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Santander Takes Majority Stake in Ebury

Spain-based multinational bank Banco Santander announced today it has acquired a 50.1% stake in Ebury, an international payments, FX, and cash management firm.

Santander invested $435 million (£350 million) in the deal, which was first announced in November of last year. The bank plans to use Ebury to provide small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with global finance tools to expand internationally. In fact, Santander is using $87 million (£70 million) of its total investment in Ebury to boost the company’s international expansion efforts.

The investment will help support Santander’s Global Trade Services business, which helps SMBs access international markets through trade finance, supply chain, payments, and foreign exchange.

“The investment in Ebury is a significant strategic milestone for the bank, allowing us to boost our capabilities in an exciting market with high growth potential,” said Sergio Rial, Chairman of Santander Brazil and Chairman of Ebury. “This new acquisition will provide us with the capabilities to further increase the Global Trade Services business with a new world-class platform with which we expect a significant return on investment in the coming years.”

Headquartered in the U.K., Ebury currently operates in 17 countries and 140 currencies. With Santander’s help, the company plans to expand into additional markets in Latin America and Asia.

Facilitating this move, Santander will offer Ebury the opportunity to expand its client base. Ebury will have access to Santander’s international network of more than four million SMB’s across the globe, 200,000 of which operate across international borders.

Ebury’s current client base includes 43,000+ SMBs. The company has increased its revenues by an average of 50% per year over the past three years and in its last reporting period boosted revenues by over 60%.

“In just over ten years, Ebury has grown from a small fintech company to a business with over 1,000 employees,” said Ebury Co-Founders Juan Lobato and Salvador Garcia. “Now, thanks to the support of Santander, we will be able to expand the business even more internationally and enter new markets.”

With $1.14 trillion (EUR 1.05 trillion) in assets under management and 145 million customers, Banco Santander operates 12,000 branches and has 200,000 employees. Last year, the bank made a profit of almost $8 billion (EUR 8.3 billion), an increase of 2% compared to the previous year.