MoBank, SecondMarket, Globefunder, Micronotes, ValueCruncher, LowerMyAssessment and ChartMechanic Added to FinovateStartup Lineup

finovatestartup09_logo.pngThe deadline for startups wishing to participate in our second annual [**FinovateStartup**]( conference was a few days ago. The final seven startups added to the lineup are:
– [**ChartMechanic**]( A startup working on better data-visualization tools
– [**GlobeFunder**]( A financial services company with solutions for P2P lending and healthcare
– [****]( A web-based tool designed to help consumers lower their property tax payments
– [**Micronotes**]( A interactive direct marketing specialist leveraging opportunities in bill payment
– [**MoBank**]( A UK-based startup about to launch a mobile shopping and banking service (previous post)
– [**SecondMarket**]( A marketplace for illiquid financial assets such as bankruptcy claims, restricted stock and so forth
– [**ValueCruncher**]( A New Zealand-based startup that allows users to compute and share public company valuations
That brings the total number of demo’ing startups to 57 (*see below*). It’s going to to be an inspiring and educational day. If you are involved in charting the course for your company’s Web-based, mobile, or alt-delivery strategies, you should be there. Pick up your tickets [here](

FinovateStartup Early-Bird Ticket Deadline Tuesday

image With our FinovateStartup conference just a month away (April 28), I wanted to alert readers to the upcoming early-bird deadline. This Tuesday, March 31, is the last day to save $100 by purchasing tickets for the early-bird price of $895 each. Registration is here.

You’ve seen the amazing lineup of 52 participating startups (latest four here plus previous 48 here), but I also wanted to point out there is an equally impressive lineup of attendees already registered for the event (see selected logos below).

Whether you work for a tech company, bank, credit union or other financial services company, there is no better way to be exposed to so many new ideas in just a single day. It can be extremely thought-provoking to view the market through the lens of focused, energetic and creative startup. It’s an entire day thinking outside the box

Some of the ideas you’ll experience April 28:

  • Opportunities with decoupled debit
  • Social savings, lending and investing
  • Helping consumers find the best financial solution to fit their needs
  • How to leverage the community to help solve financial problems 
  • The grand reopening of person-to-person lending
  • New mutual funds targeting retail investors
  • The best ideas for online personal financial management
  • New ways to help users find and track investments
  • Using PIN-debit online
  • How to help consumers manage their total debt
  • Small business solutions for managing expense reports online
  • iPhone applications that help you engage customers
  • An online solution for accounts-receivable financing
  • Using the credit report/score as a jumping off point to targeted offers
  • New ways to increase actual and perceived security
  • Mortgage optimization engine

Sample of registered attendees for FinovateStartup 2009


Participating startups at FinovateStartup 2009


Tempo Payments, SeerGate, Mozo, and BudgetPulse Added to FinovateStartup 2009 Conference Lineup

imageWe are pleased to announce four more companies to the Finovate Startup conference lineup. The total number of demoing companies now stands at 52, 13 more than last year (see logos below; company descriptions here). Startups have just a few more days to apply (see note 1), so we’ll be announcing the final lineup shortly.

Here are the latest additions:

  • BudgetPulse, an online personal financial management service
  • Mozo, a financial services comparison engine out of Australia
  • SeerGate, a startup working on popularizing online debit payments
  • Tempo Payments, looking to make decoupled debit a household word

         image                       image 
       image     image

About FinovateStartup2009
The second annual FinovateStartup conference will be held April 28 in San Francisco. At the event, select startups in financial services technology have six minutes to demo their latest and greatest to execs and investors in banking and financial technology. The one-day event is organized by the publisher of Netbanker and Online Banking Report.

Early-bird deadline: You have until Tuesday, March 31, to reserve a seat at the early-bird price (here).


1. Financial services technology companies should contact Eric Mattson before March 31 to participate in FinovateStartup (, main office: 206.517.5021).

Banktastic Posts Interviews with FinovateStartup 2009 Companies

imageThe Garland Group’s banking community arm, Banktastic, has provided thorough coverage of Finovate and FinovateStartup events (note 1). This year they are way out in front, posting video interviews with Finovate Startup 2009 participants in advance of the upcoming April 28 conference (see note 1).

imageSo far Banktastic has posted a half-dozen 9- to 10-minute video interviews here (note 2) with more to come. Here are the interviews in reverse chronological order: 

Screenshot of Banktastic interview with ZimpleMoney founder Steven Rabago (link, 25 March 2009)


1. Thanks to the Banktastic team: Brad Garland, Lisa Randolph and Mark McSpadden.
2. You can still save $100 by registering for FinovateStartup (here) by the end of March. 
3. Banktastic’s interviews are done via webcam, with the image of both participants superimposed over screenshots/demos from the company’s websites (see above). Interviewer Brad Garland controls the website views. 

Finovate Startup Conference Company Descriptions

image To give you an idea of the types of innovations being funded in financial services these days, here’s a capsule description of the first 48 companies demoing at FinovateStartup April 28 in San Francisco (note 1).

Attention attendees: You have just one day left to register (here) at the discounted price of $795. 

Finovate Startup 2009 Participants

Acculynk is a payments solutions provider with a suite of software-only services that secure online transactions by utilizing a graphical, scrambling PIN-pad for the secure entry of sensitive cardholder information.

AlphaClone is a web-based investment research service that lets users explore the investing ideas of top hedge fund and institutional money managers.

Aradiom is a mobile solutions provider and designer of Java mobile applications and platform development technology including turn-key applications, embedded soft-token security solutions and BlackBerry® enterprise applications.

BillShrink is a personalized savings advisor that helps consumers make smart, money-saving decisions by providing continuously updated, personalized, usage-based recommendations on everyday services like credit cards and cell phone plans

BudgetTracker is a personal finance manager that allows users to manage their finances and keep track of their budget, bills, and transactions online without having to install software.

CalendarBudget is a free online personal budgeting tool that helps users organize and track their finances, plan future spending and save money.

Centrro is a financial search engine that allows consumers to anonymously shop for personal financial products that best fit their specific credit profile.

CircleUp provides group communications services, which enable actionable and efficient interactions across diverse social, email, mobile, messaging and private web networks.

Cooler Inc.
Cooler Inc. enables users to know, decrease, and offset the global warming impact of their everyday purchases and activities by using the country’s only peer-reviewed carbon calculator to calculate impact and then providing reductions targets and strategies, and offering recommendations on high quality carbon offsets.

CreditArray is a vault of proprietary information to allow consumers to better apply for and manage their credit portfolios.

Credit Karma
Credit Karma provides consumers free access to their credit score and offers credit simulators, advice, and credit score comparison tools in order to allow them to more actively manage their credit and financial health.

GoalSpring’s product, DebtGoal, makes paying down debt as easy and efficient as possible by taking into account all of a customer’s debt and helping them organize, optimize and pay it down.

Expensify simplifies keeping track of business expenses by combining an electronic payment card and a web-based expense manager to automate expense report preparation, approval, and reimbursement.

Green Sherpa
Green Sherpa offers personal cash flow management software that lets users conveniently download, manage and update all their financial accounts via a single online resource.

Home-Account is in stealth mode at this time. 

HomeATM provides a secure PIN debit and PIN credit card transactions method via the Internet that utilizes the HomeATM swipe pad technology to allow users to conduct secure PIN-based transactions from home, ensuring virtually zero fraud and lower merchant processing fee costs.

iBearSoft is the creator of iBearMoney, a personal finance application for the iPhone that allows users to input and categorize their transactions, run financial reports, analyze payments, and keep track of expenses.

iThryv is a financial literacy platform that combines a content delivery system and an incentive system in order to create an immersive learning environment which provides a powerful tool when used in partnership with online banking and core providers.

Jwaala provides software for banks and credit unions that improves their online banking services. Their MoneyTracker application offers a personal financial management solution that can be added to any bank or credit union’s existing online banking solution.

kaChing is a social investment community that applies an open source and social-networking strategy to offer every investor the opportunity to find outstanding investors, emulate their portfolios, and access the returns, insights, transparency and talent previously only available to wealthy individuals.

Kapitall is a rich web application that aims to make investing easy for everyone. Inspired by game design, Kapitall combines an graphical user interface with tools that make it easier than ever to research companies, build portfolios, share ideas and get smarter about the market.

Lending Club
Lending Club is an online social lending network where people can borrow and invest money at attractive rates.

LendingKarma is a person-to-person lending site that makes it easy for parties that know each other to create loans and provides borrowers and lenders with tools to help service the loan and see it through to repayment. enables people to manage their finances online using an open source financial platform that allows developers to build sophisticated applications which will help users enhance their experience and increase the efficiency of the service.

Mint is an online per
sonal finance service that securely downloads users’ financial transactions, allows them to categorize their transactions, provides a unified view of all account activity and relevant account alerts, and offers personalized suggestions for significant savings opportunities.

Moneta provides a secure, quick and easy form of online payment that directly debits users’ checking or money market account allowing users to only enter a secure username and password when making online purchases.

NCore provides enterprise class delivery channel solutions to financial institutions within the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions fusing applications, innovative security and middleware technology into a single integrated platform.

OurCashFlow offers personal finance management tools for financial institutions that can turn their website into a place where customers can create a budget, save money and achieve their savings goals.

Pennyminder helps individuals and small groups manage their shared and personal finances by tracking deposits and withdrawals allowing them to see what’s happening with their money

People Capital
People Capital is a peer-to-peer private student loan service that utilizes a unique scoring system to predict a student’s potential and provide a true, unbiased measure of the economic value of an education that empowers students to make better educational decisions and offers multiple advantages for both borrowers and lenders.

Pertuity Direct
Pertuity Direct offers social lending for personal loans by bringing together the advantages of capital markets, social networks and traditional banking.

Portfolio Monkey
Portfolio Monkey provides free online portfolio management tools to help average investors optimize their portfolios and find customized investment ideas so they can create more efficient portfolios with higher expected return and less risk.

Prosper is a person-to-person lending marketplace where people list and bid on loans using Prosper’s online auction platform.

The Receivables Exchange
The Receivables Exchange is a real-time online market for trading accounts receivable that gives businesses access to working capital at a competitive cost by connecting a global network of accredited investors to the nation’s small and mid-sized businesses.

Rudder is a free personal finance software designed to minimize the effort required in managing money by helping users to manage their budget, track their bills and analyze their expected income and projected expenses.

Silver Tail Systems
Silver Tail Systems provides fraud prevention to defend users’ websites against business logic abuse through the use of behavior detection, efficient investigation and real-time mitigation to track suspicious behavior and divert the bad actors, leaving legitimate users unaffected.

SimpliFi provides independent financial advice online. Users can complete a profile and receive a personal financial plan with specific actionable steps.

SmartHippo uses the power of the community to find users the best rates on financial products and services.

SmartyPig is a social saving service that helps users save for a specific goal by allowing them to invite others to contribute to their account, providing incentive boosts from top retailers, and offering a competitive interest rate.

moneyStrands is a money management service that helps users get information on anything from practical savings tips to getting help tracking expenses down

Syphr is a technology and marketing credit union service organization that created RateMatch, a service that matches participating credit unions with the thousands of credit report purchasers per month.

ThreatMetrix helps companies control online fraud and abuse in real time by profiling the device used in an online transaction so companies can determine whether the users are fraudsters or customers.

Transparent Financial Services
Transparent Financial Services is online comparison-shopping service for small businesses that uses technology to help users compare and purchase financial services like payroll processing, credit card processing and business loans.

Victrio offers a credit risk management system that uses voiceprint recognition technology to fight credit card fraud and identity theft.

Wesabe is an online personal finance management tool that provides members with information about where they spend and links them with a community dedicated to helping each other make smart financial decisions.

WeSeed seeks to demystify the stock market by helping real people share what they know and make smart investing decisions based on the collective wisdom of the community.   

ZimpleMoney is a web-based financial services platform enabling people and organizations to manage and administer financial agreements including loans, leases, rentals, tithing, trusts and settlements.


1. Several other participants are remaining anonymous for the time being. 

Nine More Added to Finovate Startup Conference Lineup

imageThe financial services startup community will be out in force April 28 at our second annual Finovate Startup conference.

The nine new companies below, along with the 39 participants announced two weeks ago, plus several we can’t yet name, bring the total to 50 startups. That’s eleven more than last year! We can now say that we’ll have the largest group of financial services startups ever assembled in one place.

Don’t miss your opportunity to talk to the companies that will help change the financial services landscape in the coming years. Join the many bank, credit union, and technology execs in San Francisco on Tuesday, April 28, for a thought-provoking and exciting day (see note 1).

The early-bird deadline ends Friday, so register now for just $795. Current Online Banking Report subscribers can save even more. Look on the back page of the most recent issue, or email for your customer discount code. 

Here are the latest additions to the conference (note 2):


1.  And if you can come early, don’t forget BarCampBankSF2, happening Saturday and Sunday, April 25/26 (previous post). 

2. Are you a startup interested in participating? Contact Eric Mattson.

3. Members of the media, including financial industry bloggers, should request a press pass here .

FinovateStartup 2009 Conference Participants Announced

imageFinovateStartup09, our annual springtime technology event in the San Francisco Bay area, is just three months away. Today, we announced the first wave of young companies committed to participate on April 28.

More companies are in the pipeline, and when all is said and done we expect more than 50 startups to be on hand to demonstrate the latest in online and mobile financial services and technology.

The Finovate format combines fast-paced demos (no PowerPoint!) with extensive networking where you can meet the start-up founders along with influential industry executives, press corps, and analysts. To get a taste for the event, take a look at videos of past demos.

Because we hadn’t named any companies until today, we’ve extended the Super Early Bird registration deadline until this Friday, Feb. 6 (register here). See you in San Francisco.

Finovate Startup 2009 lineup (as of 2 Feb. 2009):

35 Financial Tech Companies Already on Board to Participate in FinovateStartup 2009

imageOne month ago we announced the 2009 version of our Finovate Startup Conference. Since then, we’ve been busy talking to FinTech startups from around the world. We are glad (and a bit relieved) to announce that we already have 35 committed to demo at the event. There is still an enormous amount of activity and energy in the banking and financial technology sector (note 1).

We are several months out from the deadline, so we expect in excess of 50 startups, along with several hundred bankers, investors and other industry execs to convene April 28 at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center (note 2).

While last year’s FinovateStartup was dominated by social-media plays (see logos below), this year we have more diversity, with companies from the following categories:

  • Alt payments
  • Financial shopping/comparison tools
  • Investment management/tools
  • Mobile banking & payments
  • iPhone/Android applications, personal financial management/tools
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Personal credit management tools
  • Other technologies

Participating companies will be named beginning Feb. 1, but you can save by reserving a ticket now.

Super-early-bird prices that are easy on the budget
We’ve tried to make the conference as affordable as possible recognizing that travel and conference budgets are under constraints. You still have nine days left to snag super-early-bird tickets for $695. Current Online Banking Report subscribers, including anyone in the same company as an existing subscriber, can grab tickets for even less, just $445 each until Jan. 31 (note 3).

Attendees may register here. More information on the event is here.

FinTech companies interested in participating/demoing should email Eric Mattson .

FinovateStartup 2008 presenters
(videos of all 2008 demos are here)


1. See our post, “Why financial technology still matters,” here.
2. The venue is about two miles south of the San Francisco financial district.
3. If you don’t know if your company subscribes to Online Banking Report, email to find out. If qualified, we’ll email your subscriber discount code to you.

Announcing the Finovate 2009 Conference Series: FinovateStartup and Finovate2009


We know 2009 promises to be a challenge, but if history is any judge, more lasting innovations will be put in place next year than any year this century. Necessity truly is the mother of invention, especially for startups. 

Next year, we will again showcase the best and brightest ideas at our Finovate conferences:

imageFinovate Startup:
San Francisco – 28 April 2009

The conference features the launch of new companies in financial tech, as well as young companies launching major new products and features. Last year, we had 40 startups participate (see first screenshot below), and this year we expect even more (see demos from 2008).

imageFinovate 2009
New York City – 29 Sept. 2009
We head to NYC for the third year in a row to showcase the best of 2009 in the online and mobile space. Company size is irrelevant; it’s all about what’s new and what’s hot (see demos from 2008, 2007).

Attend a Finovate conference in 2009
About 700 of the most innovative execs in banking, finance and technology attended a Finovate event in 2008. The events are fast-paced, just a single day, and allow you to network with the presenting execs along with the decision makers in the audience. Both attendees and presenters love the format.

If you want to join the excitement, you can sign up up now at deeply discounted prices. Tickets are transferable, and refundable, so the risk is low. If you want to bring your entire team, email Eric Mattson,, for a team price.  

Present in 2009: FinTech startups
If you have a young company involved in the online or mobile finance area, there is no reason not to be at FinovateStartup. This year, we are opening the floor to any qualifying startup. So, for the price of a single ticket, you are ensured a table at the event to show off your company and a chance to demo on stage (see previous FinovateStartup demos). 

The earlier you apply, the more benefits you receive. Please check out the Presenters page or email to

Present in 2009: other FinTech companies
At Finovate2009 in NYC, we’ll put the best two dozen ideas on stage regardless of the size or location of the company. Last year, we had popular demos from large companies including Intuit and CheckFree/Fiserv as well as startups, Mint, Credit Karma, NeoSaej and others (see previous demos from Oct. 2008 and Oct. 2007).

If you have a dynamite new product and are interested in launching it at Finovate NYC, please email or check out the presenters page.

Last year, more than 50 financial, technology and personal finance press and analysts attended the Finovate conferences. If you’d like a press pass for either event, please email me at

Presenters at FinovateStartup 2008


Presenters at Finovate 2008


CheckFree, Credit Karma, Mint and MoneyAisle Win Finovate Best of Show Awards

image As conference host, I haven’t quite recovered from the whirlwind of activity yesterday. I’ll post a final conference wrapup tomorrow, but I wanted to get in a quick update with the Finovate 2008 Best of Show winners. 

We had planned to award it to the top three, but there were four companies in a virtual tie at the top (note 1), so we named four winners this year.

In alphabetic order, the winners:

  • image CheckFree which demonstrated its new online banking platform packed with new features
  • image Credit Karma which showed several new features including a tool allowing “what-if” calculations with your credit file
  • imageMint which announced its move out of beta and demo’d several new investment management functions
  • imageNeosaej which showed its unique MoneyAisle real-time, reverse-deposit auction service

Congratulations to these four companies and to everyone else who made the day so interesting.

About the voting
All attendees not affiliated with the presenters rated each demo on a scale of one to six. The ballots were turned in at the end of the final demo session. Approximately 70% of eligible voters turned in complete ballots.

The companies didn’t finish with the same average scores, but rounding to the nearest tenth created a four-way tie.

Finovate 2008 BillShrink

image Drum roll, please. Our final presenter today is Peter Pham, CEO of BillShrink.

Menlo Park, CA-based BillShrink launched its new service in July.

The service is designed to help consumers find the best deal in various categories. Today they showed the credit card selector. The service provides detailed breakdowns of fees and rewards to allow consumers to compare across more than 200 cards in the market.

Launching today is MyAccounts which allows users to track their accounts more easily.

BillShrink also tracks wireless carriers and allows users to find the best mobile phone deals.  

BillShrink announced an $8 million dollar funding today.

Finovate 2008 Digital Insight

image Next up is Digital Insight, now part of Intuit. Karen Van Kirk, director of small business solutions, will conduct the demo.

Calabasas, CA-based Digital Insight will be demonstrating its Small Business Finance Works online banking platform.

FinanceWorks has all the same functionality of Quicken Online. The small business version has been designed to be simple and easy to use for the small business manager. The accounts receivable function includes integrated email capabilities to send personalized payment reminders on the fly.

The service includes integrated remote deposit-capture capabilities.