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FinovateFall Sneak Peek: Strands

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FF2016-Logo-wdate-largeA look at the companies demoing live to 1,500+ fintech professionals on 8/9 September 2016. Register today.

Strands is the fintech partner for banks, leveraging 10+ years of expertise in big data and machine learning. The company will be presenting Strands BFM, a comprehensive white-label solution designed for SME Banking.


  • Smarter business decision-making based on contextual and personalized insights
  • Real-time access to all financial accounts powered by Strands Meta-Aggregation engine
  • Flexibility for all SMEs

Why it’s great
SMEs get a simple, intuitive and stunning data visualization of their finances for an unparalleled user experience. Banks get a smart, white-label tool to empower their most lucrative segment.Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.11.10 PM


Cesar Richardson, VP Sales, Strands Americas
Richardson has 15+ years of experience identifying business opportunities, building companies and generating revenue growth in investment banking (Bloomberg LP), online travel, and educational tech companies.
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Sharif Penniman, Director of Sales, North America
With a background in enterprise mobile development and strategy, and having lived abroad in Europe 15 years, Penniman has a passion for everything mobile, specifically for financial institutions.