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Finantix Debuts Banking Assistant, a Smart Banker in Your Pocket

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

Next, Finantix showcased Banking Assistant:


“Banking Assistant is a smart banker in your pocket. It runs on mobile phones and tablets, and can understand commands and questions in natural language, written or spoken.
The app allows a bank’s customer to access intelligent information, launch transactions and receive useful advice in the most intuitive and effective way.
Banks can easily integrate the underlying engine in their existing apps and systems.
Banking Assistant is part of Finantix Sharp, a multi-channel platform for digital banking that introduces a fresh and engaging approach to customer interactions.”
Product Launch: February, 2013
HQ: Venice, Italy
Founded: January 1994
Twitter: @finantix
Presenting Alessandro Tonchia (Founder & Director)