FinovateEurope 2012 / IND Group

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How they describe themselves: IND Group is a leading developer and provider of online and mobile banking products on the European e-finance market. Through quality and innovation, we are proud to offer our innovative products to more and more satisfied customers around the world. Our products incorporate the most innovative technologies available in order to provide the best customer experience with ease of access and high security, while giving users up-to-date and sophisticated functions in modern banking. Since IND Group’s inception in 1997, the company has expanded not only in Europe but also in the Middle-Eastern region, currently providing state-of-the-art technology for 30 banks in more than 20 countries on three continents.

How they describe their product/innovation: IND gamified its white-label Internet Banking and Personal Finance Manager. Gamification is the concept that you can apply the basic elements of fun, reward, and social connections to almost all industries. In other words, gamification means to add game mechanics and game dynamics into your business processes. IND Group added these methods to its new Banking-Front Office. Our solution is based on the fact that customers love to do almost anything if they are rewarded for it. With the two-level point system, banks can give point for various things, like function use, transactions (depending on amount, currency, frequency, etc.), product, or service purchase. Customers can collect points and badges for dedicated actions. The system is closely connected with Facebook, where users can post their results and badges. Banks can even create campaigns in the system where customers – in order to accomplish the challenges – have to bring non-banking friends into the game to get rewards. Customers can track their progress in time charts, where both their net worth and point progress are displayed. With its strong visualization features (point systems, badges, leaderboards, etc.) and real rewards, the gamified IND Internet Banking and Personal Finance Manager creates a compelling, engaging user experience and prompts users to live a financially healthy life.


Press: Adrienn Barath, Marketing Director,, 0036205199167
Sales: Tamas Braun, General Manager – IND UK,

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