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Equifax Adds Rental Payment History to Credit Insights

Consumer insights company Equifax is partnering with U.K.-based Credit Ladder, a rent reporting service.

Under the partnership, Equifax will leverage data from Credit Ladder to help tenants who pay their rent on time access fairer credit rates. This data is especially important in the U.K., where 29% of residents rent their residences. Of those, many have a limited borrowing history that results in thin credit files. This typically underserved group ultimately finds it difficult to gain access to reasonable rates for credit cards and loans.

“The inclusion of rental data in credit assessments is a huge lift to improve financial inclusion and fairer access to the right financial products. This data insight provides lenders with a much more reflective picture of the amount renters can afford to borrow,” said Janice Rudd, Data Director at Equifax. “Renters who make full and timely monthly payments should see a significant benefit in proving their ability to repay a commitment, just like mortgage payers. We’re pleased to work with CreditLadder to unlock better financial outcomes for consumers and lenders alike.”

CreditLadder was founded in 2016 and currently has “thousands” of tenants reporting their rental payment history on its platform. CEO Sheraz Dar said that the company’s mission is to “deliver financial fairness” to users and help them access credit when they are ready. “Working with Equifax to add tenants’ payment track records to their reports is a major enhancement for our users, and for our platform,” Dar said.

CreditLadder, which is also partnered with credit reporting agency Experian, provides its rent reporting services for free for both landlords and tenants. The company also offers a paid product, CreditLadder Plus that comes with mobile phone insurance and discounts at retailers including Argos, Caffe Nero, and Tesco. CreditLadder Plus costs users around $11.50 (£8.99) per month or $102 (£79) per year.