SoFi Secures The Bancorp as Debit Card Issuer

Financial services startup SoFi is partnering with The Bancorp to serve as the company’s backend banking provider and card issuer for SoFi Money.

The company launched SoFi Money last year to serve as an alternative banking product. SoFi’s challenger bank features include spending and budgeting tools, billpay, remote deposit capture, peer-to-peer payments, and a high interest cash management account.

Accountholders also have access to SoFi’s flagship borrowing products such as student loan refinancing, private student loans, personal loans, and home loans. As a competitive edge, SoFi also offers member benefits such as career coaching and VIP access to the SoFi Stadium, courtesy of last month’s partnership with Mastercard.

A rendering of the SoFi Stadium, set to open this summer in Inglewood, CA

The Bancorp is one of the top private-label debit and prepaid card issuers in the U.S. for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and UnionPay. The company has more than 75 million prepaid cards in distribution and processes 1.1 billion transactions each year.

“As a true pioneer in the fintech space, SoFi has been setting and surpassing industry standards by providing outstanding products and services to its members,” said Damian Kozlowski, President and CEO of The Bancorp. “We are incredibly proud to be selected as a key partner that will support SoFi’s mission to deliver innovative products and services to new and existing members.”

Launching: SmarterBank, a Virtual Bank Aimed at Student Loan Holders

image Startups are advised to find pain-points, then build businesses to profitably solve them. Despite the current wave of very bad publicity around banks, especially the big ones, everyday banking isn’t a huge pain-point for the 80% of households currently served by existing players.

Sure, I’d like to have more security options, fewer unintelligible messages, and a Cash Tank. But most of these are feature/function improvements, not “must-have” issues that need to be solved.

What are the acute pain points in banking and personal finance?

  • Debt management, especially credit card and student loans
  • Home financing
  • Small business financing
  • Insurance
  • Retirement planning/saving

Three of these five have to do with the debt side of the consumer’s balance sheet. Yet, much of the talk about online/mobile banking innovations centers around spending management, payments, checking and savings accounts, and account access technology.

So I get pretty excited about innovations on the debt front. And last week, there was an interesting launch on the student-loan-management front, SmarterBank from Finovate alum, SimpleTuition. Its tagline says it all:

Smarterbank is "the bank that helps you pay down your student loans"

It’s a truly free, full-featured checking account, with debit card, paper checks and all the usual (but no branches, of course). And it’s powered by The Bancorp Bank, which has its hands in many of the new direct banking initiates we are seeing, including (bank) Simple.

But the special sauce is a built-in rewards program tied directly into student loan payback.


How it works

It’s actually two separate accounts, rewards and checking. You don’t need to buy the checking account to participate in the rewards program. But you must be in the rewards program before you can get a SmarterBank checking account.

  • SmarterBucks: rewards piece (see first two screenshots below)
  • SmarterBank: the checking account

Users accumulate cash to accelerate student-loan payback in three ways:

  • Deals/offers (note 2)
  • Banking rewards (from linked SmarterBank checking account)
  • Direct contributions from family and friends

SmarterBucks dashboard (8 April 2012)
Note: (1) Link to SmarterBank in upper right
(2)The deals piece is marked “coming soon”

SmarterBuck dashboard with link to SmarterBank from SimpleTuition

SmarterBucks reward activity
SmarterBucks rewards activity screen from SimpleTuition


Sign-up process

1. Sign up for SmarterBucks, which as a non-financial account requires only name and email address

2. Add a student loan that SmarterBucks rewards are credited to

3. (Optional) Add a SmarterBank account so that non-PIN debit purchases earn SmarterBucks rewards

4. (Optional) Invite family to contribute money directly to the SmarterBucks account

SmarterBank application hosted by The Bancorp Bank (link)

Smarterbank application powered by The Bancorp Bank



Marrying rewards, checking/debit, P2P family contributions, and student loan repayment is brilliant. It not only provides a tangible benefit for the 37 million Americans with student loan debt (see note 1), but also is a great customer-acquisition tool for a very important segment, recent college grads. Financial institutions looking for more twenty-something customers should consider building similar capabilities or partnering with SimpleTuition.


1. Figures are from the company. It also said that 10 million students owe more than $50,000, and 2 million owe more than $100,000.
2. Friends and family will also be able to link their own SmarterBucks account to the student’s.
3. We covered family/student banking nine months ago in our Online Banking Report (here).

BankSimple Reveals 2 New Banking Partners: The Bancorp Bank and CBW Bank

image Yet-to-be-launched BankSimple scored more great press this month with a tease on the cover of the July/August issue of Fast Company:

The Zappos of Finance

The one-page profile in the magazine’s Next column (p. 32) is titled:

A Bank that Doesn’t Suck

For Netbanker readers, the article mostly covered familiar ground. However, there were two huge reveals near the end that I almost missed; two banks the startup is working with to power its services:

  • Bancorp Inc, a public holding company (TBBK) that powers 300 affinity banking programs around the country (note 1) which will likely power BankSimple debit cards among other things. Bancorp Bank EVP Pete Chiccino was quoted in the FastCompany article.
  • CBW Bank, a small privately held bank based in Weir, Kansas with just $6 million in deposits (note 2), which will likely hold BankSimple-gathered deposits.

BankSimple has a wait-list of 50,000 for beta invites. According to the article, 12,000 of those will be allowed in by year-end before its general-public launch in 2012.


1. The Bancorp is a Finovate sponsor
2. It took 119 years for the bank to get to $6 million in deposits for a net growth of $50,000 per year. They’ll get that much in the first 10 minutes after BankSimple opens its doors.