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Stockr Launches Social Investing Platform


Third, Stockr debuted its social network for investing:

“Over 70 million people use the Internet to obtain financial information, yet the current platforms for discussion are archaic and inefficient. Millions of stock market investors visit Yahoo! Finance message boards and/or subscribe to stock newsletters despite the lack of transparency, poor communications, and rampant spamming. Stockr has constructed a social network for investing, bringing identity and transparency to an otherwise anonymous environment, and unveiling a new layer of market information.”

Product Launched: September 2012
HQ Location: Santa Monica, CA
Company Founded: June 2010
Metrics: $1.2M raised, 8 employees, 500 private beta users
Twitter: @stockr
Finovate demo (demo video will be posted next week)
Introducing Vinny Jindal (Co-Founder & CEO)