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  • Xero and ZenPayroll Win Honors at CPA Practice Advisor 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards
  • Finovate Debuts: Using Financial Media Solutions’ MAPPS to Create Videographics

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  • Bitpost lists Coinbase and Blockchain as 2 of the top 5 bitcoin wallets on Android.
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  • Fintech Today reports: With Paydiant, PayPal Will Be a Huge Hit with Merchants.
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  • SecondMarket’s Bitcoin Desk Relaunches as Genesis Trading.
  • Taulia named by AlwaysOn as a 2015 OnFinance Top 100 Company.
  • According to Gartner, Check Point Software Technologies lead the worldwide market share for firewall equipment in Q4 2014 and FY 2014.

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Finovate Debuts: Using Financial Media Solutions’ MAPPS to Create Videographics

Finovate Debuts: Using Financial Media Solutions’ MAPPS to Create Videographics


Financial Media Solutions’ MAPPS videographic production tool enables advisers to create short videos that present financial information to their clients. Videographics are a logical shift from PDF documents, since many clients are shifting to the mobile channel and find it difficult to gain information by reading a PDF on their smartphone.

Using video to convey financial information is a good alternative, but is generally expensive. With MAPPS, advisers have an inexpensive way to create compelling videographics for their clients.


  • Based in Switzerland
  • Founded in 2011
  • Self-financed, less than $100,000
  • 6 employees
  • 2 clients

When synced with the adviser’s audio commentary, the videographics capture and maintain the client’s attention. This ultimately helps clients understand and retain information about their portfolios.

Unlike traditional video production, MAPPS is affordable and does not require specialized skills. It enables advisers to create a videographic in five steps:

1) Create a sequence
Upload data from Excel to create a chart. If the adviser frequently follows the same sequence in many of their videos, they can create and store templates for future use.

2) Add analysis to the sequence
Add text, images, and animations to explain a concept or analyze the information in the chart.

3) Write, record, and edit commentary
The adviser records in his or her own voice, and uploads the recording.

4) Set and synchronize timing
Place charts, words, and graphics to pace with the commentary flow

5) Preview and publish
Once the video is finalized, advisers can add it into their mobile app and/or send it directly to their clients.

The result is a video similar to the following:

The ideal video length is 90 seconds or less. According to MAPPS, 80% of consumers watch videos until 90 seconds, after which 40% of people quit watching.

Benefits to Mapps

1) Brings communication to the mobile channel, where many customers prefer to receive information
2) Does not require significant funds, time, or skill to create videos
3) Tailors content to each client and personalizes the connection with the adviser’s voice

The first firm to take MAPPS live experienced a 50%+ response rate from clients, which was 40x greater than received previously.

Financial Media Solutions demonstrated MAPPS at FinovateEurope 2015 in London.

Financial Media Solutions Makes Financial Analysis Easier to Digest


This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateEurope 2015.
Financial Media Solutions (FMS) showed how it brings life to financial statements.

Those attempting to read financial analysis from a PDF on their smartphone will understand the issue. How do institutions create financial content that is compatible for mobile users?

The answer is with MAPPS – Market Analysis Production and Publishing Solution. Operating from the cloud, MAPPS makes it simple to combine dynamic graphics with an audio message, enabling financial analysis and concepts to be delivered in concise, engaging videographic formats.

As client attention spans shorten—research indicates about 90 to 120 seconds is all the time you have to get a video message across—financial content needs to come in dynamic, bite-size formats that clients can easily digest. This is exactly what MAPPS delivers.


Presenters: Owner and CEO Ian Park; Marketing Director Christopher Thomas
Product launch: January 2011
Metrics: Self financed, less than $100,000; six employees, two clients
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Business (B2B) through financial institutions and through other fintech companies and platforms; licensed
HQ: Walchwil, Zug, Switzerland
Founded: January 2011
Twitter: @MAPPSvid

FinovateEurope 2015 Sneak Peek: Part 5


The 70+ presenters that will showcase their new tech on stage at FinovateEurope in two weeks are now unveiled. To take a closer look at the presenting companies, we’re continuing our Sneak Peek series. Today, we’re featuring Financial Media Solutions, Fiserv, Intelligent Environments, mBank & i3D, Pirean, and Telenor banka & Asseco SEE.

FEUAuditorumCropped.jpgDon’t miss our other Sneak Peeks, available here:


Financial Media Solutions’ MAPPS simplifies Videographics, making it possible to create financial content in digestible bite size video formats for broadcast to any device, including smartphones.


    • Makes Videographics easy
    • Empowers institutional users to convey financial concepts in concise video formats
    • Rapidly broadcasts dynamic content to any client device, including smartphones

Why it’s great
Communicating client content by video is the future. MAPPS resolves the challenge of how institutions better engage clients in financial concepts, even via their smartphone.


Ian Park, Owner Director & CEO

Christopher Thomas, Marketing Director


Fiserv is one of FORTUNE magazine’s World’s Most Admired Companies and will demonstrate next generation digital banking interactions.


    • Focuses on a truly integrated payments user experience
    • Allows customers to manage their spending habits and banking products
    • Visually stimulates consumers using augmented reality technology

Why it’s great
This innovation is geared towards the consumer and will allow greater control and transparency over their spending and banking habits.


Jonathan Atkinson, Market Development, Digital Channels and Payments
Atkinson is a Sales Executive in Digital Channels and Payments team at Fiserv, Inc., focused on new clients across EMEA, with previous experience in core banking and CRM.

David Abbott, Payments Lead, EMEA
Abbot has 25 years’ sales, business development experience in payments & eCommerce joined Fiserv’s payments business to support development activities in the EMEA region.


Intelligent Environments is an innovative provider of mobile and online solutions for financial service organisations.

Hopes to fight against cybercrime

Why it’s great
IntellEnvironmentPresenter.jpgNo firm is an island – we all have a shared interest in responding to the growing threat against cybercrime.


Clayton Locke, CTO
Clayton Locke is a keen sailor. He is hoping for calm waters come Finovate!


mBank, financial sector innovator & i3D, world-class provider of high-tech virtual reality solutions, developed an ultra-modern interactive digital bank branch.


    • Digital wall with unlimited touch points and innovative UI/UX
    • Proximity-motion-sensing and face recognition technologies for dynamic content adjustment
    • Integration with sales support systems

Why it’s great
mBankpresenter1.jpgmBank & i3D dare to challenge the traditional notion of physical bank branches with ultra-modern multi-touch screens, motion-sensing and face recognition technologies.


Jacek Iljin, Managing Director Sales & Processes, mBank 


Marcin Wiśniewski, Sales & Marketing Director, i3D


Pirean enables organisations to provide secure, people-focused access for employees, customers, and partners across on-premise and cloud-based applications.


    • Reduces lead-time to value for application access
    • Provides secure self-service capabilities for users
    • Introduces a single point of control and audit for all access management

Why it’s great
Pirean’s Access: One is an Identity and Access Management solution designed to provide a first class user experience anytime, anywhere.


Rob Macgregor, Pirean’s Principal Consultant and Access: One’s Product Manager

Rob Blowers, Pirean’s Development Team Lead


With Telenor banka & Asseco South Eastern Europe, banking goes mobile – changing customer experience and reshaping banking products & services to fit mobile, brought by Telenor banka in synergy with Telco, powered by Asseco SEE multichannel solutions.


    • Big data processing enabling relevant offer at relevant moment and place
    • Superb customer journey supported by straight-through processing and full automation
    • Utilization of synergy

Why it’s great
IT is a fully automated and personalized online handset loan enabled by Telenor banka and Telenor, powered by Asseco SEE.



Martin Navratil, Chairman of the Executive Committee at Telenor banka
Managing Director of Telenor banka responsible for the design and implementation of the bank’s strategy, having great experience in Telco and Finance sector.


Piotr Jeleński, Group President of the Management Board of Asseco SEE
Executive manager with experience in running and establishing new business in Poland, SEE region and Turkey. Managing international structure with over 1,400 people in 12 countries.


Marko Carevic, Marketing Director at Telenor Banka
Started his career in Telenor, initiated Telenor M&A initiative in financial services, currently responsible for entire customer value chain and go-to-market process.

We’ll feature six more companies later this week. To see them all demo live, get your ticket to FinovateEurope 2015.