Finovera’s Personal Bookkeeper System Helps Keep Your Finances Organized


This is a part of our live coverage of FinovateSpring 2013.
First up on the second day here at Finovate, Finovera showcased its solution that helps organize your financial life:

“Finovera is like your personal bookkeeper. You setup your accounts once, and it automatically downloads up to 12 months of your statements, organizes them and presents them to you with detailed analysis. Now it is possible to organize your financial life in less than 10 minutes! No paper clutter, no late fees and no excuses! You receive automatic alerts when new bills are due or higher than usual. Not sure if you have to move money around to pay your bills? No problem – we’ll let you know.”

Product Launch: May 2013
HQ: Milpitas, CA
Founded: May 2011
Metrics: 15 Employees
Twitter: @finovera
Presenting Purna Pareek (CEO) and Preeti Ray (Sr. Product Manager)


FinovateSpring 2013 Sneak Peek: Part 5


For our final sneak peek of FinovateSpring demoing companies, seven companies have provided some insight into the products they will demo next week at FinovateSpring in San Francisco.

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authenticID’s True Identity Made Simple identity proofing solutions work worldwide and our pictureID tool is 100% accurate – a claim no other identity company can make.
    • pictureID can eliminate ID fraud
    • Fraudsters can’t beat pictureID – without a costume
    • Better customer service & compliance
Why it’s great: pictureID is the only 100% accurate identity proofing solution and it provides added security by producing a picture of the true ID owner.

Finovera is reinventing how people manage their bills, accounts and financial documents at home. It is a perfect complement to Online Banking and Bill Pay service.
    • Automatic delivery of all Bills in one file cabinet
    • Alerts when a bill is unusually high
    • Organize your life in under 10 minutes
Why it’s great: Now households can go paperless and manage all their bills and financial documents in one secure place from anywhere.

Kofax enables customer acquisition directly from the mobile device and recognizing the importance of consumer engagement, Kofax will demonstrate on-boarding for an impactful customer experience.
    • Meet and service customers via mobile channel 
    • Reduce operating costs and minimize drop-off rates
    • Increase growth and profits
Why it’s great: Kofax Customer Onboarding improves the agility and profitability of your bank’s customer on boarding processes by engaging customers via mobile devices.


LendUp is the creator of the LendUp Ladder, an innovative program that uses small dollar loans to provide a path out of the payday lending debt trap and help borrowers build credit.
    • LendUp Ladder: Rehabilitate Declined Credit Applications
    • LendUp Education Program
    • Gamification Credit Building
Why it’s great: The LendUp Ladder helps create better credit customers

NICE Mobile Reach complements mobile banking to redefine mobile customer service. Capitalize on mobile opportunities: engage, connect, Collaborate!
    • Intelligently engage customers
    • Seamlessly transition to the right channel with context
    • Effectively collaborate for resolution
Why it’s great: The ultimate mobile customer experience: ensuring every customer need is resolved, even when mobile self-service is not enough!


Trusted Knight’s Protector software defeats key-logging and web-inject (MITB) attacks against employee and customer devices so that online transactions are safe from malware.
    • Quick and easy customer install — no impacts/issues.
    • Effective against even zero-day exploits.
    • 70% customer opt-in rate in
Why it’s great: Allows business to safely interact with malware-infected devices.

Zooz is the people-first payment platform that will boost your conversion.
    • Optimized native checkout for m-commerce apps 
    • One tap payment across different apps
    • Multiple payment methods in one SDK
Why it’s great: Payments are for people and we’re here to give the human touch. When your users feel happy and secure they’re more likely to make it to the “Thank You” page.

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Finovera Debuts Bill Management Solution


Afterward, Finovera debuted its bill management solution:
“The average American household is overwhelmed by more than 20 service provider relationships that require managing dozens of web accounts and passwords. Families are busy, and it’s very easy to miss deadlines and due dates, incur finance charges and hurt your credit rating. Despite the widespread availability of paperless bills, statements and many documents, digitization of household information management has still not taken off – primarily because there hasn’t been any service that was effortless and convenient.
Finovera does all of the work for busy families. Our mission is to bring order to this chaos by automatically downloading and organizing bills and financial statements every month in a secure digital filing cabinet. Using mobile cameras or scanners, consumers can store documents in the cloud. The service reminds users when bills are due, and a one-click ‘Pay Now’ button automatically logs them in to their online accounts on external websites so bills can be paid quickly and conveniently.”
Product Launched: September 2012
HQ Location: Milpitas, CA
Company Founded: May 2011
Metrics: Privately-funded by Founders and Angel Investors, 12 employees, Pre-revenue
Twitter: @Finovera
Finovate demo (demo video will be posted next week)
Introducing Purna Pareek (CEO) and Preeti Ray (Sr. Product Manager)

FinovateFall 2012 Sneak Peek: Part 3

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Here is third and final look at the companies that will demo at FinovateFall September 12 &13 in NYC. Each company provided a short summary of the innovation they will debut on stage. In case you missed them, check out Sneak Peek Part 1 and Sneak Peek Part 2
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Thumbnail image for AkamaiLogo.jpg

Web-based attacks have been on the rise, and financial services is one of the primary targets of criminal, political, and chaotic actors. These attacks can cost institutions millions in lost transactions and business productivity each year, and even higher losses in their brand value and reputation. 
Akamai’s Kona Site Defender is the first cloud-based Web security solution to help financial services institutions protect against both large scale denial of service and sophisticated application-layer threats seeking to compromise their brands, applications, and associated data.
Innovation type: banking, online, security

Thumbnail image for BannoLogo3.jpg

Banno brings instant pre-transaction insights derived from location, historical spending outliers and upcoming bills to its mobile experience.
When looking at bank statements, people naturally perform regression analysis and predictive modeling to find outliers in spending. In other words, Where did my money go? We feel that everyone needs more absolute data points to help in this decision process. Grip’s dashboard provides easy access to your immediate historical financial perspective, allowing insight into spending over time while exposing anomalies with transaction level patterns ordered by what’s most important today.
Innovation type: Mobile, payments, PFM


Gift cards represent an estimated $110+ billion business in 2012. Consumers have $40 billion in unspent funds and are clamoring for digital solutions as well as connections to their favorite brands. Increasingly, these branded currencies are becoming a larger portion of the commerce cycle and consumer wallets. Retailers, merchants, financial institutions, digital wallets and marketers are all looking to capitalize and participate in this space. 
At Finovate, Blackhawk is premiering its GoWallet Digital Services. These services help a host of digital players power deep engagement with consumers while creating new revenue streams through prepaid branded currencies.
Innovation type: Cards, mobile, rewards

Thumbnail image for CKMackLogo2.jpg

CK Mack announces the debut of its innovative investment platform featuring an investment product based on a tangible, insured asset; Rented Real Estate
Real Estate has been a haven for the wealthy investor since the dawn of time. Now anyone will be able to share in the cash flow of rental property without the high dollar buy-in previously needed to invest in this profitable market. Current low interest rates and market insecurity combine to make CK Mack an exciting option for portfolio diversification. 
Innovation type: Investing

Euronovate is a “Zero paper company” aiming to transform every legal paper signed into an ab-origine electronic document with the same legal validity in all verticals worldwide. The new Pad Ensign10 and software platform ENsoft provide better legal and security management for electronic signature.
Euronovate is the first company to offer an end-to-end approach with legal support for electronic signature rules, process reenginering, system integration, hardware, software platform and digital archiving. Customers benefit from lower costs, a more efficient process, and an overall better experience.
Innovation type: Back office, sales, security


Finovera is your free personal bookkeeper. It is the easiest and most convenient way to receive, organize and manage household bills, financial statements and important family documents – all in one secure digital file cabinet. Users link their accounts once, and Finovera automatically brings in new bills and statements, making bil
l workflow management hassle-free.
Finovera disrupts the old way of dealing with paper documents and brings the simplicity, efficiency and convenience to household information management. Finovera helps banks and credit unions to reduce customer service costs, increase customer satisfaction and deepens relationships to maximize customer wallet share.
Innovation type: Mobile, payments, PFM


The CHOICE direct-to-consumer model allows retail customers to create individualized savings and/or investment solutions from the convenience of any channel and device by selecting the term, guaranteed minimum rate, liquidity and source of additional potential return, all with the security of FDIC insurance, in a completely transparent, clear and honest manner.
Innovation type: Back office, banking, investing, mobile, online


See the next generation in knowledge-based authentication – a SaaS solution that allows businesses to present custom, out-of-wallet questions to consumers using their own data. 
IDology’s ExpectID Enterprise gives banks the ability to generate out-of-wallet questions using their internal proprietary customer transactional data located behind their firewall and without ever having to share that data with us. It is time to replace your shared secret questions (What is your mother’s maiden name?) with a higher security model that isn’t compromised by social media or vulnerable to account take overs. Be able to meet FFIEC compliance guidelines while creating a safer authentication method on high-risk transactions.
Innovation type: Identity, security

Thumbnail image for LeadfusionLogo.jpg

See how the vexing problem of cross-channel integration has finally been solved! Financial institutions can now seamlessly connect the online and branch experience for consumers as they shop for financial products. 
A consistent consumer experience, easy ‘take your work with you’ cross channeling, best practice branch consultations, helpful product guidance, higher conversion rates, increased brand loyalty – just some of the many compelling benefits of Leadfusion’s new Cross Channel Selling solution. Unveiled publicly for the first time at FinovateFall 2012, from the leader in financial experience management.
Innovation type: Banking, marketing, sales

ManillaLogo.jpg is a free, award-winning service that helps consumers manage everything in their lives in one place. Using just one password, consumers can track their financial accounts, household accounts and utilities, subscriptions, daily deals, and travel rewards, all through or Manilla mobile apps. 
Manilla stores account documents, sends reminders to help avoid late fees, and gives consumers a complete overview of their accounts, all through a clean, simple interface. For businesses, Manilla decreases costs by moving customers to paperless billing, accelerates revenue by driving on-time payments, and offers a powerful marketing platform for businesses to engage their customers.
Innovation type: Communications, mobile, PFM

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for mSHIFTLogo.jpg

MShift presents AnyWhereMobile: a new payment network that enables Community Banks and Credit Unions to become the issuers of mobile wallets. 
Simultaneously, the AnyWhereMobile payment network will multiply the net Interchange income of both debit and credit for Community Banks and Credit Unions, slash the merchant discount fees borne by merchants by more than half and eliminate the majority of fraud. The huge savings generated by AnyWhereMobile empowers merchants to generate more merchant-centric rewards and discounts for consumers.
Innovation type: Banking, cards, payments


PlayMoolah is on a mission to change the way kids and teens use their money! We design fun technologies for kids to experience money management to earn, spend, save, invest, and give. Through real dollars, real action, and real impact, we hope for kids to take control of their money, and become empowered by using it to live their dreams and create value for the world.
Innovation type: Marketing, online, PFM