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FinDEVr Preview: FinancialApps, Avoka, Xero, and InComm


We’ve been helping you prepare for FinDEVr for a few weeks now. Between the presentations, networking, and workshops, there will be a lot to keep busy with during the show, so we wanted to make sure you’re ready.

Today we’re featuring:

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Avoka is a leading customer experience management company specializing in multi-channel customer transactions. Avoka powers customer engagement applications for banking and insurance organizations worldwide, capturing and delivering business-critical customer transactions into back-office systems.

Keynote: Omni-Channel & Social Account Opening In 60 Seconds
Avoka will demonstrate omni-channel account opening through our engagement platform demonstrating
    • Responsive & adaptive design
    • Cross-over between channels
    • Pre-fill from social profiles
    • ElectID verification
    • Separation of information capture from core systems to facilitate easy cross-sell.
Workshop: Build An Omni-Channel Account Opening Experience In Under 60 Seconds
Avoka will build an account opening experience in under an hour that Is responsive & adaptive
  • Supports cross-over between channels
  • Is integrated to social media for pre-fill
  • Is integrated to electronic ID verification
  • Facilitates cross-sell with loose coupling to core systems
Benefits for developers:

  1. Omni-channel digital customer experience
  2. Analytics platform to understand your customers engagement experience that enables;
  3. Speed, agility and rapid decision making
Omni-channel customer experience in days instead of weeks or months.


Financial Apps provides a suite of developer tools and API access for financial account and transactional data. Our solutions help to quickly build the next generation FinApp. The Financial Apps Relevancy Engine helps make data actionable, providing a comprehensive solution for Fintech development

Keynote: Driving the Data to Action
Detailed financial data is the “Big Data” we all want to work with. In this presentation, Financial Apps is showing how its Platform and Relevancy Engine enables developers to access, consume and integrate consumer financial data within their solutions..
Workshop: Get Relevant: Driving Data to Action
The Financial Apps Platform simplifies the way developers build, manage, and scale their applications’ transaction driven components.  ​In this workshop, we will demystify the process of transforming financial data into relevant solutions that can directly consumed by your applications. Learn how to:
    • Connect to financial data using Financial Apps’ easy to use RESTful based JSON API and developer libraries
    • Construct complex data aggregations in minutes using Boolean logic with the FA Relevancy Engine Interface
    • Execute and deliver new datasets at run time speed and make schema changes without system interruptions
    • Create queries and rules that analyze your data and deliver actionable results and alerts
Benefits for developers:

    1. Broad API providing access to your consumers Financial Data.
    2. Data Modeling and Workflow capabilities integrated within the platform.
    3. Solutions to make data actionable
Currently powering industry leading FinTech applications, The Financial Apps platform and tools are available for integration today! We make data actionable


InComm is the leading provider of prepaid and transaction technologies with 400,000 points of distribution, nearly $ 30 billion annual transaction volume and reaching over 1 billion customers weekly.

Keynote: Cashtie API – Rails for Cash Payments

Cashtie is an API that enables cash payments for bill pay, funding an account and money transfer at InComm’s retail network. The Cashtie API connects to a transaction processing platform and is the rails for cash payments from its partners.
Workshop: Cashtie API – Democratizing Access to Retail POS
In this workshop we are showcasing how we democratized access to the POS (Point of Sales) of some of the largest retailers in the world like Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Family Dollar and many more. We are demonstrating how to insert transactions as line items into the customer receipt including validating pre-tender transactions and completing post tender.
We are also presenting various use cases how the Cashtie API is used to digitize cash payments and touch on our different integration methods for developers.

Why it’s great for developers: 
  • Digitizing cash
  • Democratizing access to large retailers POS
  • Instantly build retail network for cash acceptance
Use Cashtie to streamline and simplify cash payments.


Xero is beautiful, easy-to-use online accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. The company has over 300,000 paying customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Xero ranks No. 1 by Forbes as the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company.

Keynote: Open for Small Business
Small business is at the heart of every economy. Simple efficiency gains like eliminating data entry or getting paid twice as fast can make or break a business. At Xero we’ve created an open, extensible platform upon which hundreds of developers have created tools and joined our mission to make small businesses all over the world succeed.
Workshop: Building an API driven Ecosystem for Small Business
In this session, you’ll hear how Xero has successfully grown it’s marketplace to over 300 integrated applications. How we’ve structured our developer partner program and built our open API as well as the key lessons we’ve learned along the way.
Why it’s great for developers:
    • Integrated Accounting
    • Open API 
    • Successful Partner Program
Xero provides an Open API, with the opportunity for integrated accounting between important small business applications.

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