FinovateEurope 2011 / Yodlee

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Yodlee is changing the face of online banking with a powerful platform that enables new innovation quicker than ever before in a personalized, interactive, and actionable consumer web/mobile experience. Yodlee PFM and payments solutions are designed to generate revenue, lower costs, decrease risk, and deepen customer engagement and satisfaction. The Yodlee FinApp Store is the first consumer-driven, global marketplace for personalized financial applications. By securely unifying all personal financial account information, Yodlee empowers consumers to take control of their finances, anywhere, anytime. More than 300 leading financial institutions and portals today offer Yodlee-powered solutions to millions of consumers worldwide.

How they describe their product/innovation: Personal Financial Management (PFM) is rapidly becoming the de-facto online banking experience in the U.S. The Yodlee 10 Platform is driving much of the innovation, removing the barriers of separate, silo’d financial activities and systems to create a consolidated and actionable experience: what we call personalized finance. The Yodlee FinApp Store further extends the innovation with a new marketplace of financial apps for unprecedented consumer flexibility and control. We will demo the Global Edition of Yodlee 10 with new international language and currency support, developer tools and enablement to create global FinApps, image and document support, and a new user interaction experience for the ~95M online banking users in Europe.


Bus. Dev.: Darren Voges, Director of Business Development,,
Press: Melanie Flanigan, Senior Director of Marketing,, 650-980-3707
Sales: Casey Clegg,, 650-980-3634

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