FinovateEurope 2011 / Figlo

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: In 1996, the Figlo Group B.V. was founded in the Netherlands with the goal to make the personal financial future of individuals insightful and understandable. Figlo designed software to manage personal finances, that allows the advisor to offer client centric advice which supports all aspects of the financial advice process.

Figlo is able to serve clients globally. Partners are appointed in Europe, North America, India, South East Asia & the Pacific region and South Africa. Major financial corporations such as ING, ABN AMRO and various local organizations have been using the Figlo Platform for many years.

How they describe their product/innovation: As the financial world is changing from advisor based to more consumer self-directed advice, the financial industry needs more client centric financial solutions. Figlo’s role is to support, create and distribute software helping to deal with the changes in an efficient and compliant way.

Figlo Platform brings personal finance into a new perspective, based on four simple steps: Have, Want, Need and Do: Hawanedo. All products are based on this advice process. In contrast to existing, complex financial advice software, Figlo stands out in simplicity and accessibility without handing in on the quality of an in-depth financial advice. Figlo Platform offers a separate consumer login so clients can monitor their personal financial situation anytime, anywhere, on any device


Bus. Dev.: Albert van den Broek, Chief Executive Officer,
Press, Sales: Ellen van Beek, Marketing Manager,

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