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TESOBE’s Open Bank Project API Encourages Innovation and Transparency


This post is a part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2013.

Second up, TESOBE took the stage with its Open Bank Project (OBP) API:
“The world’s first Singing Bank! ( demonstrates three principles of the OBP API:
1) It encourages innovation (niche markets, interfaces, languages. etc.)
2) It supports public views on transaction data whilst preserving sensitive information
3) It results in lower barriers to entry, better security and lower cost
The OBP Transparency/Social Finance application is for organisations that want to practice wider transparency and/or generate a real time dialogue around their finances.
The OBP App Store allows vendors to showcase and consumers to find and rank apps.
The OBP Virtual Machine allows CTO’s to easily evaluate our technology.”
Product Launch: May 2012
HQ: Berlin, Germany
Founded: 2005
Twitter: @tesobe
Presenting Simon Redfern (CEO & Founder) and Ismail Chaib (Project Manager)