FinDEVr Live: Praesidio and the Importance of Collecting Logs

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PraesidioLogoPraesidio is a cloud-based cybersecurity company that was formed by bankers and security experts to solve the critical, real-world problems of breach detection, remediation, and governance insight that Financial Institutions (FI) grapple with today. Praesidio bridges the gap between governance and IT by linking your cybersecurity policies with the millions of system events where threats hide. It aggregates data across all cybersecurity tools to provide real-time management reporting that proves to your security team, board, auditors and regulators to ensure that your FI is actively managing and enforcing its policies.


If you’re not collecting your logs, you’re not secure. Just like testing, centralized log management should be an essential part of modern software development. If you collect your application’s logs, you can debug faster, find problems missed by tests, monitor your systems, and find security problems. And you just might discover that the impossible happens all the time.

Key takeaways:

  • Centralized log management is essential.
  • You can’t know what is happening in your application if you are not monitoring log-data.
  • Security is a must-have and you must have logging in order to have security; therefore, logging is a must-have.



Sean Cassidy, CTO
@sean_a_cassidy |
Cassidy is an engineer and leader who builds the right products the right way. At Limelight Networks, he built their video transcoding system and worked on Cisco’s ASA firewall. Sean holds a master’s degree from RIT in computer engineering and is the author of numerous open-source projects.

FinDEVr Live: Capital One Enables Continuous Integration and Delivery for Developers in Regulated Environments

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CapitalOne_FinDEVr2015_logoCapital One Financial Corporation is a financial holding company—subsidiaries include Capital One, N.A. and Capital One Bank (USA), N.A.—with $208.8 billion in deposits and $310.5 billion in total assets as of June 30, 2015. Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, Capital One offers a broad spectrum of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients through a variety of channels. Capital One, N.A. has branches located primarily in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. A Fortune 500 company, Capital One trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “COF” and is included in the S&P 100 index.

Continuous integration and delivery in a regulated environment
Financial institutions are required to comply with numerous regulations. Considering they are responsible for other people’s money, they should. While regulations are often seen as limiting the ability for a company to move quickly, this does not have to be the case. In this talk you will hear that it is possible to continuously integrate and deliver in a regulated environment, ways it can be done, and the lessons learned from an organization that is already making huge strikes in this area.

Key takeaways:

  • Continuous integration and delivery are possible in regulated environments
  • Things to consider if you are regulated and want to make the move to CI/CD
  • Challenges to be faced internally and with regulators on your journey


Presenter: Gill Haus, Capital One’s Managing VP, Digital Innovation, Retail and Direct Bank
LinkedIn | @oronhaus

Haus is responsible for building and sustaining an innovative technology organization while fostering a culture of excellence in software engineering and digital product development.

FinDEVr Live: Enterprise Engineering Shows its Data Aggregation & Management Software

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EEILogoSince 1995, Enterprise Engineering (EEI) has provided strategic technology services such as enterprise data management, data architecture and governance, big data, business intelligence and systems integration. Our software products are proven and trusted by the world’s largest wealth managers (front ending assets under management well in excess of $7 trillion dollars). Therefore, EEI can provide deep expertise and insight delivered through services and software solutions. EEI focuses on the total picture to ensure that all aspects – people, process and technology – are addressed in a holistic manner.

“I want access to my own data and I want it now!”
EEI will be presenting its Trusted Network Platform, which is our advanced data aggregation and management software. The Trusted Network consists of both a core engine and an API. This technology drives innovation across industries, enabling clients to offer leading products and services to the market along with gaining insight from the information available. The initial industry focus is wealth management given EEI’s extensive knowledge in this area and the leverage that consolidated data can provide to wealth managers.

Key takeaways:

  • EEI’s platform provides connectivity and acquisition of data through a direct connection to data sources.
  • EEI’s platform is trustworthy; it addresses risk, accuracy, consistency and timeliness issues and does not utilize screen scraping.
  • The Trusted Network provides a secure platform that harnesses the power of many sources of data to be combined into the power of one consistent source of data.



Jack Cassaro, SVP, Software Products
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Cassaro, a leader in several key financial services technology consortiums, has spent his entire career in fintech. Jack brings extensive experience to EEI. His leadership and innovative approach have driven significant growth in EEI’s data aggregation and intelligence solutions.

Arthur Wasson, SVP, Global Treasury Management, Square 1 Bank
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Wasson leads Square 1’s global treasury management products and services, including deposits, treasury services, credit cards, foreign exchange and letters of credit. He is an innovative leader with a successful background in strategic planning, product management and business development.

FinDEVr Live: Quisk Explains How it Built a Digital Payments SaaS Platform

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QuiskLogoQuisk, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based startup that partners with financial institutions and other organizations to enable anyone to use their money without needing cash or cards. Quisk provides a digital services and transaction-processing platform for integrated mobile payments and digital marketing and loyalty programs. Deploying cloud-based technology, the Quisk digital cash solution not only works with any mobile phone number on any type of mobile phone, but also can leverage existing point-of-sale (POS) infrastructure. The Quisk team is comprised of technology and payments-industry veterans from CyberSource, Visa, Apple, and HP. Quisk is the next step in the evolution of money.

Quisk digital services platform
We are sharing some of the key learning Quisk has gained from building a next-generation digital payments/FinTech SaaS platform from scratch. While there are some common design themes and architectural patterns employed to build enterprise-grade SaaS platforms, there are also very specific demands on fintech startups that focus on selling to banks and other financial institutions. Quisk’s SaaS platform interfaces with multiple entities, end-user consumers, issuing banks, merchants, acquirers, processors, etc., with each entity having its own unique requirements and expectations. We are describing how we have built and delivered a holistic platform that satisfied these diverse customer needs.

Key takeaways:

  • Architecture models for B2B2C-oriented fintech SaaS platforms
  • Security considerations in cloud-based fintech platforms
  • Performance and scalability considerations in next-generation fintech platforms

Presenter: Praveen Amancherla, CTO
LinkedIn | | 408-462-6951
As Quisk’s CTO, Praveen Amancherla is responsible for technology and product development. He brings 15+ years of experience in designing highly available, massively scalable and secure software products and platforms. Amancherla earned a master’s degree in computer science from Michigan State University.

FinDEVr Live: A New API from Intuit Developer Group Gives Builders Access to End-user Authenticated Financial Data

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IntuitDeveloper_FinDEVr2015_logoIntuit Developer offers you a vast, ready-to-tap opportunity to generate app revenues and grow your business. Our goal is to help you get your app built, published, and adopted as quickly as possible using best-in-class tools, high-quality APIs, industry-leading security practices and dedicated support.

Intuit’s financial data APIs
Intuit’s Financial Data APIs provide developers with access to end-user authenticated financial data:

Transactions API provides access to financial account information from 20,000 financial institutions.

Identification API provides bank account and routing numbers and personal information on the bank owner to verify identity and reduce friction in setting up an ACH.

Key takeaways:

  • Forget your checkbook or micro-deposits, get the information you need to set up an ACH in seconds with your bank account username and password
  • Access end-user authenticated data from more than 20,000 financial institutions
  • Leverage the same technology that fuels Mint, QuickBooks, and Quicken, and join the thousands of developers who are part of the Intuit developer community.



Emily Silberstein, Head of Financial Data APIs (CAD)
LinkedIn |@ersilberstein

Silberstein manages Intuit’s Financial Data Services business for third-party developers. Prior to Intuit, Silberstein was a fintech entrepreneur, launching and running the Asia business for an alternative data credit scoring startup. Silberstein holds an M.B.A. from Harvard and is originally from Iowa.

Jarred Keneally (not pictured), Head of Developer Relations Engineering
LinkedIn | @JarredKeneally

Keneally is a developer relations leader and has been with Intuit for 15 years. He has a background in software engineering and a degree in computer engineering from Northeastern University. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife and children.

Chase Ellsworth, Software Engineer, Earnest

FinDEVr Live: Crysp Offers APIs that Authenticate Users with Context


CryspLogoCrysp helps leverage sensors built into mobile devices to invisibly authenticate users. Crysp provides APIs that enable real-time verification of users’ context and how they enter their credentials, such as their touch pressure and size, typing rhythm, swipe velocity, etc. Developers of mobile applications can use Crysp APIs to strengthen or replace passwords in their authentication flow, as well as to streamline the process for account recovery.

Smart authentication for mobile banking and payments
The presentation will describe ways to leverage sensors in mobile devices to authenticate users and detect fraud. It will outline practical solutions to increase the security of existing passwords and PINs, simplify the password reset process and eventually eliminate passwords. The presentation will include demos, case studies and a step-by-step tutorial for integrating Crysp SDKs with mobile apps.

Key takeaways:

  • How sensors built into mobile devices can be used to improve security
  • Which options will reduce reliance on passwords and eventually eliminate them
  • How existing account-recovery methods can be improved


Anand Desai, CEO

Kumar Viswanath, CTO (not pictured)

FinDEVr Live: Gives Companies a Communication Record for Compliance

Lleidahomepage | @lleidanet_en is the leading international operator in the market of registering electronic communications, SMS solutions and data validation. As a trusted third party, eCommunications are provided with an added legal value. services bring efficacy, certainty and cost effectiveness to their customers’ processes. Public administrations, SMEs and large companies are among their customers. Some of services are:

  • Registered email and registered SMS
  • Registered invoices
  • Registered electronic contracts
  • Connectaclick (eContracting solutions)
  • Stamphoto (take photos and certify them)
  • Stamp ID (ID and passport validation)
  • Data validation
  • Text messaging

Who’s guilty? Registered eCommunications: the evidence for developers, the durable media for consumers
New distance selling rules, particularly in the EU, stand for evolution rather than revolution. You need to prove to the parties involved both the offer and its reply in a durable media ready for inspection by a third party. But if already certified by an independent third party, then we will know who the culprits are. To prove who’s guilty of the sales, Telecom operator and trusted third party, has developed “registered electronic communications,” to help companies proving each step of their communications and issuing a legal certificate. We provide the ultimate evidence companies need.

Key takeaways:

  • Registered eCommunications, the pocket knife of legal evidence.
  • Registered eCommunications and their legal certainty drive innovation for businesses.
  • How to create legal evidence in ecommerce.


Jordi Ramon, CTO

Daniel Parada, R&D Technician

FinDEVr Live: Build, Test, and Deploy in the Cloud with The Beast Apps


TheBeastApps_FinDEVr2015_logoThe Beast Apps offers an application distribution as a service (ADaaS) as a utility in a pay-as-you-go business model where vendors can build-test-deploy their commercial apps in the cloud within hours and days, as opposed to weeks and months. The Beast Apps ADaaS has attracted some really big financial institutions, such as exchanges; inter-dealer brokers (IDBs); electronic communication networks (ECNs); analytics vendors; market data vendors, etc., to leverage the platform and build their Eco System/App Store, significantly reducing time to market and costs, gaining unprecedented business intelligence, significantly enhancing revenue potential, and helping vendors and customers as well, bringing value to the entire ecosystem.

Build-test-deploy in the cloud, now
Today anyone can build a website and publish it within minutes or hours that can be instantly accessed by anyone in the world, anywhere. Apple/Android developers can download an SDK and build and distribute applications with much ease as well. The Beast SDK brings the same ease of building and distributing complex, cloud-based applications in AWS within hours and days. The Beast Apps will demonstrate how you can use its build-test-deploy system to distribute your applications through the cloud, now. The Beast Apps’ ADaaS removes app-distribution challenges, letting you focus on your ‘secret sauce,’ thereby improving the velocity of innovation.

Key takeaways:

  • Build-test-deploy apps in AWS cloud within minutes, hours, days
  • Build your ecosystem, improve velocity of innovation
  • Innovation-collaborative technology


Presenter: Ashok Mittal, President
LinkedIn |

Mittal has more than 30 years of IT experience, the last 20+ years creating a secure, robust, 24×7 application-distribution architecture, including the Beast ADaaS, with a primary focus on helping distribute pre-trade, trade, and post-trade applications in the financial industry.

FinDEVr Live: Gem Leverages the Blockchain to Redefine Banking from the Ground Up

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Gem_FinDEVr2015_logoGem makes bitcoin easy by allowing developers to build feature-rich blockchain applications in minutes using less than ten lines of code. By leveraging industry-leading security features such as multisignature wallets, multifactor authentication, and hardware security modules, the Gem API provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive security solution for bitcoin apps, without ever taking possession of funds. Gem’s mission is to empower individuals to have control over their own assets, starting with bitcoin. Founded in 2014, Gem launched at TechCrunch Disrupt’s Startup Battlefield and is located in Venice, Calif.

Redefining banking from the ground up
Bitcoin and its underlying technology, the blockchain, triggered a fundamental shift in the way we think about money. The blockchain is redefining age-old practices around payments, custodianship, stock- and asset-issuance, auditing and settlement. And for the first time, it has created an open financial platform that invites any developer from around the world to participate and innovate, without permission. Learn how you can use blockchain technology and the Gem API to build a whole new generation of financial products both inside and outside of the traditional banking system.

Key takeaways:

  • How programmable money and smart contracts can redefine ownership and custody
  • How to secure digital assets from hackers and would-be thieves
  • How practical tools can quickly get you building with the blockchain

Presenter: Micah Winkelspecht, CEO, Founder
@winkelspecht |

Winkelspecht is CEO of Gem, a secure platform for blockchain developers. He is an active bitcoin thought-leader and author of MoneyTree, the first Ruby implementation of a bitcoin HD wallet. Previously, Winkelspecht spent 10+ years developing software for AT&T Interactive, Guide Financial, and Pose.

FinDEVr Live: Personal Capital Describes Data-driven Retirement Planning

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PersonalCapitalLogoPersonal Capital is a next-generation financial adviser, named by CNBC as a “Top Disruptor” for our innovative approach to wealth management. Our award-winning free tools and mobile apps give clients a complete picture of their net worth, and we offer comprehensive financial advisory services previously available only to the ultra-wealthy. This combination of high-tech and high-touch drives our ability to deliver truly personal and objective wealth management for the internet and mobile age. We believe this is the best way to empower individuals and their money.

Data-driven retirement planning
We are presenting the inner workings of a truly data-driven retirement planner created by leveraging a user’s aggregated financial data, enhanced by machine learning and personalized by user’s life events and goals. We will discuss how the investing and financial planning strategies are triggered to update as the user moves through different stages of her life and makes changes to her spending and saving behaviors. Finally, we will show how this functionality is visualized through a UI that makes sophisticated algorithms and complex data easy to use for any user, regardless of investing knowledge.

Key takeaways:

  • How we employ machine learning techniques to forecast growth of a user’s portfolio and
    estimate available retirement spending
  • How we create a connected ecosystem that allows a user and his/her dedicated adviser to collaborate on the same financial data and retirement plan
  • How we use AWS infrastructure to supercharge our data-driven retirement planner



Fritz Robbins, CTO
LinkedIn | @fritz_robbins |
Fritz Robbins is the CTO of Personal Capital, responsible for definition and execution of the technology roadmap and leadership of the technology teams. He has previously led technology and engineering efforts at Wells Fargo, Excite@Home, RSA Security, and elsewhere.

Ehsan Lavassani, VP Engineering, Founding Engineer
LinkedIn | @EhsanLavassani |
Ehsan Lavassani is Personal Capital’s VP engineering and its first employee. He was the architect of Personal Capital’s core systems from the ground up and formed its world-class engineering team. Previously, he was one of the main architects of RSA’s Adaptive Authentication system.