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Mobile Banking Launch at CFE Credit Union Includes "Live" Demo on Cellphone Emulator

image While the launch of a mobile-optimized version of your online banking site is no longer news on the national level, it’s still important for your customers. And the launch will generate many questions starting with “How much” then, “Is it secure” followed by, “How tricky is it to use.”

That’s why I love Central Florida Educators’ Federal Credit Union’s landing page for its new mobile service (thanks to Brandon McGee for the link, see note 1). The CU makes it easy for users to get questions answered with three choices:

  • Video tour for the YouTube crowd, those willing to sit still for a few minutes while it downloads and plays
  • Live demo, where the DIY/ADD crowd can get right at it, plugging their username/password into the emulator and accessing their own account data
  • FAQs where the “manual readers” of the world can check out all the do’s and don’ts before trying it

The CU makes it clear the offering is FREE but overlooks a key member concern: security. It is question number three of the mobile FAQ, but for those of us who don’t read manuals, a graphical security icon or link would be a good addition to the page.

CFE Credit Union mobile banking landing page 9 July 2008

1. CFE’s mobile service is available at <>.