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Persint Debuts Consumer Analytics Application

This is a part of our live coverage of FinovateSpring 2013.


Starting off the final session today, Persint debuted its consumer analytics application:
“Persint’s consumer analytics application integrates with account aggregation and is designed to complement existing PFM. Leveraging public data sources mapped to conform to aggregation categorization, Persint delivers performance context through comparison to U.S. household peers. 
Just five demographic inputs can segment a household into one of over 100 unique peer groups. Other solution features include:
        • performance navigation through color-coded decision trees
        • data representative of all U.S. households
        • local cost of living adjustments
        • alternative peer group formation
        • composite score based on net worth, cash flow and risk management
        • performance classification and scoring system
        • solution mapping of opportunities to actions”
Product Launch: September 2013
HQ: Atlanta, GA
Founded: March 2012
Metrics: Privately held, self-funded and seeking investment; 2 principals leveraging contractors; pre-launch and pre-revenue
Twitter: @persint
Presenting Steve Cotton (CEO & Founder) and Curry Pelot (CIO & Co-Founder)