FinovateEurope 2024 Sneak Peek Series: Part 3

FinovateEurope 2024 Sneak Peek Series: Part 3

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateEurope in London on February 27. Register today using this link and save 20%.


Centi introduces a revolutionary digital finance platform, enabling seamless cash-to-digital-currency conversion and micropayments for unbanked people.


  • Delivers efficient, low-value micropayment processing for everyone
  • Offers simple sign up for easy access, including unbanked individuals
  • Provides advanced, scalable infrastructure that supports global transactions

Who’s it for?

Financial institutions, merchants, and both unbanked and banked individuals.


Fintech Core by DashDevs is a white label, modular banking software solution for the creation and quick launch of digital banking and payment products as apps or on the web.


  • Offers source code based modular fintech solution
  • Accelerates time to launch for digital banks
  • Includes ready to use modules

Who’s it for?

Banks, startups, and small-and-medium-sized businesses.


Delega makes treasury easy by fully digitizing delegation of authority between corporates and their banks.


  • Offers improved efficiency
  • Improves customer experience
  • Lowers operational risk and hassle of collaboration

Who’s it for?

Mid-and-large-sized corporations and banks.

Kern AI

Kern AI is a German innovation-focused startup crafting specialized generative AI applications for the financial sector.


  • Deploy reliable and secure GenAI applications within days
  • Streamline knowledge-intensive tasks
  • Test safely and rapidly with LLMs

Who’s it for?

Banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies.

NF Innova

NF Innova helps banks, lenders, and microfinance institutions provide state-of-the-art digital banking services to their end-customers, decrease their costs, and increase their level of innovation.


  • Creates unique personalized retail banking experiences
  • Delivers Right User experience (UX) according to dynamic profiling
  • Provides opportunity for micro-segmentation

Who’s it for?

Banks of all sizes, Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), and lenders across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


Torus is a SaaS intelligence platform for banks and payment providers that improves their profits on card transactions by 15-40% by analyzing and predicting Visa and Mastercard fees.


  • Delivers transaction-level scheme fee prediction
  • Offers merchant-level profitability calculation
  • Highlights real IC++ pricing

Who’s it for?

Issuers and acquirers that are principal members of Visa and/or Mastercard (banks, EMIs, PIs).

Tradelite Solutions

Tradelite Solutions’ web3 financial education world, Mogaland, is shaping the future of personal finance with game-based learning, a token economy, and unprecedented data-driven financial personals.


  • Makes finance accessible and fun through game-based learning
  • Empowers everyone to boost financial literacy with web3 incentives
  • Creates a next gen DeFi marketplace with a token and data powered economy

Who’s it for?

Millennials and GenZ individuals who want to improve their personal finance skills and crypto-related product and service providers.

Meet the Influential Voices on FinovateEurope’s Top Agenda Topics

Meet the Influential Voices on FinovateEurope’s Top Agenda Topics

It’s the first of February, which means that FinovateEurope is taking place this month on the 27th through the 28th at the O2 in London. If you haven’t registered yet, now is the time! The agenda is packed with fintech’s most relevant topics and features 36 companies that will demo their new technology on stage in Finovate’s signature 7-minute demo format.

In addition to the demos, there will be 86 speakers (and counting) at the event. We can’t wait to feature insights and discussions from the top European fintech thought leaders. Take a look at what to expect.

Nina Schick, Author, Generative AI Expert, Founder at Tamang Ventures

Schick is an author, advisor, and keynote speaker, specializing in how technology is transforming politics and society in the 21st century. She is an expert in synthetic media, deepfakes, disinformation, cybersecurity, and the geopolitics of technology. Schick helps organizations and businesses understand and navigate the geopolitical risks and opportunities posed by the exponential technological changes of our age.

Her keynote address, Will AI Be More Profound Than The Invention Of The Internet? What Do Financial Institutions Really Need To Understand About Generative AI?, will take a look at the use cases for generative AI in banking, the growth and future of conversational AI, potential use cases for augmented reality and virtual reality, the metaverse in banking, and new threats posed by deep fakes.

Jillian Godsil, Author and Broadcaster at Coin Telegraph

Godsil is an award winning journalist, author, and broadcaster in Web3. She changed the law in Ireland in 2014, allowing bankrupt candidates to run for public office, before running as an independent candidate in the European Parliamentary Elections in 2014, earning 13,500 votes – not enough to get elected but enough to make a difference.

In her keynote address, From Crypto Ice Age To Crypto Winter To Crypto Spring?, Godsil will examine the risks and opportunities of decentralized finance and a new crypto universe geared towards building a new internet native financial system. She’ll also offer her take on how regulators across the globe are currently viewing crypto.

Manas Chawla, CEO at London Politica

Chawla is a political risk expert and the Founder and CEO of London Politica, the world’s largest political risk advisory for social impact. He has specialist expertise in consulting on “technopolitics,” corporate diplomacy, and crisis management, and has advised the United Nations, Red Cross, and a range of C-suite executives at Fortune 500 companies, and tech unicorns. 

Chawla will be giving a keynote titled, The Global Economic & Geo-Political Outlook – What Are The Five Things You Need To Know. His discussion will inform the audience on how the high interest rate environment will continue to impact banks, investors, and fintechs; offer his predictions on the potential of future bank failures; and share how geo-political issues will shape the future.

Analyst All Stars

Also worth showcasing are the analysts participating in our Analyst All Stars Session:

  • Philip Benton, Principal Analyst, Financial Services at Omdia
  • Suraya Randawa, Head of Omnichannel Experience at Curinos
  • Maria Adele Di Comite, Research Director at IDC Financial Insights

Investor All Stars

And don’t forget to stick around for our Investor All Stars panel, moderated by Claire Mongeau, Investor at Founders Factory, to find out where the smart money is investing in fintech:

  • Robin Scher, Head of Fintech Investment at Lloyds Banking Group
  • Sophie Winwood, Operator Partner at Foxe Capital
  • Asaf Horesh, Managing Partner at Vintage Investment Partners
  • Dallin Bills, Principal at Battery Ventures

Photo by Enrique Zafra

FinovateEurope 2024 Sneak Peek Series: Part 2

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateEurope in London on February 27. Register today using this link and save 20%.

ATMO Technologies

ATMO Technologies allows corporations to fast track their net zero progress by achieving reductions within the supply chain. Financial institutions can extend their loan book and track their ESG progress with ATMO.


  • Extends lending portfolios
  • Measures ESG progress
  • Brings organizations closer to their net zero targets

Who’s it for?

Banks, retailers, brands, and SME suppliers.


EasyLodge offers a mortgage application and instant credit decisioning software.


  • Utilizes automation to complete finance applications
  • Delivers 20 second credit decisioning and instant finance contracting
  • Uses a machine-learning-enabled credit engine for instant credit decisioning

Who’s it for?

Lenders of any type and size.


Realmonitor offers banks a mobile platform for acquiring large volumes of engaged mortgage and personal loan customers.


  • Provides a stream of engaged mortgage and personal loan clients
  • Features a scalable solution to match the bank’s operational capacity
  • Offers an ideal entry point for a comprehensive housing ecosystem strategy

Who’s it for?

Banks, credit unions, and mortgage institutions.


The Visualizy embedded banking and payment solution aims to solve the chaos in banking by helping companies eliminate manual processes and enhance security in their payment and financial operations.


  • Enables companies to integrate with several banks and FIs in a modern way
  • Automates payment operations and cash management
  • Complies with ISO-20022 – all through one secure integration

Who’s it for?

Banks, payment providers, credit unions, EMIs, and financial institutions.


WELREX’s game-changing digital investment management platform empowers Independent Relationship Managers (IRMs) to exceed clients’ expectations and enables high net worth individuals to make the most of their wealth.


  • Delivers tailored investment solutions to IRMs and their ultra high net worth and high net worth clients
  • Offers a proprietary user experience on top of an established SaaS platform
  • Maximizes results reflecting clients’ best interests

Who’s it for?

Wealth managers, IRMs, and ultra high net worth and high net worth individuals.

FinovateEurope 2024 Sneak Peek Series: Part 1

A look at the companies demoing at FinovateEurope in London on February 27. Register today using this link and save 20%.


AMLYZE is a regtech company and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider offering a suite of solutions to combat financial crime.


AMLYZE creates a paradigm shift in AML efficiency through AI and the power of network through the following:

  • Allows hyper-focus
  • Enables the power of AI through machine readable data
  • Delivers distributed AML operations

Who’s it for?

Banks, credit unions, payment providers, small-and-medium-sized businesses, individuals, VASPs, fintechs, financial intelligence units, and regulators.


ShareID is an Authentication-as-a-Service solution tied to government-issued IDs, equivalent to border control with a simple smile and in real-time, without storing any PII or biometric data.


  • Delivers 99.9% precision rate on document authenticity due to partnership with the French Military Police
  • Executes 92% conversion rate on the first attempt
  • Includes liveness and anti-spoofing algorithms

Who’s it for?

Banks, neobanks, fintechs, payment providers, crypto providers, and insurance providers.


Sikoia’s Affordability Insights automatically derives sophisticated analyses from bank statements, open banking and payslips alike, unlocking richer financial insights.


  • Plug-and-play with multiple types of customer bank data
  • Consistently recognizes income and expenses in real time
  • Includes a unique library of data models and templates to recognize anomalies

Who’s it for?

Banks, intermediaries, building societies, and consumer lending platforms.


TradingValley is a robo-investing solution provider in Taiwan, focused on providing AI-powered investing algorithms.


  • Offers robo-investing technology for both B2C and B2B companies
  • AI fund manager helps investors screen investing opportunities
  • Tailor-made for different investing practices within different institutions

Who’s it for?

Financial institutions, individual investors, and family office or small asset management firms.

Europe’s Financial Future: 5 Key Agenda Topics

Europe’s Financial Future: 5 Key Agenda Topics

The European financial services scene is continuously evolving thanks to the pulse of innovation, technological shifts, and advances in consumer expectations. As we stand on the cusp of next month’s FinovateEurope conference, it’s not merely the agenda that awaits, but deep-diving discussions surrounding the pressing issues and new developments waiting to change the continent’s trajectory.

Here, I’m taking a look beyond the conference halls and delving into five agenda items to consider why the topics matter in 2024, how they fit into the landscape, and why I’m excited about them.

Will AI Be More Profound Than The Invention Of The Internet? What Do Financial Institutions Really Need To Understand About Generative AI?

It’s not difficult to understand why Generative AI (Gen AI) is on the top of the agenda for FinovateEurope this year. The topic spiked in conversations following the release of Chat GPT in late 2022 and hasn’t receded since. Gen AI has applications across every financial services sub-sector (and beyond) and holds the potential for major cost savings opportunities. I’m eager to hear what the speaker, Nina Schick, has to say about applications of the technology within financial services and the relatively new threat of deepfakes.

Keynote Address: From Crypto Ice Age To Crypto Winter To Crypto Spring?

For those who still feel like we are in the middle of crypto winter (the downturn in the crypto space) it may seem irrelevant to bring up the topic to a roomful of bankers. However, we started to see a rise in activity surrounding decentralized finance (DeFi) late last year. This session’s speaker, Jillian Godsil, is an award winning journalist, author and broadcaster at Coin Telegraph. She’ll be offering her take on risks and opportunities in the space; what it will take to build a new, internet-native financial system; and how regulators are feeling about crypto. DeFi holds immense potential for financial services and I’m excited to hear Godsil’s inside view.

From Competition To Collaboration & Co-Creation – Why Financial institutions Need More Than Ever To Build Strategic Partnerships.

Whether you’re a bank or a fintech, you don’t need me to explain to you the importance of partnerships. The fintech industry has shifted its mentality from coopetition to collaboration and today, the financial services realm is completely reliant on partnerships. New to the discussion– and much of why I am interested in this age-old topic– is the threat that increased regulatory scrutiny may pose. Moderating this panel discussion is Rashee Pandey, Associate Director of Membership at Innovate Finance.

Digital Payments Are Eating The World – How Will New Competitors & New Business Models Shape The Future?

Regardless of your location, income, or social status, payments are– and always will be– relevant. And with the entire globe as your potential user base, getting into the payments game can be lucrative if done correctly. With new technologies and fresh consumer expectations, however, the payments landscape is changing. I am eagerly anticipating the discussion, led by Andrew Steele, Partner at Activant Capital, around new competitors and business models.

Transforming Lending In The Cost Of Living Crisis

Europe’s cost of living crisis is no secret. The cost of housing, combined with the cost of basic necessities such as groceries and medications, have caused both end consumers and large corporations alike to adjust their habits. Lending has always been an integral element to consumers’ lives, and today’s high interest rate environment, combined with consumers’ increased use of credit, complicates this scene. I’m looking forward to hearing from Jack Spiers, U.K, Banking and Lending Sales Director at Tink, on how traditional affordability models are cutting consumers short and how data can repair the issues.

Now that you have a sneak peek at the FinovateEurope agenda, consider this your formal invitation to join us at the conference, taking place 27 and 28 February at the Intercontinental O2 in London. Register today to save.

Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash

How Will Geopolitical Headwinds Impact Fintech and Financial Services in 2024?

How Will Geopolitical Headwinds Impact Fintech and Financial Services in 2024?

A U.S. presidential election with, essentially, two incumbent presidents running for office. An enduring war in Europe. A new war in the Middle East. Economic instability in China. Lingering inflationary concerns and interest rate volatility.

If the fintech industry doesn’t have enough to worry about on its own, the prospect of macro economic and geopolitical events making life even tougher for fintech and financial services is enough to make your head spin. What do banks and fintechs need to know – and do – to effectively manage the current and evolving geopolitical landscape?

To help you better brace yourself for what 2024 may bring, we’ve invited Manas Chawla, founder and CEO of London Politica, to deliver both a fireside chat and keynote address at FinovateEurope in February.

With the theme, The Global Economic & Geopolitical Outlook – What Are the Five Things You Need to Know? Chawla will outline how many of our current challenges could impact the financial services industry – and what they can do about it.

We last caught up with Manas Chawla at FinovateSpring last May. Then, concerns over the impact of inflation and rising interest rates on banks were top of mind. In this interview from the conference, Chawla explained the challenges and opportunities for banks and fintechs that lie not just in black swan events, but in what he called “grey rhino” risks, as well.

Join us next month at FinovateEurope to hear more from Chawla and other insightful analysts and observers on the impact of macro trends on fintech and financial services.

Photo by Markus Spiske

First Demos Announced for FinovateEurope 2024

First Demos Announced for FinovateEurope 2024

FinovateEurope 2024 takes place at the InterContinental O2 London over February 27 and 28.

FinovateEurope will feature 35+ innovative companies forging the future of fintech across retail banking, sustainability, wealth management, business banking, and more.

Take a look at the first wave of demoers joining in 2024 – this is just the beginning.

Using Delega, companies efficiently manage the cumbersome process of managing banks’ signatory rights, while reducing operational and audit risk.
Easylodge offers a nimble, configurable, and cost-effective origination and loan management platform for new or growing lending operations.
EmbedWealth democratizes wealth with tech that makes wealth simple and accessible to anyone who wants to grow their money.
EQUE’s ecommerce fraud prevention and identity verification solutions secure online transactions, eliminate chargebacks and false declines, and reduce cart abandonment with friction-free, one-click transactions.
The NayaOne Digital Sandbox helps banks, credit unions, and insurers partner with fintechs to accelerate innovation.
NF Innova supports onboarding and lending process automation while driving simple interactions between banks and their clients on any digital touchpoint.
Realmonitor’s white-labeled mobile application eases entering the housing ecosystem for banks and financial institutions using a state-of-the-art, AI-based B2C mobile app for home buyers.
ShareID’s multi-factor authentication software detects the authenticity of government-issued IDs in the digital world, guarantees liveness, and validates all the personal data shared with a simple smile.
SkenarioLabs helps banks, investors, and insurers better understand the links between risk, value and ESG performance for all buildings, everywhere – even those with little or no data.
Taktikal helps SMEs in regulated industries address the risks and regulatory challenges of building and automating digital onboarding and other contractual and compliance-driven processes.
Torus improves financial and operational efficiency through data-driven insights using billing and transactional data companies already have on hand.
Tradelite’s game-based solution improves financial literacy and inclusion while driving user engagement and retention for financial service providers.

Want to join them in February? Apply to demo now.

Last Early-Bird Deadline to Demo at FinovateEurope 2024

Last Early-Bird Deadline to Demo at FinovateEurope 2024

FinovateEurope 2024 takes place at the InterContinental O2 London over February 27 and 28.

Those who’ve been to a Finovate know the demos are unique. They are not pitches or presentations. They are seven-minute technology showcases without use of slides, videos, and mockups. They do not happen in the expo or on a stream stage. They are on the main stage during the general session without competing content. This approach delivers the highest ROI to demoers and ensures all attendees can experience the technology and discuss next steps.

There’s a competitive application process to demo at FinovateEurope next February, and the final early-bird deadline is Friday, November 24. When companies apply by this date and are selected, they receive a £1,000 to 2,000 discount on the demo fee.

When reviewing submissions and curating a demo lineup, the Finovate team looks for several things: Technology from across banking and financial services industry; companies ranging in age, size, culture, and geo footprint; recent launches or significant advancements in existing technology; partnership and other media announcements; and, of course, innovation and the competitive landscape.

For selected companies, the demo opportunity at FinovateEurope includes the 7-minutes on stage, a plug and play stand in the expo area over both event days, speaker tickets, lead gen scanning and reports, coaching calls with Finovate’s host and resident expert, and marketing and media exposure.

To move forward, review the online demo details, then submit the confidential application. Applications will be accepted after November 24 but will not receive the early-bird discount.

For companies with female founders, person-of-color founders, or a focus on ESG, check out our demo scholarship program.

Questions? Reach us at

Applications Open: Demo at FinovateEurope 2024

Applications Open: Demo at FinovateEurope 2024

FinovateEurope 2024 takes place at the InterContinental O2 London over February 27 and 28.

FinovateEurope has delivered an exceptional line up of must-see demos for over 10 years. 2024 is no exception. 

With a focus on innovation, Finovate remains the primary choice for fintechs looking to establish their presence and a valuable platform for those showcasing new technology and partnerships. Whether it’s their first, second, or even fifth appearance on stage, all selected organizations are keeping the fintech industry plugged in to the latest trends and innovations.

Each event brings a new wave of demo deals and successes. Here are just a few from 2023 demo alum:

A month after FinovateEurope, London-based fintech NayaOne won tender from the Financial Conduct Authority to build a digital sandbox.

Europe alum and bank orchestration platform Numeral partnered with core banking provider Tuum to help FIs and fintechs launch and grow across Europe and the U.K.

ConnectEarth, an environmental data company, raised $5.6M in Seed funding less than two weeks after the London event.

Weeks after demoing, AutoRek, an end-to-end financial data control platform, was selected by the U.S. Federal Reserve to feature in its provider showcase.

Natural language analytics innovator and Best of Show winner SESAMm returned to the Finovate stage in March. Clearly a winner all around as they secured $37M in Series B funding that same month.

And newcomer StockRepublic raised $2.81M for its social trading platform after demoing this March.

This is your chance to join the 2024 demo lineup and add your own success story to the list. Apply by Friday, October 13 for early-bird discounts.