Updated: IBSSMail Brings Multifactor, Biometric Authentication to Email

Updated: IBSSMail Brings Multifactor, Biometric Authentication to Email


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Internet Biometric Security Systems (IBSS) is offering a 30-day free trial of its biometric email communication technology, IBSSMail. The service manages both legal and biometric identification of all email account holders, and uses multifactor authentication to ensure that only the intended recipient can read the email as well as any attachments.

IBSS President David Ackerman said, “We are extremely excited about this new base product, which is a significant advancement in e-mail technology privacy protection.”

To take advantage of the free trial, use the promo code: dlm085@ibssmail.com.

IBSSMail prevents unauthorized access to, and forwarding of, confidential and proprietary e-mail. The service’s multifactor authentication includes human-voice identity, facial recognition, real-time legal identification of all account holders, and other technologies. Email accounts can be set up and secured within minutes, and the service is easy to use. IBSSMail is also offering a feature specifically geared toward the financial services companies: biometric, point-to-point encryption with a click of a button, without any additional setup required.

The company announced that IBSSMail will soon feature new solutions for e-mail printing, conferencing, and multimedia communication, as well. Also in the “coming soon” category is IBSSMail’s patent-pending, real-time online biometric document-signature solution for loan applications, tax returns and other financial services documents. “Our biometric document-signature solution will include content document risk assessment for veracity, resulting in a reduction of human resource costs, and fraud deterrence,” Ackerman said.

Founded in May 2005 and headquartered in San Diego, California, Internet Biometric Security Systems demoed Genesis Enterprise Edition, its biometric identification management system, at FinovateSpring 2013 in San Francisco.

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Internet Biometric Security Systems Provides Web Portals with Advanced Biometric Security Protection

Thumbnail image for IBSSLogo2.jpgThis post is part of our live coverage of FinovateSpring 2013.

Next to the stage is Internet Biometric Security Systems. The company is presenting its Genesis Enterprise Edition, which provides four-factor authentication in real-time.
“Genesis Enterprise Edition is a full-scale, comprehensive, biometric identification management system. Our system uses an industry superior, 4-factor identification design:
1. Real time, legal verification of end user personal information
2. Coupled with RealTime biometric facial authentication
3. Coupled with RealTime voice authentication
4. Coupled with RealTime event session biometric monitoring of each online financial transaction equipped with a biometric authenticated timeline audit log record.
IbssMail provides a full, 360, biometrically-secured, email platform that provides superior privacy and protection of financially sensitive online email communications.”
Product Launched: April 2013
HQ Location: San Diego, California
Company Founded: May 2005
Metrics: 20 employees; $12 million in contracted sales; 850,000 users
Website: ibssllc.com
Twitter: @IBSSINC
Presenting David Ackerman (President) and David Merritt (VP Sales)


Internet Biometric Security Systems Launches Genesis Enterprise Edition


Closing out the first session, Internet Biometric Security Systems (IBSS) launched the Genesis Enterprise Edition of its biometric security technology:

“IBSS is launching its Genesis Enterprise Edition, representing an advanced, affordable, real-time human identification technology for online financial service transactions. 

  • Factor 1: Real- time legal identification of end-user personal information. 
  • Factor 2: Coupled real-time biometric facial authentication.
  • Factor 3: Coupled real-time speaker authentication. 
  • Factor 4: Coupled real-time session biometric monitoring of each online financial transaction event, supported with a scalable biometrically authenticated timeline audit log record. 

IBSS’s technology is a full perimeter online access security solution that provides superior end-user identification of the actual banking customer, as well as the actual online financial services representative used in the collaborative sharing of confidential financial information through a common group shared database. IBSS’s superior identification improves bank security for both online consumer transaction activity identification, and equally promotes a higher degree of consumer trust of online bank employee identification integrity by using the same biometric identification standards used by their own customers.”

Product Launched: September 2012
HQ Location: Las Vegas, NV
Company Founded: May 2005
Metrics: 35 Employees, offices in Las Vegas, San Diego, Austin, Houston, Dallas, and Mountain View
Website: ibssllc.com
Finovate demo videofinovate.com/fall12vid/ (demo video will be posted next week)
Introducing David Ackerman (President) and Grady Mangum (Senior Technical Officer), and Iva Miladinovic