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From API to UX/UI: A Preview of FinDEVr 2015


FinDEVr 2015 kicks off two weeks from today. Save your spot and join us in San Francisco, 6/7 October, for the premier event for fintech developers, engineers, and CTOs.

FinDEVr returns to the Mission Bay Conference Center at the University of California San Francisco for two days of fast-paced, TED-style presentations. Leading technology companies will showcase their latest tools, APIs, and case studies to help fintech developers optimize their innovations.

FinDEVr is a great way to stay on top of the latest trends in financial technology. For example, compare this year’s theme cloud above to the one below from our inaugural FinDEVr last year.


Many themes remain front and center, even after a year. Seeing Payments, Big Data and Mobile as major themes reminds us what matters most to those building tomorrow’s fintech today.

At the same time, the biggest and most interesting difference between this year and last is the rise of bitcoin and the blockchain. If we are in a golden era of financial technology, then the emergence of technologies like the blockchain is as good as evidence as any.

And from our point of view, the best part is the growing population of builders from around the world who are developing tools to enable faster, more secure, and less costly interactive experiences online for businesses and consumers, wherever they are. We believe if you’re a part of this community—or want to meet those who are—you’ll want to be with us on 6/7 October for FinDEVr.