Finovate Alumni News– December 10, 2012

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  • Xero’s new release includes new features: email templates, payments terms & outstanding statements.
  • Purchasing Insight blog features Taulia.
  • Financial Advisor Magazine considers EFL’s approach to determining risk in entrepreneurs.
  • Business Insider recommends using Enloop to help draft business plans.
  • Expensify gets a shout-out on NBC.
  • Intern Match blog suggests using planwise.
  • PC Mag recommends keeping Dashlane in your security toolkit.
  • Wipro announces launch of SmartOffers solution demoed at FinovateAsia.
  • Virtual Piggy enters into Partnership with WorldPay to further expand Virtual Piggy eCommerce service in the international marketplace.
  • Tyfone and IQT sign strategic investment and tech development deal.
  • Fenergo wins Best Customer Onboarding Solution award.
  • DeviceFidelity extends Good Vault identity and access management system to iPhones. 
  • Experian to help media giant Sky optimize customer prospect-marketing data.
  • Compass Plus earns high marks in annual PayX report.
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Finovate Alumni News– December 6, 2012

  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgFinextra features Simple (formerly BankSimple).
  • HID Global and BehavioSec join forces to add new layer of protection to fraud detection system.
  • Entrepreneurial Finance Lab reflects on FinovateAsia.
  • Personal Capital working with Pershing Advisor Solutions to make the sign-up process for investment clients even easier.
  • Lending Club debuts low-interest, fixed-rate personal loan platform to Indiana residents.
  • CashStar partners with Punchbowl to provide eGift-enabled digital greeting cards.  
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Finovate Alumni News– November 26, 2012

  • Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Finovate-F-Logo.jpgAmerican Banker reports MoneyDesktop aims to make PFM more appealing.
  • Bass Pro Shops and added to Virtual Piggy’s digital distribution channel.
  • The Globe and Mail features SecureKey.
  • The Austin Statesman reports: Workers Praise Q2ebanking’s “Family-Type Environment”.
  • TransCard to use DeviceFidelity’s NFC tech to offer a new white-label mobile wallet. 
  • Kashoo Accounting version 2.0 for iPad now available on iTunes. 
  • Tech in Asia calls TradeHero “probably one of the best startup ideas in Singapore.”  
  • Ian McKenna takes a detailed look at innovations demoed at FinovateAsia.
  • Shamir Karkal, Simple CFO, explains where Simple’s ideas came from and how the project got off the ground.
  • The Banker interviews Bailey Klinger, Co-founder and CEO of EFL.
  • BancBox to set up a development center in Chandigarh, India.
  • features WeSeed: “The Stock Market Game that Pays Off”. 
This post will be updated throughout the day as news and developments emerge. You can also follow all the alumni news headlines on the Finovate Twitter account.

Entrepreneurial Finance Lab’s Credit Scoring Tool Helps Expedite the Bank Lending Process


After, Entrepreneurial Finance Lab (EFL) demonstrated its Credit Scoring Tool for FIs:

“The EFL Credit Scoring Tool is a credit scoring and management platform that seamlessly integrates into and expedites existing bank lending processes. EFL’s 45-minute credit application can be taken on a PC or mobile tablet device at a bank branch or in the field. The completed application is processed by EFL within 30 minutes into a 3-digit credit score. 

The EFL Score is posted on EFL’s Web Suite, allowing the credit team to simply log on to approve or deny the loan. EFL’s Web Suite offers a 365-view of the applicant and loan portfolio, allowing the bank to track loan approvals and disbursements, measure turn-around-times, arrears data, review applicant GPS, photos and biometrics and much more by branch and region. The EFL Credit Scoring Tool provides the simplicity, speed, and insight needed to make informed credit decisions that lead to higher growth and lower risk in information scarce markets.”

Product Launch: October 2010
HQ: Bermuda Based Global Company
Founded: October 2010
Metrics: 23 Countries, 16 Languages, +40,000 EFL Credit Applications, $1.6M Lent per Week, $7,500 USD Average Loan Size, Offices: Bermuda, Brazil, Nigeria, Peru, South Africa, United States
Finovate demo video: Demo videos will be posted next week
Introducing DJ DiDonna (COO) and Colin Casey (Product Specialist)


FinovateAsia 2012 Sneak Peek: Part 1


For our first ever FinovateAsia conference, we’ve selected 36 leading innovators to take the stage in Singapore on November 6.
Each company provided a sneak peek of what they’ll demo next month. Below is the first installment of these teasers. We’ll have more next week.
Don’t miss your chance to see the live demo from each company and be a part of our inaugural FinovateAsia conference. Get your ticket here.

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Airline pilots train in flight simulators, known to be one of the most effective training methods. After the financial crisis, isn’t it about time your risk managers have access to the best training techniques?
BankersLab offers training products designed to enhance a banker’s ability to develop and test strategies in a range of real-world market conditions. Utilizing a blended learning model, BankersLab integrates numerical simulations, scenario games, the gamified classroom, and m-learning for optimal understanding and knowledge retention. 
BankersLab’s comprehensive suite of products suits all skill levels; ensuring your teams are the best trained in the industry.
Innovation type: Cards, lending, payments


BellaDati launches BellaDati agile analytics and reporting cloud tool for financial data analysis. 
BellaDati reinvents the way business users can interact with data. BellaDati will introduce features like GEO analytics, mobile reporting BellaDati Piccolo or social network for business data analysis. All this topped with easy connectivity to various data sources. Stay tuned to the new wave of business analytics inspired by gorgeous Isola Bella island located close to the Sicilian coast. 
Innovation type: Back office, mobile, sales


Bank lending to thin-and no-file small businesses in emerging markets is a billion dollar opportunity – yet traditional lending requirements make it inefficient and expensive. EFL’s Credit Screening Tool, which uses non-traditional data such as psychometric principles that statistically relate entrepreneurial qualities such as intellect, business acumen, ethics, attitudes and beliefs to credit screening, makes lending scalable and profitable. 
EFL will show how seamlessly its partners have integrated Credit Scoring Tool to their existing lending processes to increase their loan portfolios by over 100% and decrease defaults by over 40%.

Innovation type: Banking, identity, lending


Fiserv will demonstrate its world leading mobile banking platform – Mobiliti – used by over 1,000 banks and credit unions around the world. The focus on the demo will be on Mobiliti Reach – a product to help banks profit from servicing underbanked and unbanked market segments.
Innovation type: Back office, mobile, payments


Heckyl FIND is a simple and yet powerful platform which integrates real time news, analytic, and sentiment mining in your trading terminals.
Heckyl FIND provides the first and a very powerful enterprise social trading terminal enabling your analyst to collaborate in real time with Traders, exchange great ideas, trading insights and empower your Traders with all the information to take the next action, here on Heckyl Dashboard.
Heckyl FIND is exclusively for financial institutions, brokerages and the trading community to get access to real time trading ideas, research reports, economic alerts and much more.

Innovation type: Investing, online UI, PFM


Innovation Café is an advanced crowdsourcing innovation platform for companies to engage their innovation communities. It is highly configurable and able to provide for both private and public ecologies, as well as emergent and structured innovation approaches. 
Innovation Café is a lightweight platform with advanced white labeling, and custom theme capabilities. It has the ability to integrate with different systems and provide detailed reporting. Crowdsourcing and community collaboration are used to focus the attention on business objectives, enhanced through idea challenges.

Innovation type: Banking, mobile, online


Get peace of mind knowing that your company’s financial mobile app is secure. Metaforic technology stops malware and hackers in their tracks. See live, an attempted malware attack on a mobile app and the technology that st
ops it.
Innovation type: Security


With fewer people going to branches due to the convenience of internet, it weakens banks’ ability to acquire, develop a face-to-face personal relationship and recommend relevant products to their customers. 
Users are also spending very little time on internet banking due to a very transactional “touch-and-go” behavior. So how do you get the right customized products to the right customer at a time when they most need it?
Innovation type: Marketing, PFM, rewards

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Sandstone will be showcasing its ‘next generation’ consumer banking solution combining internet and mobile banking, personal financial management and loan origination capabilities to form a powerful end-to-end customer acquisition and retention tool.
Building on the “anytime, anywhere” capabilities of emerging tablet and smart phone platforms, Sandstone will show how consumers can interact with their bank for a range of integrated banking services.
For example, we will demonstrate the customer’s experience of finding and purchasing a new home, including property suggestions based on their savings, property selection, valuation, credit assessment and loan approval – all in real time from any device
Innovation type: Lending, marketing, PFM

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Strands Finance is presenting new “What If” functionality that takes PFM historical data and makes it relevant for the future. Users will gain greater insight and control of their financial health with little to no effort. 
For banks, the data is invaluable to better advise their customers. Strands has developed and leveraged pattern identification algorithms that help model future scenarios and the impact to the user’s short-term cash flow to long-term net worth.
Innovation type: Mobile, online, PFM


The 21st century customer is all about the experience. 
To be ahead of competition, retailers and banks need to drive revenue through new channels and differentiate themselves through unique customer experiences to build loyalty. With the combination of time, relevance, and behavior, TIBCO offers an integrated solution linking the end-users, retailers and banks – anytime, anywhere.
Innovation type: Mobile, payments, rewards

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Wipro will debut its Wipro SmartOffers solution at FinovateAsia 2012. The innovation provides bank customers with Digital Offers which can be redeemed at merchants for availing benefits/discounts at the time of purchase. These offers may be merchant-or-bank-funded at the bank’s preference. 
The solution is different from the aggregator-centric models currently in practice in the market, championing the bank centric offer model. Wipro’s solution gives the power back to the banks, by making them the center of the Digital Offers Universe. By making the entire offer landscape bank-centric, banks reap the benefits hereto left for aggregators.
Innovation type: Banking, rewards