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Online Bank and Mortgage Lead Generation

One subject that doesn’t get enough attention, online lead generation.

Now that most bank websites get more traffic than its branches, at least if you measure total number of visits*, you should be committing resources to maximizing the number of leads generated by your website.

Most banks have the low-hanging fruit covered with prominent phone numbers and website inquiry forms. But what about those prospects less willing to initiate a sales interaction?

Amerisave_logoMy favorite presentation from the recent Net.Finance conference, and one I almost didn’t attend because I thought it would be focused on offline activities, was Evaluating Online Lead Generation and Management, from Dave Herpers, Chief Marketing Officer at Amerisave, an online mortgage originator.

If you ever have a chance to hear him speak, I highly recommend it. Previously he was marketing director at DeepGreen Bank and also did a stint at Bank of America, so he has a great background in online lending.

Besides the fascinating discussion of the methodical generation and processing of online and telephone leads, he provided a number of ideas that financial services companies can use on their website to improve the number of leads available to sales people.

Action Items
As customers research products and use your online tools, allow them to have any of the results emailed to them for future reference. Customers like it because they don’t lose all the work they’ve done and it’s serves as a reminder as to where they found all the great info.

Mr. Herpers suggested the following email functions:

  • Email me the results from the mortgage/refi/HEQ calculator
  • Email me my estimated closing costs
  • Email me the rate info I was just looking at
  • Email me info on the products I was just looking at

Any customer who uses the email functionality becomes a valuable product lead.

Other lead generation opportunities:

  • Contact Me buttons
  • incomplete applications
  • Request a Consultation form
  • Rate Alerts

Amerisave_rate_searchAmerisave reports that there best leads, other than telephone calls which are always first priority, are those from customers preforming rate searches at its website (see inset).

If you’d like to learn more about the best financial online marketing ideas, check out the Interactive Financial Marketing Database from our sister publication, the Online Banking Report.