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Square Launching Product Photo App for Businesses

Square Launching Product Photo App for Businesses

Merchant services aggregator and mobile payments company Square is making online merchants’ lives easier with a new launch today.

The Square Photo Studio app helps sellers take high-quality pictures of merchandise and sync them to their online store.

The app, which is available to both Square sellers and anyone with a Square Online Checkout link, guides merchants through easy-to-follow prompts to help them take the best photo. The photo studio automatically isolates the product from the background then helps users stylize the photo with backgrounds, shadows, and colors.

Once the seller has optimized their photo, they can connect their images to the corresponding items in their Square catalog or create a new item. After merchants list items in the catalog, they can start selling immediately.

“It’s no secret that products with professional-looking photos perform better than those without,” said Head of eCommerce at Square David Rusenko. “Unfortunately, the cost, skill set, and labor involved with taking those photos was often prohibitive. Now, with Square Photo Studio, sellers can give their items the look of a professional photo studio shoot from the comfort of their home, the office, or on the go.”

The Square Photo Studio app is available to everyone in the Apple App store, which creates a lower barrier to entry for anyone who wants to sell physical goods. Because the app is very accessible and easy-to-use, it has the potential to increase the number of transactions from Square sellers.