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Alumni Updates from BAI Retail Delivery 2012


Last week, I attended BAI Retail Delivery in Washington D.C. where over 200 exhibitors lined the trade show floor of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

There were 31 Finovate alums on the expo floor, and even more in attendance. My schedule was packed, but I was able to catch up with a handful of Finovate alums.

Here’s what I learned.

Thumbnail image for CardlyticsLogo.jpg

The card-linked offers company is in the middle of a successful mobile deployment effort with BofA, PNC, Regions, and a few other unnamed FIs. After launching their respective rewards programs on mobile, the FIs have seen an increase in user engagement and an increase in the number of online banking visits per user.

It is also working on International expansion. So far the top 3 European card issuers have signed.


BofA’s BankAmeriDeals on tablet interface


BofA’s BankAmeriDeals on iPhone mobile app

Thumbnail image for Equifax.jpg

The consumer credit reporting agency recently launched its Insight Score for Retail Banking, a solution that will help FIs generate a risk score for underbanked individuals with no credit data or history. It does this by using non-FI-related payment data from companies like Telco and other TV and cable providers.


The fintech provider showed me its SpotPay payment dongle and back-end solution. It appears to be Fiserv’s response to Square that it will co-brand with FIs. Fiserv is able to on-board FIs with SpotPay in a couple of days, so it is a quick way for FIs to get into the payments game. 
While there is an $8.95 per month fee, it is competitively priced, charging only a 1.99% fee on a swipe, and a 3.19% fee on card-not-present transactions.


Fiserv’s SpotPay dongle being used on an iPhone

Thumbnail image for GuardianAnalytics.jpg

Because volume and sophistication of fraud has grown, Guardian Analytics started bank-sourcing (think crowdsourcing) fraud by bringing multiple institutions together to collaborate on the types of fraud they’re seeing so the whole industry will be better at fighting it. Tiffany Riley, Guardian Analytics’ VP of marketing tells me they’ve received positive feedback so far.


Mobile banking solutions company, mFoundry launched its Fin.X platform. This platform can be thought of as a type of app store for FIs to select which products/services they want to include in their mobile app. 
At BAI, mFoundry announced partnerships with Blackhawk Network, Dwolla, and Micronotes 
to white-label their solutions within the Fin.X platform.
An example of what the Fin.X app platform could look like on a tablet


The PFM won CUNA Tech Council’s Best of Show Award at BAI. This counts as its 5th Best of Show award.
MoneyDesktop team with BAI President & CEO, Deborah Bianucci

ail image for MonitiseLogo2.jpg

After the mobile money solutions company acquired Clairmail 3 months ago, Monitise now has 17 million active users. It is in trials of an NFC solution with a few banks. The solution uses a sticker as opposed to a chip inside of the actual device.

Thumbnail image for Q2ebankingLogo.jpg

The electronic banking solutions provider launched Q2clarity, a tablet-optimized dashboard that provides customizable analytics and visibility to how customers are using an FI’s mobile and online platform. Providing these metrics to a branch manager, gives them the ability to make more informed decisions about which products and services to offer.
These eight companies are just a fraction of what I saw at BAI this year. For more information on who attended the trade show, visit here.

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