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Experian’s Prequalification Tool Empowers Consumers While Bringing Value to FIs

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Last up in this session, Experian demonstrated its Premium Prequalification tool:
“Premium Prequalification is a powerful credit-screening tool that allows institutions to proactively utilize individual credit data online, in real time to:
        • Empower consumers with a snapshot of their credit health
        • Save consumers time and money by instantly providing them with their best options 
With Premium Prequalification, providers and lead generators have access to a powerful marketing tool that drives traffic; lowers online acquisition costs; and provides high-quality, credit-qualified leads. This best-in-class process also offers Prequalification Triggers, notifying consumers of recent changes to their credit while offering relevant products, and Credit Comparables, which compares individual credit to the neighborhood average. Experian encourages all online institutions to redefine their acquisition game with Premium Prequalification.”
Product Launched: January 2012
Headquarters Location: Dublin, Ireland
Company Founded: 1897
Twitter: @Experian
Finovate demo (demo video will be posted next week)
Introducing Steve Wagner (President, Consumer Information Services) and Michele Pearson (VP, Prospecting & Acquisitions)