannel provider now services more than 27,000 merchants.

Mithun Patel, Software Developer III

Li Zhou, Software Developer III

FinDEVr Live: Mitek’s MiSnap SDK Helps Developers Build Mobile Capture Apps

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MitekLogoHeadquartered in San Diego, California, Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK) is the leading innovator of mobile capture and identity solutions to improve customer acquisition. Mitek’s patented mobile photo technology automatically captures images of personal, financial and ID documents and then extracts relevant data. This enables consumers to use the Camera as a Keyboard™ to reduce friction for mobile check deposit, account opening, identity authentication and many other use-cases. This innovative technology is licensed by more than 4,000 organizations and used by tens of millions of consumers, enabling increased customer acquisition, retention and operational efficiency.

Amazing mobile capture experiences, made easy by Mitek
Today’s consumers expect excellence in their mobile user experience and fintech is no exception. Fintech developers are under constant pressure to deliver new features and functionality at a breakneck pace. With the explosive adoption of mobile deposit, your customers are embracing their device’s camera as a tool to simplify their lives. Join Mitek, the inventor of mobile deposit, as we demonstrate how to build a simple mobile capture app by leveraging our Android MiSnap SDK. Used by development teams in some of the biggest banks in the world, MiSnap powers millions of mobile transactions, and it can power yours too.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn to leverage the same technologies used by more than 4,000 financial institutions and
    millions of users
  • How to add an amazing mobile capture user-experience to your app while minimizing development efforts
  • Discover the many fintech use-cases that can be supported by deploying Mitek products in your technology stack



Steve Craig, Senior Product Owner
LinkedIn | | 858-309-1736
Craig drives product for Mitek’s market leading MiSnap SDKs. He has 10-plus years’ experience in the technology industry and has previously worked on SaaS and mobile solutions for Digital Insight, Intuit, and HP. Steve holds a master’s in business administration from the University of California, San Diego.

Ashok Singal, Project Manager, Lead Android Developer
LinkedIn | @singalashok | | 858-903-1741
With 13-plus years in the mobile industry, Ashok has worked internationally for different cell phone manufacturers, such as LG US, Siemens Germany, Samsung India, and BenQ Taiwan, programming on different mobile platforms to proprietary operating systems, and developing a number of applications.

FinDEVr Live: Spreedly’s Technology Reveals the Modern Vault “Grown Up”

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Spreedly_FinDEVr2015_logoSpreedly is an API-based service designed to help marketplaces and platforms securely create a universal credit card token that works across the broadest range of payment endpoints possible.

The vault grows up
Storing credit cards is becoming more and more critical for businesses across the fintech landscape, but so often the choice is between taking on the whole burden of PCI compliance or being locked into a single payments stack. We’ll demo the rapid conversion of a legacy payment form into one backed by Spreedly’s modern vault, and then walk through some powerful use-cases for that data once vaulted.

Key takeaways:

  • How to easily put a modern vault on top of a legacy stack with Spreedly.
  • Once your payment data is in your Spreedly vault, you can transact against it with total flexibility.
  • Using a universal vault like Spreedly enables you to track a credit card across multiple channels.


Presenter: Nathaniel Talbott, CTO
LinkedIn | @ntalbott |

Initially drawn into fintech by client needs when running a software consultancy, Talbott has since built a deep expertise in the ins-and-outs of payments as the CTO of Spreedly. He is passionate about fintech, technical leadership, distributed systems, and building a world-class software organization.

FinDEVr Live: Kabbage Shows How Fintech developers Can Use its Lending Platform

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KabbageLogo2015Kabbage has pioneered the first financial services data and technology platform to provide fully automated funding to small business in minutes.

The Kabbage Platform:
Kabbage transformed the lending industry with its fast and automated lending platform. Most customers are approved and have money on the way in minutes. FinTech developers can now use the Kabbage platform to accelerate their own lending process. No need to build your own lending platform! We will show the Kabbage platform in action and walk through several integration patterns, from simple white-label to full customization. You can be using our platform to lend money to your customers in a matter of days.”

Key takeaways

  • Integrating with the world’s most automated lending platform is easy.
  • There are several important integration patterns to consider when choosing a platform.
  • Adding a lending platform to your application will create new opportunities for your business and your customers.


Andy Badstubner, CTO
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Andy Badstubner is the CTO at Kabbage and has over 17 years of experience in software development and IT leadership. He has worked in both public and private companies and was a member of the technical leadership team at Cbeyond during the company’s IPO.

FinDEVr Live: Linqto’s Otto API Helps Submit Apps to the App Store

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LinqtoLogoLinqto is a Silicon Valley software development company specializing in enterprise solutions for digital banking. Named a Top Ten Tech Company to Watch in 2015 by American Banker and winner of this year’s Most Innovative Monarch Award for Business Banking, Linqto is a leader in new tech innovation for banking. Linqto’s omnichannel One Tap Banking suite is one of the company’s latest offerings, delivering the face-to-face connectivity and relationship-building benefits remote customers are missing.

Otto API
Are your banking customers handicapped by an obsolete delivery process with a one-year presentation cycle and three- to five-year contracts with their vendor? Linqto is the only company that provides the delivery of digital banking software as a service. Imagine the flexibility and agility advantage if a community bank could go online, choose its software features and submit. This is Linqto’s Otto API. We will demonstrate how to use this API to submit your mobile apps to the Apple Store and Google Play Store. From development, to build, to deploy, to submit—in one easy process flow.”

Key takeaways:

  • How to automate the application-submission process to web, iOS and Android
  • How to incorporate video communication into your digital banking solutions
  • How to automate and individualize branding for every app submission



Bill Sarris, CEO
LinkedIn | @BillSarris | | 831-521-3605
Sarris is a recognized expert in streaming technology and has developed banking solutions for 20+ years. Bill’s clients have included Microsoft, Intuit, Digital Insight, NCR, Google and Stanford. Award-winning software includes Personal Banker and Community Banker.

Erik Thomas, Chief Software Architect
LinkedIn | | 303-304-1466
As Linqto’s Chief Software Architect, Thomas has developed enterprise financial solutions for Intuit, Digital Insight and NCR. Erik has designed and built online payment solutions, ACH and wire-transfer online applications and cross-sell applications used by thousands of financial institutions.

FinDEVr Live: Financial Apps Enables Developers to Access Actionable Data Through API-led Connectivity

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FinancialApps_FinDEVr2015_logoFinancial Apps provides a suite of developer tools and API access for financial account and transactional data. Our solutions help to quickly build the next generation FinApp. The Financial Apps Platform & Relevancy Engine helps make data actionable, providing a comprehensive solution for Fintech development. Financial Apps delivers an API-led approach to its platform enabling rapid scale development and deployment of FinApps.

Actionable Data through API-led Connectivity
Detailed financial data is the “Big Data” we all want to work with. In this presentation, Financial Apps shows how its API-led Platform and Relevancy Engine enables developers to access, consume, and integrate consumer financial data within their solutions. Financial Apps demystifies the process of transforming financial data into relevant solutions that can be directly consumed by your applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use the Financial Apps APIs to build Apps quickly
  • How to make Financial Data actionable
  • How the Financial Apps Relevancy Engine changes the game in Fintech



Bob Sullivan, President
LinkedIn | @bobsullivan |

Sullivan is the Founder and President of Financial Apps. Leveraging 25 years of experience in Financial Technologies, Sullivan has a passion for creating technical solutions to complex business challenges. When not thinking about Fintech, Bob enjoys his family, football, and all things outdoors.

Neil Carroll, Product Manager

Ed Gonzalez, CTO (not pictured)


FinDEVr Live: “No Stack Banking” from Fidor Bank Helps Developers Build New Digital Banking Services

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FidorBank_FinDEVr2015_logoFidor Bank introduced community banking more than five years ago and were early enablers of Bitcoin and Ripple. Now we are the first bank to offer open RESTful APIs secured with OAuth2.0, giving customers and partners direct access to our services and customer base.

Fidor Bank is a fully licensed online bank with both a user-oriented and tech-driven mindset. We strongly believe in partnerships. Most fintechs need banks because of regulation and processing. Fidor Bank provides both regulative support and technology. Fidor Bank is privately owned. We are located in Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, and are currently preparing market entry in the U.S.

No stack banking
Learn how to use APIs to leverage Fidor’s technology and European banking license to set up your own digital banking services. The presentation will feature a customer use-case of a telco offering banking services, as well as a hands-on live demo of setting up and using Fidor’s API to make and receive payments in the European SEPA area.



Patrick Gruban, Head of Global Solutions
LinkedIn |

Social media entrepreneur in the mid-90s, consultant, and Ruby on Rails developer in the aughts; since 2007, Gruban’s been at Fidor where he was responsible for the architecture of Fidor’s platform, fOS. Gruban is now working on solutions for international clients and partners for FidorTecS. On the side, he produces organic yarn for hand knitting and hosts Munich’s Nerd Nite.

Richard Billeci, Chief Software Architect
LinkedIn |

Since the late 1990s, Billeci worked as a consultant and architect for some of the world’s mostly highly trafficked e-commerce sites. As the chief software architect at hybris, Billeci drove the vision and design for their commerce-as-a-service solution that is transforming SAP with its API-first, microservice architecture built on Cloud Foundry. Billeci joined Fidor in 2015 as chief software architect, heading the architecture and product-development teams that are implementing Fidor’s open API and no-stack banking vision.

FinDEVr Live: OnDeck’s APIs Connect Your Small Businesses Customers with Financing

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OnDeckLogoOnDeck (NYSE: ONDK) is a leading platform for small business loans. Using advanced lending technology and analytics, OnDeck assesses small business creditworthiness based on actual operating performance and not solely on personal credit. Small businesses can apply online for a line of credit or term loan in minutes, get a decision immediately, and receive funds as fast as the same day. Since 2007, OnDeck has deployed more than $3 billion to small businesses nationwide.

Fueling small business growth through technology innovation
An overview of OnDeck’s technology platform and how our desktop and mobile innovations have not only transformed small business lending, but also enabled other companies to better serve their small business customers. OnDeck’s proprietary technology platform is powering the growth of small business. We have sophisticated and scalable APIs to enable financial institutions, payment processing companies and other small-business service providers to connect their small-business customers to the financing they need to grow.

Key takeaways:

  • Small business loans
  • Credit technology
  • OnDeck’s sophisticated APIs


Pamela Rice, SVP Technology
LinkedIn | @pamela7rice
Rice has served as OnDeck’s senior vice president of technology since March 2014. Prior to joining OnDeck, Rice was an early senior technologist and led credit-product development at Bill Me Later Inc., from July 2005 until it was acquired by PayPal Inc., a subsidiary of eBay Inc., in October 2008. She led credit underwriting, including global credit technology at PayPal Inc., from October 2008 to February 2014. Rice holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Hawaii, a master of science in information systems from Johns Hopkins University and an executive M.B.A. from Loyola University.

Alberto Silveira, Mobile R&D Lead, Software Development