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FinovateEurope 2012 Live Twitter Transcript

FEUBadge.jpgHere's @Finovate's live Twitter stream from FinovateEurope on Tuesday, February 7.

Entries appear in chronological order:

Session 1

  • Here's the first Finovate demo. Nutmeg launch: "Investing the way it should be." LinkThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for TwitterBird.jpg
  • Nutmeg walking through investment goal setup; red popup tells you if you are drifting away from your goals and what to do about it.
  • Ping Identity launching methods for banks to integrate with social networks.>> huge priority for future. Link
  • Ping Identity demoing Facebook integration in account-opening process; has a number of integration ideas in the works with clients.
  • At Finovate, PayPal and la Caixa are launching PayPal account opening in 30 seconds by choosing email address and password. Link
  • Have found that PayPal account opening within la Caixa Bank environment increases account setup success by 2x to 3x. 
  • iBrokr AG, unit of Fidor Bank, is launching Stockbattle: Social betting on stock market. Link
  • iBroker demoing 1-euro bet on the stock value of a German company; has Facebook integration to share the bet to find a counter bet.
  • iBroker is easy, transparent, fun and accessible. A wildly innovative service to offer within an online banking or investment account.
  • BCSG is launching CreditHQ represents, a better way for small businesses to handle credit management. Link
  • BCSG's CreditHQ demoing credit management dashboard; has integration with collection agency to help followup with late payments.
  • Backbase launching major new features in Bank 2.0 portal including targeting to customer segments. Link
  • Backbase has cool widgets targeted to segments, showing student page mockup. Working with ABN AMRO, ING, DB, Barclays, and Visa.
  • Fenergo demoing "deal manager," client on-boarding and KYC compliance solution for corp banking/investments. Link
  • Fenergo showing dashboard to build the "credit pack" to pass to underwriting and back office departments; shows work-flow backlogs.
  • Service2Media and Rabobank introduce mobile payments via an existing banking application. Link
  • Service2Media showing cool mobile features: OCR recognition, "drag and drop" coins across page; "shake to clear."
  • CurrencyFair launching peer-to-peer foreign exchange transfers with its QuickTrade. Link 
  • CurrencyFair demoing a foreign exchange transaction, in this example a 68 GBP savings on 2000 GBP exchange; great user interface.
  • CurrencyFair has processed 90 million Euros, currently doing 0.5 million per day and growing quickly.
  • Holvi demoing "group account" replaces bank account with smart payment account designed for any group. Link
  • Holvi account assists groups with raising money, distributing cash, processing expense reports and tracking/ categorizing/ sharing it.
  • Holvi can also be used for group to setup online store for donations, t-shirt sales and so on; 58% of consumers involved in groups.

Session 2

  • We are back from break with Etronika showing voice, face and gesture recognition technology. Link
  • Etroinka demoing logging in via voice intro then authenticated with facial recognition; also showing gesture/voice navigation.
  • miiCard demoing new online Identity verification system to ease account opening and ID authentication. Link
  • miiCard demoing how it takes existing banking relationship to validate your identity; done in 5 to 10 minutes; then can share.
  • Mootwin launching one-stop-shop for mobile financial needs; demoing iPad app. Link
  • Mootwin showing streaming video on tablet; can communicate directly with financial adviser within UI; working with Cortal Consors.
  • Actiance showing dashboard for publishing to social media networks. Link
  • Actiance demoing dashboard in Socialite Engage that shows engagement with users; has tools to track overall program across company.
  • Fiserv is showing Mobiliti M-Cash service in use by ANZ; demoing mobile payment to non-ANZ customer. Link
  • Fiserv demoing M-Cash white label mobile payment service; entire process takes about 30 seconds; now showing online m-payment.
  • Aimia & Cardlytics launching transaction-based marketing platform; Aimia is investor in Cardlytics. Link
  • Cardlytics demoing their in-statement-offer UI within a live PNC Bank account; highlighting Burger King 20% cash-back offer.
  • Cardlytics demoing merchant dashboard; real-time results of spend of customers in entire category with offers vs those without.
  • Liqpay, with 1.5 mil customers, launching, payment detail shortener for SMS and email Link
  • Liqpay "payment detail shortner" is similar to for URLs; showing how it works at Privatbank; increases accuracy and safety.
  • DCisions launching InvestorBee to take guesswork out of investing with understandable risk vs. return info. Link
  • InvestorBee will make investing benchmarks available free to consumers; believe simple facts will disrupt investing.
  • ValidSoft demoing secure m-banking with out-of-band four-factor authentication and transaction. Link 
  • ValidSoft demoing voice-based authentication to confirm trans; system calls mobile number and customer answers to confirm... nice!
  • Dynamics showing battery-powered card that is "first mobile wallet that works everywhere plastic accepted." Link
  • Dynamics showing how to press a button on card to get a disposable number to use online; or request rewards points be used at POS.
  • Dynamics launching today Chip & Choice for Europe, allows multi-app card to be used with single-app software infrastructure.

Session 3

  • eToro, with 2 million users; launching Guru Finder crowdsourcing to find traders to follow and copy. Link
  • eToro demoing trader profiles and community communications; also launching iPad app.
  • Serverside Group launching a Facebook app for banks to provide tangible value. Link
  • Serverside Group app allows customers to upload images from FB to create their own customized credit/debt card; can increase usage.
  • When finished using Serverside app, users can post their cards in FB update; bank could run design competition to "like" cards.
  • Tradeshift demoing how businesses can manage cash flow; launching "instant payments" options. Link
  • Tradeshift showing dashboard controls; onboard process for suppliers and instant payment process; available to entire supply chain.
  • Finsphere, which recently partnered with Vodafone, uses mobile phone location to assist with authentication. Link
  • Finsphere demoing its "risk score" for each transaction; online banking login process; and consumer Pinpoint service.
  • Launching Handpoint Headstart, mobile Chip & PIN payment solution. Link
  • Handpoint demoing payments on mobile phone, table and mobile POS device; also showing Square-like mobile reader option.
  • Wipro Technologies launching tablet-based customer acquisition system. Link
  • Wipro showing interface that sales adviser would use with prospects to explain products and compare options.
  • Wipro app allows adviser to take a screen cap and email the page to the customer >Very cool way to follow-up on initial discussion.
  • Luup launching travel management system for businesses and governments. Link
  • Luup demoing employee registration; using mobile to create trip itinerary and request approval from manager.
  • Meniga, PFM provider, is launching "Peace of mind banking." Link
  • Meniga UI has forward looking cash position, like Simple's "safe to spend" balance; showing "emergency fund" balance tracking.
  • Meniga working to move PFM from a "tab" to the most used part of online banking.

Session 4

  • Striata is launching eConsent "PUSH email billing" with NO registration process. Link
  • Striata demoing process: 1st email is Yes/NO overlay on shaded-out bill. No username or password; use a secret, for example: mobile number and birthday.
  • Striata showing interactive bill, "mini-website" right in the inbox.
  • Sandstone Technology showing modern-looking user interface on iPhone built on HTML5. Link
  • Sandstone Technology showing on multiple phones; demoing how user can personalize app with own picture; change display views.
  • Kabbage launching ScoreKard today, a quantitative view of health of client's online store. Link
  • Kabbage has now loaned $10 million to small online sellers on eBay and elsewhere; showing integration with Etsy.
  • Kabbage showing "social climbing" system where Kabbage analyzes client's social media activity to help in underwriting.
  • AcceptEmail showing MOBILE electronic bill presentment & payment, its "Short Invoice Service." Link 
  • AcceptEmail allows content of sent email to be changed while in client's inbox, eg. after bill paid, status can be changed.
  • Figlo's widget-based platform helps advisers communicate to clients via Facebook. Link
  • Figlo showing integration of online banking with long-range planning; showing table version.
  • Ixaris launching Opn Cardworks, "card system in a box", allows issuer to fully customize. Link
  • Ixaris can get Visa approval for new card within 6 weeks; demoing Ixaris "app store" for building programs.
  • IND Group launching new gamified banking interface " online banking goes from boring to fun" Link.
  • IND iGroup demoing UI which includes points area, achievements, badges (which unlock more rewards); shows totals over time.
  • That's a wrap folks. 35 Finovate demos and no one went over time limit! What a day, see you in the networking hall.


Secret being mobile number and birthday? To access financial info? Wow.

After an inspiring trip to Virtual Assistance Europe, being completely immersed in new technology such as voice/facial recognition, intuitive UIs, and hassle-free mobile payments.

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