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Ohpen Introduces Cloudbanking Platform

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Then, Ohpen took the stage with its cloudbanking platform:
“Ohpen developed a fully automated and integrated multilingual cloudbanking platform for the operation, administration, reporting and distribution of mutual funds investing and savings accounts. The website as well as the mid and back office and CRM are integrated in one application. The idea behind the platform is that it should be possible to offer unlimited scalability, availability, security and flexibility of services. In addition, profound automation of processes and services is key.
The platform is being hosted in the cloud and therefore is not installed locally at the bank (as all old-fashioned financial institutions do). The choice for this hosting solution will result in a 90% cost reduction.
Use of the platform will limit the number of employees needed to run day-to-day operations and decrease investment in hardware and software.”
Product Launched: April 2012
HQ Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Company Founded: April 2009
Twitter: @OhpenBeleggen
Finovate demo (demo video will be posted next week)
Introducing Chris Zadeh (CEO)