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ThetaRay Signs with ING Netherlands to Detect SME Lending Fraud

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Big-data analytics company ThetaRay inked an agreement today with ING Netherlands that combines its Advanced Analytics solution for fraud detection with ING’s existing risk engine.

The partnership will empower ING to uncover new SME lending fraud by detecting anomalies through its transactional and organizational data. Beate Zwijnenberg, director of fraud and cybersecurity for ING Netherlands, says that ThetaRay impressed the company by “rapidly identifying a number of transactional anomalies.” She describes the company’s precision in detecting fraudulent activity as “truly innovative.”

ThetaRay’s algorithms help financial services organizations protect against cybersecurity threats, enhance operational efficiency, and detect risk. At FinovateFall 2015, Theta Ray’s fraud and credit risk algorithms were demoed. Udi Solomon, VP of product, began the demo saying, “We are able to take any type of structured or semi-structured data source to automatically and in just a few seconds… to detect the first signs of anomalous activity.” He continued by showing how the algorithms help banks leverage their big data.

thetaraydemoUdi Solomon (VP, Product) demoes ThetaRay at FinovateFall 2015.

ThetaRay, headquartered in Israel and the United States, has raised a total of $25 million from investors including Alibaba and General Electric. Mark Gazit is CEO. Last fall, the company was named Most Innovative Industrial Internet Technology at GE’s Minds + Machines 2015.