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Taulia Launches its Early Payment Network


Afterwards, Taulia demonstrated how its Early Payment Network can help businesses get paid faster:

“Taulia is an expert in Early Payments through Dynamic Discounting. We are launching our Early Payment Network, which expands the power of Early Payments beyond our existing network to every business. The combination of our knowledge of Dynamic Discounting, our network of financing sources, and our new API allows us to extend our Early Payment Network to users of any accounting system, ERP software or e-invoicing network. In fact, any financial software provider can now offer Dynamic Discounting directly to their install base via the new Taulia-powered API. A very simple, one-time integration opens the door for the financial software provider to instantly share in the revenue generated by Early Payments.”

Product Launched: May 2012
HQ Location: San Francisco, CA
Company Founded: July 2009
Metrics: $11.7M raised, 50+ Full-time employees, user base that extends to over 40 countries
Introducing Ian Sweeney (VP of Product) and Markus Ament (Chief Product Officer)