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Mitek Partners with Harland Clarke to Improve RDC Security


If you’ve ever had the experience of picking up a check and wondering if you’ve already deposited it, you’ll understand the premise of the new feature from Mitek and Harland Clarke. The two companies have partnered to strengthen the security of Mitek’s Mobile Deposit RDC solution by implementing Harland Clarke’s Photo Safe Deposit feature.

Harland Clarke has printed three mobile fraud-prevention indicators on its checks:

  1. Photo Safe Deposit Icon: An icon that informs the account holder their check includes mobile RDC fraud prevention.
  2. Image Match: Identical magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) code lines printed on both sides of the check. This verifies the front and back belong to the same check and prevent multiple uses of the endorsement.
  3. Mobile Mark: A box for account holders to mark, indicating they have already deposited the check.


When the account holder photographs the check to deposit it, Mitek’s software scans the check, searching for the printed prevention indicators on Harland Clarke checks. If authenticated, the check images are sent to the bank, which validates the requirements and approves the deposit.

James B. DeBello, Mitek president and CEO, says the new solution “does all the work to increase security and mitigate depositor errors without any extra steps required by consumers or banks.”

Mitek is based in San Diego, California, and debuted its ID authenticity validation at FinovateSpring 2015 in San Jose.