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Strands Finance’s What If Functionality Gives Users Insight to Future Purchases

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First up in the second session, Strands Finance showcased its What If functionality:

“Strands Finance is presenting new “What If” functionality that takes PFM historical data and makes it relevant for the future. Users will gain greater insight and control of their financial health with little to no effort. For banks, the data is invaluable to better advise their customers. Strands has developed and leveraged pattern identification algorithms that help model future scenarios and the impact to the user’s short-term cash flow and long-term net worth.”

Product Launch: Q1, 2013
HQ: San Francisco, CA, USA
Founded: 2004
Metrics: 45 employees worldwide; $55M in funding raised to date
Finovate demo video: Demo videos will be posted next week
Introducing Edward Chang (CEO), Marc Torrens (Chief Innovation Officer) and Simon Shorey (UK Retail & Business Banking, Barclays)