Finovate 2009 Update and Super Early Bird Tickets

As soon as we wrapped up our second successful FinovateStartup09 in April (Have you checked out the videos from it yet? They’re awesome and free to watch.), we ramped up the search for demoing fintech companies for our flagship Finovate 2009 conference (9/29 in Manhattan).

As part of that process, over the last two months, we’ve looked at hundreds of diverse financial technology companies (some brand new, some very well-established) to find the most innovative, biggest and best new ideas. Those companies were invited to apply for a

finovate2009_white_low.jpg demo spot. And those invites generated a slow trickle of applications that became a flood as this Monday (the early-bird application deadline of 6/15) approached. The quality of the applications is very high this year, and it’s going to be hard to pick.

From here, we’ll spend weeks reviewing the applications we’ve already received, accepting last-minute ones (until 7/15), and agonizing over which great companies to showcase on stage. But, regardless of the final roster of demoing companies, it’s clear that fintech innovation just keeps accelerating. It’s very exciting to watch and to get to share with you at Finovate 2009 this fall (and via NetBanker and via OBR).

We’d love to have you join us at the fall event and watch the future of finance/banking unfold onstage. If you register today you’ll save $300 via the super early bird tickets. Please note that those prices expire at the end of June.

ericphoto.jpgEric Mattson is CEO of Online Financial Innovations, the parent company of NetBanker, Online Banking Report and the Finovate Conference Series. He can be reached at or 206-331-1178.

Finovate 2009 Demo Application Window Now Open

ericphoto.jpgHi, I’m Eric Mattson, CEO of Online Financial Innovations, the parent company of NetBanker, Online Banking Report and the Finovate Conference Series. Ever since I started working with Jim in 2006, he has wanted me to add my voice to his on the blog — especially around our conferences which is where I spend much of my time. So here I am with an important announcement about our upcoming fall conference. But first, a bit of perspective.

From the beginning, Finovate has been a showcase of the best new financial technology from established companies and young startups. Attendees come not only to see and prepare for “what’s next,” but also to experience our unique one-day format — handpicked, short, fast-paced product demos (no slides allowed) mixed with high-impact networking with the companies and each other. (Videos of the demos from previous Finovate events are available to view free.)

Over the last several years, we’ve been happy to have the fall Finovate conference grow and improve with each iteration. And we’re pleased to have just successfully wrapped up the second go at our spring startup-only, spin-off version of the conference in San Francisco a few weeks ago (FinovateStartup).

Yet what Jim and I enjoy the most about organizing the Finovate conferences is the increased insight we’ve gained into the ongoing innovation in financial and banking technology. Every day, we’re contacted by new entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from around the world working hard and smart with amazing vision and passion to improve every aspect of financial technology. And those conversations make us incredibly excited and optimistic about the future — even in the face of the current economic environment.

So, today, I’m pleased to publish my first post to announce the opening of the company-application window for our upcoming demoing startups fall conference, Finovate 2009, in Manhattan on Sept. 29, because it means we’re about to see the next wave of start-up innovators and then will get to share them with you at Finovate this fall.

Please note that the early-bird deadline for applications is June 15th and the final deadline is July 15th. The demoing companies for Finovate 2009 will be announced at the end of July.

If you work at a startup or established company innovating in financial technology and you’re looking for a platform to share your vision, please contact me at or 206-331-1178 to find out more about the possibility of demoing either this fall or at a future conference.

P.S. In truth, I’d love to hear from any of you NetBanker readers, Online Banking Report subscribers, or Finovate attendees. Drop me a line and let me know what’s on your mind.

Cool New Financial Technology and Tools are Here, Now What?

imageWe had a blast last week talking to startups and others at our FinovateStartup Conference. Anyone who was there, or followed the blog and/or Twitter coverage (see note 1) would have to agree there were dozens of new and interesting ideas presented.

But the bigger question is, what’s next? Will anyone ever use these new technologies, let alone actually pay for them?

imagePersonally, I believe several of the presenting companies are likely to disrupt the status quo. And at least a dozen more have very strong prospects of becoming standalone, profitable businesses.

The rest will need to be deft at creating partnerships with existing brands in order to survive. But overall, the FinovateStartup Class of 2009 was very promising indeed.

But don’t take my word for it. Here are links to the articles from other bloggers and press:

Banktastic: Brad Garland and the Banktastic team have compiled the largest library of FinovateStartup content with 54 posts and videos covering the event and companies (link).

BusinessWeek (MBAblogs): Larry Chiang interviews FinovateStartup participants to create this article, What I learned at Finovate that I Could Not Learn at B-School

Celent blog: Celent’s Jacob Jegher provides a summary of the major themes and concludes there was not enough emphasis on security by the companies (link)

CNET (Webware) posted a series of three articles:

  • Josh Lowensohn looks at the use of PIN codes to safeguard banking and commerce (link).
  • In another article, Josh looks at the important issue of trust and online personal financial management (link).
  • Finally, Rafe Needleman looks at Prosper’s re-launch announced at the conference (link).

Fincision: Wow. Mike Linskey gets double-gold-star, not only does he live-blog every demo, he manages to upload a picture of most. Amazing stamina! (link)

Iconoculture: Hans Eisenbeis explores the startups at Finovate in depth in a three-part series (part #1, part #2, part #3).

Investment News:  Davis D. Janowski writes about the launch of SimpliFi and Mint’s new financial fitness wizard (link).

Javelin Strategy blog: Javelin’s Mark Schwanhausser is looking for the perfect PFM and is left wanting (link)

Lazy Man and Money: Not at all living up to his pen name, Lazy Man manages to capture the whole show in a series of five blog entries (post #1, post #2, post #3, post #4, post #5)

MobileSlate: Blogger Eric Chan wished for more mobile companies, and concluded, “(Mobile) was definitely on the minds of all the people that I spoke to.” (link)

Payments Views: Glenbrook’s Allen Weinberg managed to live-blog the entire day with a paragraph on every demo. Winner of the ironman trophy (link).

PC World: Yardena Arar looked at ten startups: Syphr, LowerMyAssessement, Lending Club, Mint, ZimpleMoney, DebtGoal, Credit Karma, Mint, Syhpr, and SimpliFi (link)

Prosper Lending Review: Jessica Ward posted a dozen pre- and post-conference reviews of participating startups (link).

San Francisco Chronicle: Tom Agate primarily discusses Prosper’s reopening at the show (link)

The Bankwatch: Colin Henderson writes about the demos from Lending Club, Tempo Payments and Wesabe (link)

Wall Street Journal (Wallet): Mary Pilon handicaps the field in her Wallet blog (link).

Wall Street Journal (VentureWire):  Tomio Geron writes about bringing fun into personal finance tasks and looks at the new offerings from iThryv, Mint and Cooler Inc. (link)

And for those elsewhere in the world:

1. See our Twitter updates consolidated into one post here. For everyone’s tagged tweets, reference these search results.

FinovateStartup 2009 Live Twitter Transcript

image Here’s the transcript from my live Twittering during Finovate Startup 2009 last Tuesday (in reverse chronological order).

  • It’s over. Best of Show winners: BillShrink, Prosper, Silver Tail Systems, SimpliFi. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone. 8:01 PM Apr 28th from web

  • 36 demos in the bag…finished 7 minutes ahead of schedule! Now to happy hour and more networking..stay tuned for Best of Show at 5:30PM 4:40 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Credit Karma is launching white-label solution for financial institutions 4:38 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Credit Karma launching Debt Manager. Includes product placement opportunities for lenders 4:36 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Credit Karma demoing free credit score trending over time and showing consumers how to save money 4:34 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Prosper is also announcing secondary trading market for Prosper-originated loans, pending final SEC approval 4:31 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Prosper is opening platform to other financial institutions; first is CPS, large auto lender, who resells on Prosper 4:28 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Prosper relaunching today! Nationwide for borrowers but initially just California for lenders due to regulatory issues 4:25 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Rudder uses widgets to track and manage, including cool “What’s Left” (after all bills paid) and Spend Meter 4:22 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Rudder showing its PFM…estimates setup process of 5 to 10 minutes using account aggregation 4:17 PM Apr 28th from web

  • provides hints on how to negotiate rate reductions with lenders 4:14 PM Apr 28th from web

  • itemizes the amount of interest to be saved over life of debt by increasing payment amount 4:13 PM Apr 28th from web

  • DebtGoal from GoalSpring launching My DebtPlan to help consumers manage and administer their debt 4:10 PM Apr 28th from web

  • SmartHippo monetizing through referral fees 4:07 PM Apr 28th from web

  • SmartHippo launching SmartHippo answers today! Somewhat like Yahoo answers; lenders can respond, 4:05 PM Apr 28th from web

  • SmartHippo showing community-based financial shopping portal 4:02 PM Apr 28th from web
  • SimpliFi Is different than budget-focused PFMs; SimpliFi focuses on planning; less than 5% of users have financial plans 4:00 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Silver Tail Systems also includes a mitigation function that handles the fraud in real time. 3:52 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Silver Tail System can even thwart man-in-middle (man-in-browser) attacks by monitoring clickstream 3:51 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Silver Tail Systems demoing fraud detection, monitors threats against website; key is monitoring ALL activity 3:48 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Green Sherpa is launching public beta today! 3:45 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Green Sherpa showing its PFM with 3-step process: 1. Load data 2. Make plan 3.Discuss plan with someone 3:42 PM Apr 28th from web

  • HomeATM showing P2P money transfer, both send and receive; also have mobile app where hardware plugs into earphone jack 3:38 PM Apr 28th from web

  • HomeATM demoing patented secure PIN encryption through browser using small hardware device 3:32 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Final 9 by crowd vote: HomeATM, Green Sherpa, Silver Tail Systems, Simplifi, SmartHippo, DebtGoal, Rudder, Prosper, Credit Karma 3:29 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Jwaala showing Michigan First CU transaction widget in iGoogle so consumers can track banking transactions on iGoogle. 3:27 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Jwaala integrated credit score history in Michigan First CU online banking; may be a first in the marketplace! #Finovatestartup093:07 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Jwaala demoing Michigan First Credit Union implementation of BOB platform; showing smart search with natural language 3:05 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Jwaala showing Better Online Banking (BOB) platform which integrates online banking and personal finance 3:02 PM Apr 28th from web

  • ZimpleMoney showing how the platform can track all the details of a contract including documents and payments 2:58 PM Apr 28th from web

  • ZimpleMoney showing financial transaction platform…loans, leases, rent and so on; landlords using, car dealers etc 2:55 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Mobank allows purchase with just Mobank PIN, payment details masked, like Apple App Store; powerful concept for mcommerce 2:52 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Mobank demoing purchase of airline ticket using its platform; fantastic graphics using iphone app 2:50 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Mobank just launched in UK, will be launching in the USA in a few months 2:47 PM Apr 28th from web

  • LowerMyAssessment in 10 states now, more coming 2:46 PM Apr 28th from web

  • LowerMyAssessment shows that consumer can find hundreds in savings in a few minutes; has free value monitoring service 2:44 PM Apr 28th from web

  • launching company today! New tool to help users determine the value of their homes and appeal value 2:41 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Aradiom doing mobile demo using iphone; showing mobile token with automatic pre-population from online banking system 2:39 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Acculynk provides banks with branding message as consumers make payment via card and PIN. 2:32 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Acculynk is making purchase from; email typo discovered by audience, give that man a prize! Success! 2:30 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Acculynk is showing online PIN-based purchase at the online point of sale; demoing purchase live on stage right now 2:26 PM Apr 28th from web

  • SecondMarket now lets service providers market within its platform 2:24 PM Apr 28th from web

  • SecondMarket online marketplace for trading a wide variety of illiquid asset; launching service provider market today 2:23 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Pertuity Direct launching $2500 dollar promotion giveaway to borrower 2:20 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Pertuity Direct: Average FICO score of borrowers is 743 since January 2009 launch…prime-to-super-prime segment 2:19 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Pertuity Direct has a new way to finance consumer loans, using mutual fund model to gather assets; demoing online app 2:16 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Mint is moving to making tracking finance “game like”, modeled after computer games, eg Wii Fit, etc. 2:12 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Mint fitness 1.Know your money 2.Spend less than you earn 3.Use debt wisely 4.Invest what you save 5. Be prepared 2:10 PM Apr 28th from web

  • Mint is launching Financial Fitness today…goal is to get 100% on five principals of personal finance. 2:07 PM Apr 28th from web

  • IOUSOS debuted today powered by Globefunder; a semi-automated system for health care providers to make settlement offers 11:07 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Home Account launching today a co-branded option today to put mortgage center on other sites 11:03 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Home Account partnering with Yodlee; have signed 15 lenders so far for mortgage lead generation 11:02 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Home Account showing “mortgage fitness” module to grade user’s appeal to mortgage lenders, then present options 11:00 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Home Account is showing how it can save average customer $174/mo…and provide best mortgage for life 10:57 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Moneta offers revenue sharing with bank distribution partners; could be revenue gain for some 10:56 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Moneta demoing the purchase of an airline ticket live on stage from Delta Airlines using Moneta pay option…worked! 10:52 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Moneta showing alternative payment system, have signed top-10 bank, will begin rolling out to its customers this summer 10:50 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Cooler has contextual ad network that provides links to companies and products to reduce and neutralize carbon use. 10:47 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Cooler is first way to see ENTIRE carbon footprint from all you do and buy…has 10-month timeline, can compare to peers 10:45 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Cooler showing how users can calculate carbon footprints from their financial data, already online,showing link to Wesabe 10:44 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Can People Capital’s Human Capital Score disrupt student lending? Will be interesting to follow. 10:40 AM Apr 28th from web

  • People Capital shows better way to evaluate students than FICO.uses where going to school,SAT,GPA,etc Human Capital Score 10:39 AM Apr 28th from web

  • PeopleCapital is focusing on peer-to-peer lending in student loans; platform is 80% complete 10:37 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Micronotes system provides revenue potential to banks while providing unique discounts for customers, if they opt in 10:33 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Micronotes connects consumer products to online bills; provides realtime discounts on bills paid if they accept mkt offer 10:31 AM Apr 28th from web

  • BillShrink doing partnership with CBS co-brand…closing “shrinkage is good” 10:26 AM Apr 28th from web

  • BillShrink’s gas savings module shows map of where low-cost gas stations are located; wireless module shows coverage map 10:24 AM Apr 28th from web

  • BillShrink showing personal and detailed analysis of 3 verticals: credit cards, wireless carriers and gas stations 10:23 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Kapitall showing how to trade using drag and drop from the desktop; company in private beta…public beta this summer 10:18 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Kapitall debuting new interface…very different from typical financial services..designers from Apple/gaming industry 10:14 AM Apr 28th from web

  • KnowBeforeYouApply launching mortgage offers today; lead gen platform with real-time rates based on your credit score 10:11 AM Apr 28th from web

  • KnowBeforeYouApply from Centrro provides credit grade then shows individual offers 10:10 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Wesabe is announcing first client for its white-label program Delta C
    ommunity Credit Union, Georgia’s largest CU 9:43 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Wesabe demoing new user interface..very modern look; launching new native iPhone app today; can signup for acct on app 9:41 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Wesabe launched 2.5 years ago, can Twitter transactions into your PFM account 9:39 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Tempo Payments adding rewards to the card, can be cash back or other options; 80 to 90% of apps approved real-time 9:35 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Tempo Payments showing new decoupled debit card, first step, download your image to put on the card..full card face..nice 9:32 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Lending Club is adding more tools to help investors see how they are doing in ROI..can compare to the entire community 9:30 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Lending Club says that its been able to get 75% of its late loans to current 9:28 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Lending Club’s secondary market has had US$2 million in trading volume, average time to trade is just 2 days 9:27 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Lending Club launched self-directed IRA option several weeks ago for investors.. 9:26 AM Apr 28th from web

  • iThryv built incentive module into the platform so FI clients can add rewards; includes content management 9:22 AM Apr 28th from web

  • iThryv “online banking for kids and young adults” includes financial literacy…partnering with iPay for bill pay 9:20 AM Apr 28th from web

  • MoneyStrands running a clever contest from the stage…search their website and Twitter the answer to win $100 9:14 AM Apr 28th from web

  • MoneyStrands has v2 iphone app expected to be in App Store in a week or two 9:13 AM Apr 28th from web

  • MoneyStrands includes PDF report option to print/save reports….widgets can be added to page to track feeds/news 9:12 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Strands PFM shows what’s just happened with your finances across the top…handy way to drill into what’s important now 9:08 AM Apr 28th from web

  • ReceivablesExchange showing first online marketplace for buying/selling accounts receivables..avg invoice size = $50k 8:59 AM Apr 28th from web

  • CircleUp’s SmartPay system has messaging center to track/communicate with the group..can be used on Facebook, AOL, widget 8:54 AM Apr 28th from web

  • CircleUp is demoing a system to collect money from groups…such as a kid’s soccer team collecting for pizza party.Useful 8:50 AM Apr 28th from web

  • kaChing will be offering mirrored investing that will allow you to automatically trade like who you are following 8:47 AM Apr 28th from web

  • kaChing has over 300,000 registered investors.only 25,000 with positive returns in 2008..grades investors by investor IQ 8:44 AM Apr 28th from web

  • At Expensify you can just email your receipt to to add to your account…like 8:38 AM Apr 28th from web

  • Finovatestartup09 has begun….first demo is from Expensify.8:34 AM Apr 28th from web

FinovateStartup 2009 Best of Show Winners Named

image After a wonderful day in San Francisco featuring awesome demos from 56 startups, four emerged as FinovateStartup Best of Show winners. 

All attendees, except for the startups themselves, received a ballot which allows them to rate each demo on a scale of one to six. At the end of the final demo session, the ballots are tallied and the presenters ranked based on their average score. A majority of attendees completed a ballot, so it’s a good indicator of the group consensus.

It was a tight race, but the peoples’ choice today are as follows (in alphabetic order). Congratulations!

               BillShrink                                                            Prosper

image       image

Silver Tail Systems                                                    SimpliFi

image               image

FinovateStartup09 Kicks off Today

image It promises to be a big day in the world of financial innovations as 57 companies demo new products and services at our FinovateStartup 2009 Conference. Whether you are in the auditorium or not, you can follow the Twitter, blog, and Flickr streams through our FinovateStartup Live page (see screenshot below).

The Live page will also contain the real-time webcast. There is still time to purchase access to the webcast (see note 1). You’ll also receive the 70-page PDF summarizing all 57 participants (links to companies here).

Although we’ve live-blogged in the past, we are moving most of our live coverage to Twitter. At seven minutes per demo and one minute in between, there’s really not enough time to do much of a blog post. Twitter is a much better way to keep the info flowing. I’ll be twittering under the Netbanker handle and our conference director, Eric Mattson, will broadcast under the Finovate name.

We’ll blog about the event afterwards and announce Best of Show winners. There will also be blog coverage during the day at Banktastic and others.

FinovateStartup Live page (link)


FinovateStartup 2009 participants


1. Online Banking Report subscribers and Finovate alums receive a 50% discount on the webcast, email for the code if you don’t have it. Press and bloggers can receive free access by emailing

Peer-to-Peer Lender Prosper Reopens Today at FinovateStartup

image There’s good news in peer-to-peer lending today as Prosper reopened for business. The announcement was timed around its appearance at FinovateStartup today.

The company is adding a loan-resale component called Open Market (see diagram below). Open Market loans are initiated by other financial institutions, then resold on the Prosper platform. Open Market loans must have been originated by Prosper-vetted financial institutions, and be current and have had at least three on-time payments.

We’ll look deeper at the new Prosper in coming weeks; for more coverage now, check out articles today at The Wall Street Journal, CNET and the San Francisco Chronicle

How Open Market lending works


FinovateStartup Conference Offers Live Webcast

image Every demo at our FinovateStartup and Finovate conference is videotaped and eventually uploaded to the conference website to be viewed later. Typically, the edited videos are available about a month after the conference.

But this year, we will webcast the conference in its entirety live. If you can’t make it to San Francisco next week because of time or budget issues, the webcast is a lower-cost option that provides real-time access to the new demos. 

The webcast will include more than 5 hours of live demos beginning Tuesday morning April 28 at 8:30 AM Pacific and ending before 5 PM. See our previous post for a list of the 57 demoing companies. The exact schedule will be sent to you along with instructions for logging in. To help follow the action, webcast registrants will also receive the 70-page PDF file that profiles all 57 participating startups.

Register online here. Cost is US$495 per computer connecting to the webcast. Note: Online Banking Report subscribers and alumni of past Finovate and FinovateStartup conferences receive a substantial discount on the registration fee (email or call 206.517.5021 to obtain your customer discount code).

Press, analysts, and banking industry bloggers may request complimentary webcast access by emailing   

FinovateStartup 2009 Conference Registrations Surpass Last Year

image While there is still plenty of bad economic news, positive reports are starting to trickle in. Hopefully by this time next year, the Great Recession will be in the rear-view mirror.

Our bit of optimistic news is the outstanding turnout for our second annual FinovateStartup conference taking place April 28. Thanks to the creativity, energy, and sheer willpower of fintech entrepreneurs worldwide (note 1), we have 57 startups participating this year compared to 39 in 2008. And we’ve just surpassed last year’s event registration total ensuring that the auditorium will be buzzing with an audience ready to feed on all those new ideas.

And more important than raw attendance numbers, is the fact that subjects being tackled this year are much bigger and potentially more disruptive than last. It’s almost mind-boggling when I look at the list of demos we’ll see in a single day (note 2): 

  • A bank optimized entirely around the mobile channel
  • A new approach to decoupled debit
  • Several approaches to dramatically lowering transaction costs at
    the online point of sale by bypassing Visa and MasterCard
  • A mutual fund created to invest in unsecured personal loans
    originated online in a social environment
  • New peer-to-peer services supporting borrowing and payments
  • The integration of financial management tools with payments accounts
  • Platforms that allow financial institutions to customize their own
    financial offerings around market segments and/or personal finance needs
  • New, transparent marketplaces for buying and selling debt instruments in
    large quantities ($ billions potentially)

We truly appreciate the show of support in a trying year and even now are plotting ways to get even more startups on stage next year. For a complete list of startup demos, see our Quick Guide.

If you haven’t registered yet, this is the last week to do so and save $100 over the last-minute price.  

1. See our previous post, “Why Financial Technology Remains Important
2. It’s a single-track event, so you’ll be able to see all 36 demos. The secret, each lasts no more than seven minutes.

Quick Guide to the Upcoming FinovateStartup Conference

finovatestartup09_logo In previous posts we’ve announced the innovative young companies participating in our FinovateStartup conference. The entry deadline to demo has passed, so we are able to bring you the final list of 57 young companies showing their latest and greatest on April 28 in San Francisco (see note 1).

There are still a few days left to register for the conference and save $100 compared to last-minute prices. Current Online Banking Report subscribers can save even more. Email for more info.

Here’s a breakdown of the participants by main subject area with sub-categories in parentheses:


See also, Acculynk (security), Expensify (small biz), Seergate (platforms)

Banking/lending platforms

Bill payment

Financial markets (B2B)

Home/real estate

See also, Centrro (search), SmartHippo (search)

Investment management

Mobile (note 2)

See also, Aradiom (security)

Personal finance management/tools (PFM)

See also, BillShrink (search), Expensify (small biz), iThryv (youth), Jwaala (platform), (small biz)

P2P lending/credit

See also, People Capital (youth/student), ZimpleMoney (platform)



Small business


*Guaranteed to demo live from stage on April 28; nine others will be selected by the audience to demo live in the last session of the day (see note 1).

1. Due to time constraints, only 36 companies will demo live on stage April 28, while all 57 companies will be showing their products on the demo floor and be recording demos for later viewing online. 
2. A number of the companies have mobile applications/versions which they may choose to demo at the event.