VoiceTrust’s inTalk Provides Voice Authentication Solution

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

VoiceTrust is coming to the stage right now. The company will be demonstrating its biometric security/identification solution:

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inTalk provides a simple, convenient and effective solution to the call center authentication problem by recognizing the customer’s voice and using voiceprint biometrics. inTalk passively listens to the person speaking, compares the speaker’s voice to the customer’s voiceprint, and provides identity feedback to the agent.
This is all done in the background during a normal, uninterrupted conversation in any language. A green light is displayed when the customer is recognized and a red light alerts the agent when inTalk detects the presence of an imposter.”
Product Launched: TBD
HQ Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Company Founded: April 2008
Metrics: VoiceTrust eServices Canada Inc., formerly Perceive Solutions Inc., was acquired in December 2011 by VoiceTrust
Twitter: @voicetrust
Presenting Roanne Levitt (VP, VoiceTrust Canada) and Hermann Geupel (Managing Director, VoiceTrust Germany)

EZBOB Brings Real Time Financing Options to E-Tailers

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.
EZBOB is on its way to the stage now. The company provides real-time financing for e-commerce businesses in the U.K.:
“EZBOB uses a range of online data sources to analyze e-commerce businesses instantly.
In less than 10 minutes, the system will:

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  • Guide the seller through a simple, secure, quick, and seamless online application process
  • Assess the seller’s eligibility using our proprietary internal credit scoring system
  • Verify seller’s historical operating performance and assess seller’s ability to service debt
  • Verify seller’s identity to prevent fraud
  • Provide a customized financing proposal
  • Immediate transfer of funds’
EZBOB offers a customized financing proposal which is:
  • unsecured (personal or director guarantee)
  • short-term (3-6 months)
  • up to £45,000 per seller
  • cost of 2-7% per month
  • clear repayment schedule without early repayment penalties
  • no hidden fees and no covenants on seller’s business”

Product Launched: September 2012

HQ Location: London, United Kingdom
Company Founded: November 2011
Website: ezbob.com
Twitter: @ez_bob
Presenting Sharone Perlstein (Director & Co-Founder) and Tomer Guriel (Director & Co-Founder)

PhotoPay Makes Real-Time Paper Bill Payment Mobile

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.
Next to take the stage is Croatia-based PhotoPay:

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“PhotoPay and PDFpay are greatly improving 
the paper and electronic bill payment experience on mobile devices. PhotoPay uses a phone camera to extract payment data from paper bills and payment slips.   PDFpay is used to extract payment data from bills and offers received electronically (in PDF, HTML, or other electronic format), allowing very simple payment without manual data entry.
Our unique smartphone technology recognizes payment slips in real-time and intelligently extracts payment data in a few seconds from paper or electronic bills. And users love it – it is much simpler and up to 10 times faster than typing payment data.”
Product Launched: February 2012
HQ Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Company Founded: June 2011
Metrics: Our first bank customer has seen a 2,000% increase in mobile bill payments after implementation
Website: photopay.net
Twitter: @photopay
Presenting Damir Sabol (Founder and CEO) and Jurica Cerovec (CTO)

CurrencyFair Unveils New Mobile App

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

CurrencyFairLogo.jpgAfter a short break, CurrencyFair is here to start off the second session of the morning here at FinovateEurope:

“With CurrencyFair’s new mobile app, it’s easy to make exchanges on the go, at the exact moment you choose. There will be a host of new features, such as the ability to set a rate alert when, for example, the rate available on CurrencyFair is better than the current market mid (interbank) rate.”
Product Launched: March 2013
HQ Location: Dublin, Ireland
Company Founded: April 2009
Metrics: £2 million equity funding raised; more than 15,000 registered users; more than £1 million exchanged daily on average; more than £300 million transacted to date
Twitter: @currencyfair
Presenting Brett Meyers (Managing Director) and Jonathan Potter (Director)

Meniga’s New PFM Module Helps Users Decide if They Can Afford Certain Purchases

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

Thumbnail image for MenigaLogo.jpgWrapping up the first session this morning, Meniga demonstrated its platform that helps users make smart purchasing decisions:

To buy or Not to buy is a white-label module for mobile banking applications, that uses PFM functionality to empower and influence consumers at the point of sale or when considering buying something. 
It allows users to check if they can afford what they are about to purchase or see how much closer to their savings goals they would get if they save the money and use it to feed their goal instead.
One unique aspect of this innovation is allowing users to leverage their social networks and direct messages to crowd-source the decision and instantly collect feedback before making the purchase. This fun and simple feature uses gamification to engage users and their network of friends.”
Product Launch: December 2009
HQ: Stockholm, Sweden
Founded: 2009
Metrics: $1.3M raised, 35 employees, cash-flow positive. European market leaders in white-label PFM solutions for retail banks with 10 implementations and with retail banks in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Poland, S. Africa, Russia and Iceland.
Website: meniga.com
Twitter: @meniga
Presenting Georg Ludviksson (CEO & Co-Founder) and Einar Gustafsson (VP Product Management)

GMC Software Technology Launches Inspire Dynamic Statement

Thumbnail image for GMC_logo.jpgThis post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

As we near the end of the first session on Wednesday morning, representatives from GMC Software Technology are coming to the stage:

“GMC Inspire Dynamic Statement is an interactive and engaging way to present your customers’ statements, online or offline. Instead of the standard tabular statements, GMC Inspire can generate thousands of dynamic statements in minutes, presenting your customers’ data though attractive charts and graphs that are fully clickable.
Areas that require attention and action can be highlighted and customers can even drill down to granular level detail providing a fully intuitive service. GMC Inspire also allows you to track usage of every statement and use this data to populate relevant offers and marketing messages for every customer.”

Product Launched: March 28, 2013

HQ Location: Appenzell, Switzerland
Company Founded: 1994
Twitter: @gmc_net
Presenting Didier Rouillard (VP Product Marketing) and Tomáš Sedláček (Product Manager)

IND Group Uses Real Life Situations to Reshape How Users Interact with Their PFM Platform

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.


Next, IND Group demonstrated how it is reshaping PFM:

“By placing the customers at the center, we have reshaped the traditional idea of PFM to meet the end-users’ everyday needs. 

Instead of functions and features we have developed stories that are real life situations, emerging in different stages of our lives and having financial impact, such as “Expecting a baby”, “Prepare for a rainy day”, “Buy a home”, “How to spend less” or “Retirement planning.” This entirely new approach in digital financial customer service takes online banking and financial management to the next level, offering mass retail financial planning and advice.”

Product Launch: 2013
HQ: Munich, Germany
Founded: 1997
Metrics: €12M in revenue in 2011. Staff of around 240 people, 7 offices, several partners and subcontractors around the world. 35 retail banks and financial institutions as clients.
Website: indgroup.eu
Twitter: @indgroup
Presenting József Nyíri (Founder & Chief Innovator) and Tamás Braun (General Manager, IND Group UK)

Dynamics Launches ePlate, a Better Rewards Card, in UK

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for DynamicsLogo1.jpg

Dynamics came up to the stage next, launching their ePlate device to enable consumers to build a better rewards card, in the UK:

Dynamics’ intelligent powered payment cards include a fully card-programmable magnetic stripe that can be re-written with each transaction to reduce fraud. Using Dynamics’ backend system, users can select from a list of rewards, to tailor their own experience.

Product Launch: February 2013
HQ: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Founded: September 2007
Twitter: @DynamicsTweet
Presenting Jeff Mullen (CEO) 

The Currency Cloud Takes the Headache Out of Paying International Suppliers

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

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Then, The Currency Cloud demonstrated how its XBP Connect API makes international payments easier:

“We will be showcasing the power of integrated international payments for businesses. Accounting solutions are ubiquitous in business, yet the break in the workflow when having to make international payments to suppliers is inefficient, time consuming and prone to operational risk. 

Using The Currency Cloud’s XBP Connect API, the first truly effective applications that enable international payments to be managed directly from Sage and Salesforce.com are being launched at FinovateEurope 2013. The applications enable a business to initiate and manage their international payments just as they would their payments to domestic suppliers – directly from their ledger. Paying international suppliers becomes significantly easier and lower in cost and the business accounting function drastically more productive.”
Product Launch: August 2012
HQ: London, UK
Founded: March 2011
Metrics: $7.12M Series A in 2012 from 3 VCs: Notion Capital, Atlas Venture and Anthemis Group. Revenues for 2012 = $1.3M. 26 people. 100 customers/partners that enable over 250,000 corporates and consumers to benefit from our capabilities. Satellite office in Malta in Joint Venture with The Demajo Group.
Twitter: @currency_cloud
Presenting Michael Laven (CEO) and Nasir Zubairi (Director, Product Marketing)

Dashlane Releases New Features to Make Online Transactions Even Easier with Integrated Rewards and Loyalty Solution

This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

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Afterwards, Dashlane showed how its new features can make online payments frictionless:

“Dashlane will demo its core technology: a cross-platform (desktop and mobile) consumer application that enables keyboard-less transactions on any site – no integration required. 

In addition to being the ‘point of payment choice’ for our users, Dashlane offers financial services and ecommerce partners a privileged seat by the user during all their online transactions. We’re developing many new features to make online transactions incredibly easy and frictionless for our users.”

Product Launch: April 2012
HQ: New York, NY, USA
Founded: December 2009
Metrics: Dashlane is an NYC and Paris-based startup with 30 employees, founded in 2009. Our app launched publicly in April 2012, and is available on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. Our users (currently in the six figures) have used Dashlane on over 250,000 websites and spent over $30M online and on mobile devices using Dashlane. We raised a $5M Series A in 2011 from Rho Ventures, FirstMark Capital & Bernard Liautaud (Founder, Business Objects & Co-Founder, Dashlane).
Website: dashlane.com
Twitter: @dashlane
Presenting Emmanuel Schalit (CEO) and Nishant Mani (VP Partnerships & Marketing)

Fiserv’s Mobiliti Master Wallet Lets Users Choose Their Own Mobile Payment Experience

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This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

Third to the stage, Fiserv showed how its Mobiliti Master Wallet gives users control of their mobile experience:

Mobiliti from Fiserv is the world’s most deployed mobile banking and payments platform. The Mobiliti Master Wallet enables consumers to choose which mobile payment wallets they wish to participate in and how. It retains the financial institution and its mobile banking app at the centre of the user experience for cloud-based and NFC mobile payments.”

Product Launch: 2013
HQ: Brookfield, WI, USA
Founded: 1984
Metrics: $4.34B revenue, 20,000 employees, 16,000 financial institutions as customers
Website: fiserv.com
Presenting Jonathan Atkinson (Sales Consultant, Digital Channels) and Fiona Murray (Sales Executive, Digital Channels)

TESOBE’s Open Bank Project API Encourages Innovation and Transparency


This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

Second up, TESOBE took the stage with its Open Bank Project (OBP) API:
“The world’s first Singing Bank! (singingbank.com) demonstrates three principles of the OBP API:
1) It encourages innovation (niche markets, interfaces, languages. etc.)
2) It supports public views on transaction data whilst preserving sensitive information
3) It results in lower barriers to entry, better security and lower cost
The OBP Transparency/Social Finance application is for organisations that want to practice wider transparency and/or generate a real time dialogue around their finances.
The OBP App Store allows vendors to showcase and consumers to find and rank apps.
The OBP Virtual Machine allows CTO’s to easily evaluate our technology.”
Product Launch: May 2012
HQ: Berlin, Germany
Founded: 2005
Twitter: @tesobe
Presenting Simon Redfern (CEO & Founder) and Ismail Chaib (Project Manager)