Presentation Videos from FinDEVr San Francisco 2015 Are Now Available

Presentation Videos from FinDEVr San Francisco 2015 Are Now Available


Just when you thought you might be stuck watching the GOP presidential debates tonight, we’re happy to announce that the presentation videos from FinDEVr San Francisco 2015 are now ready for viewing.

All 63 videos are available for free watching, downloading, and sharing in our Video Archive. To view videos only from FinDEVr San Francisco 2015, filter the search for “FinDEVr” and “2015.”


So tonight you can send The Donald, Dr. Carson, and the rest of the bunch to the TiVo, and instead settle in for an evening of presentations from some of the most innovative developers, CTOs, and software engineers in fintech.

Remember that FinDEVr will make its New York debut next spring. FinDEVr New York 2016 is scheduled for 29/30 March, at New World Stages in Manhattan. Register by this Friday and take advantage of Launch Ticket savings.

And if you are interested in presenting at FinDEVr 2016 New York, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at for more information.

A View From Backstage at FinDEVr San Francisco 2015

A View From Backstage at FinDEVr San Francisco 2015


If you were at FinDEVr San Francisco last week, you experienced first-hand the high energy from 63 presenters and 500 attendees.

As MC, I watched the presentations from backstage and saw a different side of FinDEVr, one of nervous presenters and whispered, last-minute conversations.

You didn’t need to be backstage, however, to notice the trends that emerged at the event:

  • Building better financial services with APIs
  • Removing friction in payments
  • Leveraging data
  • Improving risk management

The 580 attendees—a crowd 40% larger than last year—had much to say about the showcase of APIs flashed around both auditoriums. Participation was high at the presenter networking stations, and many attendees published their thoughts online or through Twitter.

FinDEVr San Francisco in the press

Cripto Noticias
FinDEVr 2015, construyendo el futuro de la tecnología financiera (in Spanish)

Praesidio raises another $3.1M to help banks, credit unions with cybersecurity solution

Let’s Talk Payments
FinDEVr 2015 San Francisco Day 1

How Banks Are Joining Hands With FinTech Firms to Serve Customers

Interview With Konstantin Rabin, CMO of Kontomatik, Leading Provider of Banking API

Let’s Talk Payments at FinDEVr 2015: Day One Highlights

Let’s Talk Payments at FinDEVr 2015: Day Two Highlights

Money’s Edge
Coinalytics Unveils Blockchain Intelligence Tools at FinDEVr

Personal Capital Discusses Their Premier New (and Free!) Retirement Planning Tool
ПриватБанк покажет мировым банкам в Сан-Франциско свою разработку Corezoid

Hyperwallet’s new Freelance Payment API


FinDEVr San Francisco in the Twitterverse:





DavidTweet2A big thanks to everyone who blogged, tweeted, and attended to make this event a success.

We’ll see you at FinDEVr New York, 29/30 March 2016.


FinDEVr Live: Build Blockchain 2.0 Apps with Technology from

FinDEVr Live: Build Blockchain 2.0 Apps with Technology from

Blockstack_homepage_FinDEVr2015 | @blockstackio is an enterprise software company that sells infrastructure for financial services and other enterprises to create blockchain 2.0 applications quickly and easily. The San Francisco-based company has taken the underlying technology of Bitcoin and sells a hosted, private sandbox to accelerate application development and prototyping. Here is the company’s perspective on blockchain technology for financial services:

Our company’s perspective on blockchain technology for financial services

Blockchain technology for financial services is at the bleeding edge. The enormous potential has increased interest in the technology and created many questions, as well. There are many factors to consider: the technical foundation, the application, the participants, the legal and regulatory frameworks, etc. shares some thoughts on which areas are important to understand this new and exciting field of blockchain infrastructure.

Key takeaways:

  • Blockchain is infrastructure technology.
  • Infrastructure must be flexible and rigid in the right places.
  • Ecosystems win, not technology alone.



Peter Shiau, CEO, Co-founder
LinkedIn | @petershiau |

Lior Saar, CPO, Co-founder

FinDEVr Live: OpenTok from TokBox Enables Developers to Add Live Video, Voice, and Messaging to Apps

FinDEVr Live: OpenTok from TokBox Enables Developers to Add Live Video, Voice, and Messaging to Apps

tokbox_homepage_FinDEVr2015 | | @tokbox

TokBox_FinDEVr2015_logoTokBox, a Telefonica company, develops and operates OpenTok, the leading cloud platform for embedding real-time video, voice, messaging, and screen sharing into websites and mobile applications. Our comprehensive API offers a suite of advanced capabilities, including interoperable mobile and web SDKs, archiving, security, 1:1 and multiparty calls, and more.

The first platform to incorporate support for WebRTC, OpenTok caters to enterprises, entrepreneurs, and developers with powerful APIs. OpenTok has been used to add real-time communications by companies including Mozilla, Royal Bank of Scotland, Valspar, MLB, Ford, Doritos, Bridgestone Gold & Double Robotics.

How to use WebRTC to build engaging fintech applications
For all the efficiency and convenience that technologies have brought to financial services, a key challenge continues to be their impact on customer satisfaction rates. How can organizations provide topnotch service when most customers, especially millennials, experience services through a website or mobile application and have never set foot in a branch?

Enter WebRTC, the HTML5 standard making it possible to embed secure live video, voice, and text communications directly into the context of your website or application. Learn about the development challenges, best practices, and how fintech companies are already integrating WebRTC into OTT services today.

Key takeaways:

  • What WebRTC is and how it can transform fintech applications
  • How financial service companies can leverage WebRTC to bring the same high-quality customer service from brick-and-mortar stores online
  • The development challenges and best practices for building with WebRTC

Badri Rajasekar, CTO

Rajasekar is the CTO and SVP of engineering at TokBox, the provider of OpenTok, the leading real-time communications platform. He leads the core engineering and operations teams and is responsible for end-to-end service delivery, including product development, quality engineering, and customer solutions.

FinDEVr Live: Checkbook Introduces API for Digital Checks

FinDEVr Live: Checkbook Introduces API for Digital Checks

Checkbook_homepage_FinDEVr2015 | @checkbookio

Checkbookio_FinDEVr2015_logo2Businesses and individuals are still writing paper checks. Checkbook is solving the problem of paper checks by introducing digital checks. The company has built a way for individuals/businesses to send and receive digital checks without the need for signing up.

Checkbook’s API provides merchants with a way to accept digital checks on their websites with a couple lines of code. Digital checks can do real-time balance verification, thus minimizing NSF risk present in ACH. We charge a flat fee of $1 per check or less for businesses, and it’s free for individuals.

API for digital checks
Our presentation will show both a business and an individual sending a digital check using a browser. It will be an end-to-end experience with the beneficiary receiving and depositing the check.

Additionally, we will demo a site using our API to receive digital checks and go over the API integration.

Key takeaways:

  • Digital checks
  • API for digital checks
  • UI/UX for digital checks



PJ Gupta, Founder
LinkedIn |

Gupta is a techie with an entrepreneurial spirit who lives and breathes payments. He is the former chief network architect at VISA.

Tim Kay, Technical Staff
LinkedIn |

Kay built—all by himself, before it was easy—a check-printing system to solve the problem of paper checks. He holds a doctorate in computer science from Caltech.

FinDEVr Live: Temenos Introduces its B2B Financial Apps Marketplace

FinDEVr Live: Temenos Introduces its B2B Financial Apps Marketplace

Temenos_homepage_FinDEVr2015 | @Temenos

Temenos_FinDEVr2015_logoTemenos Group AG is the market-leading provider of mission-critical software applications to more than 1,650 financial institutions in 150 countries worldwide.

B2B financial apps marketplace
Join us to discover Temenos’ B2B financial services marketplace and become a world-leading fintech solution provider. We will walk you through the benefits of this route to market and show you how to spin up your own cloud-core-banking system for use in development and discovery of products online. There are millions of product opportunities on the Temenos core banking platform (T24) and user experience platform (edgeConnect), and we’ll help you get started by giving you code and putting your product in front of 700 banks and financial institutions.

Key takeaways:

  • How to develop the most successful and disruptive FinTech ideas
  • How development on a core banking system really works
  • How to market your product to more than 700 banks and financial institutions


Aaron Phethean, MarketPlace Director
LinkedIn |@aphethean |

Phethean has met with hundreds of banks over the last decade and been through dozens of product launches, core banking renovation projects, and digital channel initiatives. Originally from New Zealand, now based in London, he is a keen innovator and regularly contributes to open-source projects.

FinDEVr Live: Entrust Datacard Secures the Omnichannel Experience with a Trusted Identity

FinDEVr Live: Entrust Datacard Secures the Omnichannel Experience with a Trusted Identity

EntrustDatacard_homepage_FinDEVr2015 | | @EntrustDatacard

EntrustDatacard_FinDEVr2015_logoConsumers, citizens, and employees increasingly expect anytime-anywhere experiences, whether they are making purchases, crossing borders, accessing e-gov services or logging onto corporate networks. Entrust Datacard offers the trusted identity and secure transaction technologies that make those experiences reliable and secure. Solutions range from the physical world of financial cards, passports, and ID cards to the digital realm of authentication, certificates, and secure communications.

Securing the omnichannel experience with a trusted identity
Mobile and cloud are transforming the digital marketplace, providing unprecedented opportunity for financial institutions to differentiate with “friction free,” customer-led interactions. At the core of the omnichannel experience, trusted identities can be leveraged not only to secure access, but also to assist in the fight against fraud and transform processes that will lead to higher opt-in rates and increased customer stickiness.

Key takeaways:

  • Take away a use-case for trusted identities in next-generation digital banking
  • Explore innovative services that will ultimately help redefine the consumer banking experience
  • Discover how to leverage trusted identities to secure access and prevent fraud at the core of the omnichannel experience.



Chris Taylor, Senior Product Manager
LinkedIn | @CTaylor_Entrust

Taylor owns and manages Entrust IdentityGuard, the company’s flagship, identity-based software-authentication platform. He specializes in identity-based security, cybersecurity, mobile security, smartcard technology, and digital certificates.

Brad Cochran, Sales Engineer

FinDEVr Live: Apex Clearing Helps Consumers Fund, Trade, and Invest in an Instant

FinDEVr Live: Apex Clearing Helps Consumers Fund, Trade, and Invest in an Instant


ApexClearing_FinDEVr2015_logoApex Clearing is an innovator in securities clearing, custody, execution, and technology. We specialize in supporting a variety of financial institutions, including broker dealers, proprietary trading firms, online registered investment advisers, and financial technology startups. Our technology powers the most cutting-edge financial firms in the world, and our innovative approach to back-office solutions enables businesses to grow and succeed. Apex prides itself on thinking differently by tirelessly pushing the boundaries of financial services. Apex Clearing Corporation is registered with the SEC, a member of FINRA and participant in SIPC.

Fund, trade, invest … instantaneously
Traditionally, the time required to open a brokerage account is measured in hours or days. Apex will demonstrate how a customer can instantaneously open and fund a brokerage account and place trades the same day. We illustrate how a company can leverage Apex’s RESTful APIs to create the fastest and simplest user experience for their customers. In an age when attention spans barely the length of a 20-minute presentation, we will show you how our technology captures the customer and gets them invested before they can consider abandoning the process. Apex’s effective automation and transparency sets a new standard for costs in a conventionally hi-touch industry.

Key takeaways:

  • How Apex enables fintech companies.
  • How you can use Apex’s APIs to change the way your customers interact with financial service companies.
  • How Apex simplifies the brokerage account-opening and -funding process to get your customer to market as fast as possible



Sam McIngvale, VP Engineering

Emily Auer, Business Development

FinDEVr Live: CenturyLink Enables Developers to Build Applications with Docker and Containerization

FinDEVr Live: CenturyLink Enables Developers to Build Applications with Docker and Containerization

CenturyLink_homepage_FinDEVr2015 | & | & | @CenturyLinkENT & @CenturyLinkCLD

CenturyLink_FinDEVr2015_logoCenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is a global communications, hosting, cloud, and IT services company enabling millions of customers to transform their businesses and their lives through innovative technology solutions. CenturyLink offers network and data systems management, Big Data analytics, and IT consulting, and operates more than 55 data centers in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company provides broadband, voice, video, data, and managed services over a robust 250,000-route-mile U.S. fiber network and a 300,000-route-mile international transport network.

CenturyLink presents: architecting your applications with Docker and Containerization
The CenturyLink Labs team is focused on creating open-source software and helping developers leverage the benefits of Docker and containers. We provide technical content and tools to help developers start using Docker. Learn how Docker and containerized applications are disrupting the software life cycle, accelerating business agility and facilitating microservice-oriented architectures.

Key takeaways:

  • Docker
  • Containerized applications
  • CenturyLink’s open-source projects


Presenter: David Gardner, Senior Program Manager, CenturyLink Cloud

FinDEVr Live: Markit’s Technology Shows Modernization and Modularity as Keys to Rich UX

FinDEVr Live: Markit’s Technology Shows Modernization and Modularity as Keys to Rich UX

Markit_homepage_FinDEVr2015 | | @markit | | | @mod_labs & @openf2

Markit_FinDEVr2015_logoMarkit is a leading global provider of financial information services. We provide products that enhance transparency, reduce risk, and improve operational efficiency. Our customers include banks, hedge funds, asset managers, central banks, regulators, auditors, fund administrators, and insurance companies. Founded in 2003, Markit employs 4,000 people in 11 countries. Markit shares are listed on Nasdaq under the symbol MRKT.

Markit perspective on our products

Using browser-based technologies and a capabilities-oriented modular approach, we can create anticipatory, personalized experiences that make desktop and terminal replacements a thing of the present. We will cover F2 (, an open source foundation and web integration framework, as well as several key Markit capabilities (charting, smart text, personalization) as key building blocks for multi-party, integrated experiences.

Key takeaways:

  • What F2 is, and how it can solve brokerage, wealth management, and banking-related problems
  • The ease with which Amazon-like, personalized experiences for financial services can be created
  • Markit’s capabilities and deep experience with key technologies for financial services, such as charting and super text


Presenter: Tim Burcham, Head of Labs
LinkedIn |

For the past 16 years, Burcham has worked with Markit (formerly Wall Street On Demand) architecting, coding, managing, mentoring, and leading teams to deliver high-quality websites and rich user experiences under incredibly high-traffic volumes and tight timeframes.

FinDEVr Live: Modo Payments Shows Developers How Digital is the New Mobile

FinDEVr Live: Modo Payments Shows Developers How Digital is the New Mobile


modopayments | @getmodo

Modo_FinDEVr2015_logoModo is connecting commerce to the new digital economy. Modo’s platform operates like a shipping container for intermodal payments. Value can be loaded into the container from a variety of systems, delivered across one or more channels, and arrive at a wide variety of destinations. Modo connects different types of value as well, including cards and accounts, and currencies such as digital, loyalty, offers, gifts, and cryptocurrencies. Modo also connects directly to mobile phones, with an innovative Connected Beacon that makes beacons two-way, instead of one-way, interactions.

Mobile payments are dead … long live digital payments
Mobile payments are the solution for a problem that doesn’t exist. Modo’s CEO will describe his voyage of discovery from mobile to digital and demonstrate why connecting containers is the next big wave in payments.

Key takeaways:

  • Why digital is the new mobile
  • How connecting commerce breaks the logjam
  • Get a tour of Modo, an awesome solution for connecting commerce to the digital economy



Bruce Parker, CEO, Founder
LinkedIn |

Parker is a self-declared payments geek, a visionary and strategist for some of the largest and most innovative payments-technology companies in the world. Parker has created new products, built partnerships, and shaped strategies that have moved the payments industry.

Aaron Wilkinson, Chief Architect, Founder
LinkedIn |

Wilkinson has a decade-and-a-half of experience in software engineering that began with a foundation of real-time, embedded software for high-end military vehicles. He has branched out to many other fields, from user interfaces to software architecture and web services.

FinDEVr Live: Advisor Software’s Wealth Management Cloud Platform Offers 100+ APIs

FinDEVr Live: Advisor Software’s Wealth Management Cloud Platform Offers 100+ APIs

AdvisorSoftwareHomepage | | @AdvisorSoftware

AdvisorSoftwareLogoAdvisor Software is the leading cloud platform for the investment advice industry. Our Wealth Management CloudTM platform offers an end-to-end suite of APIs and apps supporting every aspect of the wealth-management process, from client acquisition and financial planning to investment planning and portfolio construction, and extending to digital advice and portfolio rebalancing.

Advisor Software Wealth Management Cloud
Advisor Software is providing an overview of its Wealth Management Cloud platform, including the 100+ APIs that comprise its comprehensive solution for the fintech developer community. The company is demonstrating how its application components enable rapid prototyping and development of new wealth-management apps. Key topics will include the platform and its components, cloud deployment, APIs, and a demo of the key platform features.

Key takeaways:

  • Advisor Software’s journey into the world of APIs and cloud
  • How to build a new Robo Advisor quickly using plug-and-play application components
  • Other wealth-management application-development activity using our APIs and upcoming



Archana Rao, VP Engineering
LinkedIn |
Archana Rao drives the engineering strategy and technical innovation at Advisor Software. With 15+ years of engineering experience, Archana has led development of various new products and platforms and cultivated global technical talent. Prior to Advisor Software, Archana was with Robert Bosch Healthcare, architecting and building their telemedicine platform. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science.

Kevin Kraus, VP Product
LinkedIn |
Kevin Kraus leads product development for Advisor Software. Prior to Advisor Software, Kevin spent 20+ years at Charles Schwab, including 15 years in various tech-product-management positions. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Providence College and an MBA from Dominican University.