FinovateEurope 2011 / Linxo

Presenter Profile:

How they describe themselves: Linxo is a French startup, founded in April 2010, specializing in online personal finance management and savings optimization.  In October 2010, the company launched its service enabling users to view their accounts from several French banks in one place, automatically synchronized.

The platform powering the service is composed of several building blocks:

  • The first bank account aggregation service supporting French financial institutions
  • A categorization engine for transactions
  • A customizable front-end based on a widget architecture with integration points

How they describe their product/innovation: PFM so far has been mostly about integrating financial information from several closed systems into another closed system. While these systems have clear benefits, Linxo believes that a single company cannot address the broad range of end user needs.

The new version of Linxo’s platform is open to partners for application development. Typical use cases for “Linxo Apps” include integrating a partner dashboard, linking to a fidelity or rewards program, showing offers, linking to the partner service.


Bus. Dev, Press, Sales: Bruno VanHaetsdaele, CEO,, +33 (0)7 60 22 83 94

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